Batangas province is your best choice for a sound real estate investment and a relaxing retreat in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a home that promises a serene and tranquil lifestyle, then this region has a lot in store for you and your loved ones’ next provincial retreat.

With a multitude of paradise-like locations to historical landscapes, this expansive Southern Tagalog province is the perfect place to invest in property for a relaxing lifestyle. Enrich yourself with Batangas’ culture and let the region’s seaside air liven up your senses when you find a condo to call home in the area.

Do you want to invest in your long-term wellness and inner peace? Then check out this guide by DMCI Homes to learn about the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of Batangas.

Solmera coastPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Batangas: A serene vacation destination

Batangas regions' serene yet diverse environment is one of the main drivers for people to invest in nowadays. With tons of opportunities for rest and relaxation around the province, visitors flock from all over to stop by this vacation destination for a balmy breath of fresh air.

Some attractive environmental destinations in the area include:

  • Laiya beach - Popular for its powdery white sand, clear seas, and lush greenery, Laiya beach is a gorgeous Batangas tourist spot along the coastline of this broad region. More commonly known as just Laiya, this kilometers-long beach is home to many resorts and hotels, making it one of the go-to destinations in the province.
  • Taal Volcano - An iconic geographical landmark in the Southern Tagalog region, Taal Volcano is the second most active volcano in the Philippines to date. Surrounded by mountains around its caldera, this natural wonder offers breathtaking views and lush surroundings perfect for nature lovers - when it’s safe to visit, of course.
  • Taal Lake - You can’t mention Taal volcano without talking about this treasured tourist attraction as well. Taal lake refers to the lake that fills the caldera of this volcanic structure. With its crystal-clear waters, the lake offers excellent opportunities for boating and fishing during the volcano’s inactive periods.
  • Nasugbu falls - The enchanting waterfalls at Nasugbu offer a cool and peaceful haven for locals and visitors alike. Some of the most popular waterfalls in the area include Karakawa falls and Patungan falls, serving as perfect hidden gems for people looking for a refreshing day surrounded by nature.


a view of a lake and mountains from the top of a hillPhoto courtesy of Jannel Ivory via Unsplash

Some culturally rich tourist attractions in the region also include:

  • Casa de Segunda - If you’re looking for a fascinating destination in Lipa, then you should check out Casa de Segunda. Also known as the Luz–Katigbak Ancestral House, this bahay na bato structure is a heritage house once owned by Doña Segunda Solis Katigbak, José Rizal's first love.
  • Balayan Church - The Parish Church of Immaculate Conception, better known as the Balayan Church, is an iconic church in Balayan, one of the oldest towns in the Batangas region. Constructed in 1591, the church is listed as a National Cultural Treasure because its construction was supervised by secular Filipinos.
  • Montemaria Shrine - Also known as the Montemaria International Pilgrimage & Conference Center, this spot is both a shrine and a pilgrimage center built in honor of the Virgin Mary. Its main landmark is the Virgin Mary Shrine, which is composed of their worship center and a 98 meter-tall statue of their patroness. The Montemaria Shrine is a common destination for both devotees and tourists, and is often visited during Holy Week.


taal batangas in aerial photographyPhoto courtesy of Christopher Camitan via Pexels

Looking for more stunning destinations that you won’t find anywhere else? Here are a few more unique spots to check out:

  • Fortune Island - This picturesque Philippine island off the coast of Nasugbu is an excellent place for the usual trekking and beach activities. But the most notable feature of Fortune Island is its Grecian Acropolis, sitting abandoned atop a limestone cliff. The structure features Greek-inspired pillars and the remains of an old statue, all of which were once part of a luxury hotel on the island.
  • Isla Verde - Also known as Verde Island, Isla Verde is a volcanic island situated between Batangas and the island of Mindoro. Its famous tourist attractions include Mahabang Buhangin, a kilometer-long stretch of pearly white sand beach, and Cueva Sitio, a cave that leads to the other side of the island itself.
  • Anilao - Dubbed as the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines, Anilao is famous for its incredibly rich underwater diversity, which usually includes stunning coral reefs, wild varieties of fish, and colorful nudibranchs. Because of its lush ocean biodiversity, Anilao was also made a marine-protected sanctuary to keep its underwater critters safe from environmental degradation.


yellow fish in fish tankPhoto courtesy of Pascal van de Vendel via Unsplash

The gorgeous destinations listed above are just some of the great locations that people visit for a restful getaway in the Batangas region. The area’s quiet yet varied landscape makes for incredibly beneficial retreats for visitors from all over - thus making this province an excellent place to invest in for your well-being in the long run.

Want to plan out your next restful vacation in Batangas? Check out this next section for expert tips to plot out your journey in this Southern Tagalog region.

Planning your Batangas island trip

To properly plan out your relaxing provincial retreat, you need to know the ideal times of the year to enjoy great weather but avoid peak seasons with multitudes of tourists. Here are a few ways to do just that:

  • Identifying ideal months - Since the best tourist spots in the area are mostly outdoors, it’s best to plan your trip around months with less rainfall. Plan longer retreats during the drier months of December to May, to maximize your outdoor activities and avoid heavy rains.
  • Avoiding big crowds - If you don’t want to deal with big crowds, you may want to plan your retreat to avoid popular Philippine festivals like the province’s Parada ng Lechon in June. Unless you really want to enjoy the region’s beaches during the summer months, you may also want to avoid peak tourist seasons like March to May.


silhouette of people standing on shore during duskPhoto courtesy of Jeanne Rose Gomez via Unsplash

Need advice on how to travel to, from, and around the area as well? Check out these quick tips:

  • Driving or commuting to Batangas - Traveling by land is the best way to get to the province, especially from Metro Manila, making it the perfect place for a friendly road trip. Private vehicles can drive through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), then the STAR Tollway, before exiting at various cities in the region. Commuters can also hop on a provincial bus bound for Batangas via major bus terminals in Pasay or Cubao.
  • Getting around the province - To get around the province itself, you can easily ride a jeepney or a bus for a convenient mode of travel around Batangas. You can also ride a tricycle for shorter distances within the area’s multitude of towns.


If you want to be able to enjoy a convenient and relaxing stay in this region, then you need to prepare yourself with these basic trip tips accordingly. To ensure a laid-back stay at a location that embodies both tranquility and convenience, then you should also go for affordable and accessible accommodations with high-quality amenities, like a condo in Batangas by DMCI Homes.

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Relaxing activities at Batangas locations

Now that you know where to go and how to get to those places in the best ways possible, you should explore the myriad of relaxing activities in the region too. While luxuriating in the province’s gorgeous beaches is one of the best activities you can do, here are just a few more ideas to inspire your travel plans:

  • Forest bathing and sound healing at the Shanti Wellness Sanctuary - Situated in Lemery, the Shanti Wellness Sanctuary offers a unique range of awesome activities that are perfect for relaxation-seekers. While yoga, seasonal fruit-picking, and birdwatching are some of the more well-known offerings, guests can also indulge in the sanctuary’s forest bathing practice, sound healing sessions, botanical tours, and more.
  • Yoga and raw food dieting at The Farm at San Benito - Want to cleanse yourself of the stresses of city life? Then you should definitely go for one of the wellness staycation options at The Farm at San Benito to purge your soul. With their unique retreat, you can enjoy daily yoga activities, meditation sessions, organic farm-to-table vegan meals, and more.


woman sitting on brown stone near green leaf trees at daytimePhoto courtesy of Min An via Pexels

Looking for more nature walks and hikes to breathe in the fresh forest air? Consider exploring these one-of-a-kind outdoor activities instead:

  • Hiking at Mt. Maculot, Mt. Batulao, and more - If you’re an avid hiker who wants to retreat to this region, then you’re in luck. You’ll have a wide range of hiking destinations to explore in the area, with the nearby Mt. Maculot, Mt. Batulao, Mt. Daguldol and Mt. Hugom - all of which are inviting spots for nature lovers.
  • Birding and bird watching in San Juan - If you’ve never gone bird watching or “birding” before, then now’s the time to start. This quiet and meditative activity is popular in the municipality of San Juan, where you can visit the Balagbag agricultural fields, Sapangan uplands, and La Luz Arboretum for prime bird watching.


a white bird standing on a rock in the waterPhoto courtesy of Antonio Castellano via Unsplash

For one final slew of unique and creative retreat ideas, here are some activities you can do across the region of Batangas too:

  • Learning about bees at Milea Bee Farm - The Milea Bee Farm is a down-to-earth agritourism site that advocates for bee propagation, beekeeping education, and overall agricultural sustainability. The main activity at the farm is an easygoing tour called the “Beesita sa Bukid,” with an educational talk on bees and a guided walk to learn about flowers, plants, and fruits onsite. You also get to see the bees up close and taste their fresh honey.
  • Glamping at DOMESCAPE - Located in Nasugbu, DOMESCAPE’s glamping (or “glamorous camping”) sites offer a wide range of bohemian-themed camping domes, private natural swimming pools, and shared bonfire areas, perfect for a quiet getaway within nature.


Feeling inspired by this list of uniquely relaxing activities from this Southern Tagalog province? Consider finding a property in the area to avail of these one-of-a-kind vacation destinations all the time. Invest in your health and wellness for the future when you find yourself a home at DMCI Homes’ own Batangas location: Solmera Coast

solmera coast sky deck poolPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Batangas by the sea: Solmera Coast

Solmera Coast is DMCI Homes’ own pioneering condotel and residential development in the municipality of San Juan. Inspired by tropical Asian design and architecture, this captivating seaside property aims to deliver unparalleled leisure experiences that radiate comfort, wellness, and tranquility, right along the white sands and pristine waters of Laiya Beach.

Relax and unwind at Solmera Coast’s best amenities and highlights:

  • Private beach along Laiya - With this private beachfront location, you can soak up the sun, swim in the ocean, or lounge by the waves along your own quiet strip of the iconic Laiya Beach in front of this leisure residence.
  • Multiple pools and a pool pavilion - The property’s own lap pool, kiddie pool, leisure pool, and sky deck pools are all great places to stay cool on a hot day - all within the condo’s sprawling premises.
  • Well-stocked fitness gym - Solmera Coast’s private fitness center for residents is a great place to get a good workout. The gym is well-stocked with an excellent range of amenities, including equipment like treadmills, elliptical machines, weight machines, and free weights.
  • Restaurants on the property - There’s no need to drive around when you’re looking for a good bite to eat - Solmera Coast’s variety of restaurants and shops makes it easy to find everything you need without having to leave the condo community.


a beach with trees and bushesPhoto courtesy of Kïm Ałlexiś Ďiwä via Unsplash

Want to explore the variety of attractions and activities that Batangas’ island beaches have to offer? Solmera Coast has got you covered:

  • Swimming and lounging - Feel free to relax and unwind on the pristine sands of Laiya beach when you’re at this gorgeous location. You can also swim in the waters in front of the beach park condotel, without worrying about strangers crowding your refreshing dip.
  • Water sports - There are tons of water-based sports you can do in front of this seaside location. Sailing, paddle boarding, and banana boat riding are just some of the activities you can do on the water at Solmera Coast.
  • Underwater activities - Your fun explorations don’t just stop above sea level. You can also explore the ocean floor below by availing of snorkeling and scuba diving activities along the coast of this DMCI Homes residential development.


Excited to finally find a home that’s perfect for your relaxation needs? You can easily find Solmera Coast and visit it as soon as possible when you check out the vicinity map below:

Solmera coast location mapPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Whether you’re looking to settle by the beach or explore the rest of the region’s restful destinations, you deserve a tranquil and rejuvenating home to retreat to in Batangas province. Ensure your own serenity and peace of mind when you invest in a unit at Solmera Coast in the region by DMCI Homes.

Key takeaways

Ready to immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of Solmera Coast? Take these final reminders away with you as you embark on this property-finding journey:

  • Invest in your long-term well-being. By learning about these various retreat resources available in this province, you can choose to explore these options and invest in your wellness for the long run.
  • Explore the great outdoors. From sunny beaches to quiet forests, remember to take in the rejuvenating energy of the great outdoors in Batangas, to refresh your spirit and unwind from your usual stresses too.
  • Find your ideal retreat with DMCI Homes. To situate yourself in this relaxing Southern Tagalog region, find the retreat home of your dreams at DMCI Homes’ own leisure development, Solmera Coast.


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