When investors think about cities to invest in, their top pick is Metro Manila. However, with everyone flocking towards it, more and more people are looking at the next best option: other megacities like Batangas.

Now, people are not just interested in visiting the province for travel reasons. They’re also thinking of moving there. Major developers like DMCI Homes have recognized Batangas’ potential and are now offering premier locations for renters and buyers to invest in.

Experts even dub the city “the Next Metro Manila” because it can compete with the capital of the Philippines in attracting both domestic and foreign investments. This might be thanks to the famous Batangas tourist spots that reel people in with their unique beauty and the growing business district in the city.

DMCI has ventured into resort-themed residential condominiums like the Solmera Coast in San Juan, Batangas to create a more holistic holiday experience for its clients. Nestled in the fast-developing city, this up-and-coming condotel is one thing investors should keep an eye on.


photography of a mountain beside green-leafed treePhoto courtesy of Vernon Raineil Cenzon via Unsplash

Wondering if this province is your next real estate endeavor? Before you make a decision, explore why Batangas is a hidden investment gem in this article.


Batangas: A promising investment destination

Today, many people living in the city suffer from what’s called “urban exhaustion”, a state of tiredness as a result of continuous functioning driven by today’s crisis-prone, financialized capitalism.

In an attempt to escape the busy and often chaotic lifestyle in the metro, many investors are looking into buying properties in the nearby regions. One of the top choices for renters and buyers is the Land of Rolling Hills and Wide Shore Lands, Batangas province.

What makes it an attractive location for investors? Read further to find out:


Exploring Batangas's hidden investment potential

Searching “things to do in Batangas” is an important step not just in planning a trip but in investing as well. Check out why setting your eyes on this province for your next residential property is a great choice.

1. Rising tourism trends in Batangas

Batangas attracts tourists through several factors including attractions, food, culture, and economic profile. In addition, it’s close to the metro, so people find it convenient to spend their weekends in the province instead of somewhere farther.

These are the main reasons people go to Batangas, Philippines:

  • Beaches - Batangas is always included in the top options when it comes to beaches in the Southern part of Luzon. Matabungkay in Lian, Anilao in Mabini, Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, and Calatagan in particular have magnificent shores and diving spots that you can access at affordable prices.
  • Native products - Embroidery, balisong, kape barako, and tapang Taal are just some of the native products that are well-known in Batangas. Many tourists come to the province to purchase them for their novelty and uniqueness.
  • Cultural and historical festivities - As a largely Catholic country, it’s no surprise that many tourists make the trip to Batangas for religious reasons. One of the most visited cultural heritage sites in Taal alone is the Basilica of St. Martin de Tours.


    taal batangas in aerial photographyPhoto courtesy of Christopher Camitan via Pexels

    You can also attend various cultural festivals that showcase the rich and diverse culture of Batangas and its communities.

  • Culinary tourism - Batangas is popular for its specialty food that is hard to imitate. Some of them are Batangas Lomi, Bulalo, Sinaing na Tulingan, and Tapang Taal, which are usually available at local markets and restaurants.


2. Economic diversity and growth prospects

Batangas is home to many tourist attractions, which largely contribute to its thriving economy. In addition, the province has a booming industrial and agricultural sector, bumping it up to 10th on the list of Overall Most Competitive Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index by the Department of Trade and Industry.

The city is also littered with economic zones and industrial parks where companies and employment opportunities are. Both up-and-coming and experienced investors know how vital economic diversity is for higher ROIs.

3. The perfect blend of city and rural life

When city life becomes too overwhelming, you’d often think about going on a vacation to recharge and de-stress. However, when you invest in Batangas, you can live like you’re always on a trip away from the hustle of the metropolis.

minimalist pool surrounded by coconut trees

The province is filled with must-visit historical sites that contribute to its culture. You’ll also be near some of the most beautiful beaches in the country for a well-deserved break. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be far away from the conveniences of the city because of Batangas’ thriving industrial scene.

4. Business-friendly infrastructure

You’d want to live in a city that has accessible roads, transportation, and power supply to have a good quality of life. Batangas’ infrastructure is designed to work with its economy. It has a well-functioning seaport that moves cargo and people both domestically and internationally.

Batangas is also connected to major expressways, which enables easy access to the Philippines capital and the rest of CALABARZON. The local government is working to further decongest high-traffic areas via road widening and new roads to attract more investors to the city.


Unveiling Batangas’ Hidden Tourist Spots

Whether you’re thinking of investing in Batangas properties or planning an overnight road trip with your friends, make sure to research the province’s most famous tourist spots. Check out this in-depth list of attractions that you absolutely shouldn’t miss:

1. Taal Volcano

This volcano island nestled within the Taal lake can be considered the representative attraction of Batangas. It is the 2nd most active volcano in the Philippines and spans about a 20 km radius.

You can do a wide range of activities in this famous destination including boat sightseeing tours, hiking, and island hopping. It is a 2-hour-and-a-half drive from DMCI Homes’ Solmera Coast in San Juan.

2. Anilao

Divers and underwater photographers flock to Anilao for its incredible marine biodiversity. Tourists are guided by highly trained diving guides who are knowledgeable about the critters and fish in the area.


three people diving on body of waterPhoto courtesy of Oleksandr P via Pexels

If that’s not your scene, you can rest on the beach or try windsurfing. You can also do a small hike to see the twin rock formation called “Mag-asawang Bato” in Masasa Beach. From Solmera Coast, you need to drive around an hour to reach Anilao in Lipa, Batangas.

3. Nasugbu diving spots and beaches

Another well-known scuba diving spot in Batangas, Nasugbu is home to pristine beaches and natural land resources like mountains and farmlands. You can also find several golf and leisure attractions in this municipality. If you’re coming from Solmera Coast, you’ll go on a 2 to 3-hour drive to reach the sleepy town.

4. Caleruega Church and Retreat Center

The Caleruega Church is a sought-after destination for religious excursions because of its peaceful and solemn atmosphere. It’s usually the top option of Catholic schools for retreats and couples for weddings. This famous attraction in Nasugbu is a 3-hour drive from Solmera Coast.

5. Mt. Maculot

If you’re more into hiking than beaches, Mt. Maculot or Mt. Macolod is a great destination for you to visit. It has challenging trails that climbers are sure to enjoy.

Once you reach one of its three peaks, you’ll see a panoramic view of the beautiful province, which many say is rewarding. After lounging on the shorelines of Solmera Coast, drive for an hour and a half to the Municipality of Cuenca to hike Mt. Maculot.

6. Milea Bee Farm

In addition to beaches and mountains, Batangas also boasts some farm destinations. One of them is the Milea Bee Farm. You can join a guided farm tour called “Beesita sa Bukid Tour” where you can learn more about the winged insect and their habitat. This farm in Lipa Batangas is only an hour away from the Solmera Coast.

7. Taal Basilica

Officially called Basilica of St. Martin de Tours, Taal Basilica is sometimes considered the largest Catholic Church in Asia. With its silver tabernacle and facade, it’s often compared to the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. If you’re staying at the Solmera Coast, you can reach the church after a 2-hour drive.

8. Fortune Island

Just an hour off the coast of Nasugbu, you can find an abandoned luxury resort with Grecian architecture. There’s an acropolis that sits on top of a limestone cliff, overlooking a white sandy beach and gorgeous turquoise water.


white concrete posts on brown sand under blue sky during daytimePhoto courtesy of Bhanvi Mehta via Unsplash

This tourist attraction in Nasugbu Batangas is popular for its Instagram-worthy scenery and cliff diving spot. You can get to Fortune Island from Solmera Coast through a 3-hour drive.

9. Monte Maria Shrine

If you’re looking for more religious sites, Batangas has another one called Monte Maria Shrine. With its 98-meter Virgin Mary Shrine, it is considered one of the tallest Virgin Mary statues in the world. You can reach this destination after a two-hour drive from Solmera Coast.

10. Fantasy World

Fantasy World was meant to be a large-scale theme park similar to Disneyland before it was abandoned in the mid-2000s. Despite the sad story behind it, Fantasy World has become a popular tourist spot due to its large castle and medieval-themed architecture. You’ll have to drive for two hours and a half from Solmera Coast to reach this attraction.

11. Ilijan Falls

Another hidden gem from Nasugbu, Ilijan Falls is a unique waterfall that comes from a big spring on top of a mountain. If you visit this destination, you’ll see the beautiful, natural rock formations arranged like stairs. To get there from Solmera Coast, you’ll need to go on a 3-hour drive, but you may also ride tricycles or jeepneys.


Investment highlight: Infrastructure and accessibility

An important aspect that many investors consider when choosing an investment property is the location’s infrastructure. This is one of the determining factors that will tell whether the value of your investment appreciates or depreciates in the long run.

For returning OFWs planning to retire by investing in real estate, it's important to research locations that will give them the most value. Batangas is a prime example of a place that is accessible and has a well-functioning infrastructure.

  • Transportation Networks - Batangas City is dubbed as the “Industrial Port City of CALABARZON” with the presence of the Batangas Port. This international port transports over 3 million passengers and approximately a million tons of cargo every year.


    photography of a beautiful road landscapePhoto courtesy of Iván Rivero via Pexels

    Traveling to Batangas is also easy and almost seamless. It is connected to major expressways like the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR), which you can take if you’re coming from Metro Manila.

  • Accommodation and Amenities - Batangas welcomes millions of tourists every year. That’s why you can find countless hotels, airbnbs, and resorts that offer a relaxing and unique experience. Here are some of them:


    • Camp Netanya Resort and Spa

      Often referred to as the “Santorini of Anilao Batangas,” Camp Netanya Resort and Spa boasts majestic views of its Greek-inspired architecture by the deep blue sea.

    • The Farm at San Benito

      If staying near the beach isn’t your priority, Batangas has a lot of farm stays like The Farm at San Benito you can check out. They prioritize your holistic medical wellness while you rest on hectares of lush green and an incredible view of the Malarayat mountains.

    • Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

      Want to be transported to Maldives without leaving the Philippines? Going to Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort will give you the same impression with its floating cottages and white sandy beaches.


      chair beside table under treePhoto courtesy of Tine Sanchez via Unsplash


  • Food - Batangas is also a haven for foodies due to its wide variety of restaurant choices. If you have a local guide, they’ll take you to popular hole-in-the-wall diners that have been operating for years. But if not, you can check these highly-rated restaurants.


    • Jorjhane’s House of Special Bulalo

      If you’re looking for the classic Bulalo and other Filipino comfort food, Jorjhane’s in Balagtas Rd. is that restaurant for you. It’s said that they serve some of the best Batangas Bulalo in the region.

    • Casa Marikit

      For something a bit fancier, Casa Marikit along Laurel Highway is a good choice. This restaurant highlights their intricate and distinctive Italian menu that includes pasta, pizza, insalata (salad), and carne (meat).

    • Butch Seafood and Grill Restaurant

      Since Batangas is near beaches, it’d be a waste not to eat seafood. Fortunately, you can find the freshest seafood and satisfying Batangas Lomi at the Butch Seafood and Grill Restaurant.


Now that you’re more familiar with Batangas, you can now make an informed decision when choosing a property investment in the province.


palm coconut treesPhoto courtesy of Vernon Raineil Cenzon via Unsplash


Introducing Solmera Coast: DMCI Homes’ newest beach
park condotel

The pioneering developer of resort-themed residential condominiums, DMCI Homes has ventured into condotels after seeing growth opportunities. The company recently launched its very own beach park condotel in San Juan, Batangas, called Solmera Coast.


Solmera Coast’s facade (Artist’s illustration)Solmera Coast’s roof deck pool (Artist’s illustration)
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Unlike other DMCI Homes properties that are resort-themed, Solmera Coast is an actual beach park with residential condominiums a few meters away from the shore. It will include a scenic sky deck, a beach dining area, a roof deck, and a lap pool, serving as your haven for leisure and pleasure in Batangas.

Solmera Coast is located in a popular traveler spot and a few hours away from other tourist destinations. With ongoing transportation and infrastructure projects, it will be easier to visit this Batangas condotel soon. You can rest assured that your investment will yield great returns.

dmci homes leisure brand launches new san juan batangas beach park condotel

Key takeaways

Make sure you’ve covered all the bases when investing in provincial real estate. Before choosing a residential property in Batangas, take note of these points:

  • Check its proximity to tourist destinations. The closer your property is to popular tourist attractions, the more value you’ll get as an investor.
  • Consider infrastructure and accessibility. Research beforehand how well the province’s infrastructure works and if the local government is improving it to anticipate your prospective growth in investment in the future.
  • Choose a property created by a reliable developer. You’ll only get the experience you dream of in any province if you invest in a property that is designed with your needs in mind.


DMCI Homes offers a wide range of properties that are strategically located in areas that matter most. Whether you’re looking for a unit in the heart of the city or a property near the quiet beaches, DMCI Homes has something for you.

To stay up-to-date on DMCI Homes Leasing condo options, remember to check out our social media accounts too: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.