Batangas stands as one of the top locations to invest in this year, and the beaches in Batangas are some of the biggest draws for prospective real estate investors right now.

The province’s coastal beauty makes it the ideal destination for developers and homebuyers alike. By investing in a property in this bustling region this year, you’ll be making a smart move for your future self and your loved ones in the long run.

DMCI Homes has its gorgeous condo development for rent in Batangas: Solmera Coast. With preselling and rent-to-own options, consider looking into this premier location and imagining your future with beachfront property possibilities today.

Read on to learn more about the allure of Batangas’ beaches, culture, and lifestyle with this guide by DMCI Homes right now.

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The allure of Batangas beaches

The beauty of Batangas and its expansive shores cannot be denied. By investing in property at this Luzon location, you can enjoy the benefits of a perfect tropical vacation with just a few hours’ travel this year.

Curious about the allure of this provincial location? Some of the unique and exciting features of Batangas’ beaches include:

  • Diverse coastline - This province boasts an impressive and diverse coastline along the southwestern tip of the island of Luzon. With a wide range of white sand, rocky, fully developed, and secluded beaches, you can easily visit various parts of Batangas and never get bored with its selection of shorelines.
  • Awe-inspiring biodiversity - Aside from having some of the most gorgeous beaches in Luzon, this location also lays claim to an awe-inspiring range of marine biodiversity. In Anilao, for example, you can go snorkeling or diving and witness vibrant species of fish, colorful coral reefs, massive clams, and more.
  • Short travel time - The main thing that makes Batangas incredibly popular among tourists is its proximity to Metro Manila. Since it takes only two to four hours to drive to the province’s coastline, you can easily go on a road trip to visit a gorgeous beach or vacation spot in no time at all.

This Southern Tagalog province has all these things to offer, and more. From cultural riches and heritage to yummy delicacies and upbeat festivals, you can easily enjoy all the time you’ll spend in this region when you pursue a rewarding property investment here this year.

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Finding the best beach in Batangas

As mentioned before, Batangas boasts a diverse range of the finest beaches and shorelines for every coastal lover. From secluded shores to white sand paradises, you can easily find the perfect place to fit your tropical vacation needs around this region today.

Some of the best-known white sand locations in this region include:

  • Laiya, San Juan - Best known for its clear waters and pristine sand, Laiya offers travelers from the metro a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a Boracay-like vacation with just a few hours of driving. Visitors can try various watersports activities like jet skiing, kayaking, and banana boat riding.
  • Calatagan - This next entry is a coastal town that’s best known for its camping sites, powdery beaches, and clear waters teeming with colorful aquatic life. Calatagan can be found in the western portion of the province, making it an amazing place to watch the sunset every day.
  • Matabungkay, Lian - Matabungkay is another white sand paradise that boasts a scenic view and clear waters for travelers to visit today. Aside from swimming and relaxing, you can also rent a balsa, or a floating bamboo cottage popular in the area, to hang out on the ocean itself.
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If you’re looking for a road less traveled in this region, then you’re in luck. Here are some of the best coves and secluded shores for you to visit instead:

  • Bituin Cove, Nasugbu - This privately owned location along Nasugbu's coastline offers calm waters and gentle waves for travelers in need of a temporary break. Since it’s not as popular or well-known as the other island spots in Nasugbu, you can enjoy an idyllic environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life too.
  • Kayraang Cove - Another privately owned area, Kayraang Cove offers a private and tranquil getaway for its visitors. This cove is also popular for its pristine sandbar, which is just a walking distance from the shoreline in ankle-deep water.
  • Pico de Loro Cove - Last but not least is Pico de Loro Cove, which can be found along the Hamilo Coast, facing the West Philippine Sea. Since this location is also private, you can find more marine animals like giant clams and starfish just a few meters from the shore.

Want a more adventure-filled vacation in this region? Then make sure to check out these areas in the province instead:

  • Anilao, Mabini - Ever had an interest in snorkeling, scuba diving, or free diving? Then you know that Anilao is one of the top spots in the Philippines for those exciting activities. Anilao is the perfect destination for travelers looking to explore the country’s vibrant coral reefs and aquatic life, due to the area’s deep and clear waters.
  • Fortune Island - This island offers the usual range of tropical activities, including swimming, snorkeling, and trekking. But the most notable feature of Fortune Island, located off the coast of Nasugbu, is its Grecian Acropolis. Sitting on top of a limestone cliff, this area features Greek-inspired pillars and the remains of a statue, all of which were previously part of a luxury hotel on the island.

Finding the best beach in Batangas will truly depend on your preferences and priorities. But what makes this region great is that it offers so many different types of beachfront locations, all in one go. So if you’re looking to invest in property here, rest assured that you’ll enjoy your time by the sea, no matter what your preferences are.

Discover the benefits of living in this Southern Tagalog region when you go for a residential unit at DMCI Homes’ own Solmera Coast today.

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Exploring Solmera Coast in Batangas City

Solmera Coast by DMCI Homes is a pioneering residential development and condotel that can be found along the stunning shoreline of Laiya, San Juan. Designed with tropical Asian architecture in mind, this development aims to deliver immersive resort-like experiences for its residents, providing wellness and refined indulgence from the comfort of one’s condo.

Some of the highlights of this one-of-a-kind DMCI Homes property include:

  • Unique beach living experience - The residential units, located in the Nusa and Asri buildings of this sprawling development, offer a unique beach park experience for those on the lookout for this kind of sunny and tropical home.
  • Resort-like lifestyle - With its beachfront location, Solmera Coast also offers resort-like benefits with its panoramic ocean views, lush green spaces, and luxurious shared amenities.
  • Full range of DMCI Homes amenities - As hinted at in the previous entry, you can enjoy DMCI Homes’ full range of condo amenities at Solmera Coast, like its swimming pools, game areas, gym, landscaped gardens, convention hall, 24/7 security, and more.
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This condo development is ideal for prospective buyers who want a summer home by the sea, that’s also within driving distance of Metro Manila. By renting or purchasing a unit at Solmera Coast, you gain direct access to multiple attractions and popular activities in the area, including:

  • The white sands of Laiya - As mentioned before, Laiya is best known for its pristine sands and clear waters. By going for a unit at Solmera Coast you can live right along the shores of this renowned beach, and enjoy the Boracay-esque views every single day.
  • Adventures beyond the coastline - Because of its pristine waters protected by local mangrove forests, it’s perfect for adventurous water sports activities like swimming, paddleboarding, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more.
  • Non-beach activities for everyone - Even non-beach enthusiasts can enjoy life at Solmera Coast. Aside from using the many amenities available at this sprawling property, you can also do local heritage tours, explore nearby attractions like Mt. Daguldol and Mt. Hugom, enjoy ATV rides, and even go bird-watching on quieter days.

If your interest has been piqued in this seaside sanctuary, then make sure to get in touch with the representatives at DMCI Homes to learn more about this luxury real estate development today. You can also embark on a smooth journey from Metro Manila to Solmera Coast by checking out the vicinity map below:

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The culture of Batangas in the Philippines

Beyond the pristine shores of Solmera Coast, you can also discover the lively and distinct culture of Batangas throughout your extended stay in the province. Some of the top festivals you’ll want to visit, for example, will include the:

  • Sublian Festival - A two-week celebration that starts every May 2, this festival honors the Batangueño devotion to the Holy Cross in Bauan and Alitagtag, along with the Sto. Niño icon in Batangas City. The Sublian Festival features performances of the Subli, a traditional dance performed with drum beats and singing, along with parades, songs, and other forms of merrymaking
  • Balsa Festival - A balsa, or floating bamboo cottage, is the eponymous star of this next festival. Celebrated every May 18, Batangueños in Matabungkay, Lian hosts a huge competition during the Balsa Festival to decorate their boats and show off their craftsmanship to visitors and townsfolk alike.
  • Lechon Festival - Held every June, the Parada ng Lechon commemorates the devotion of Batangueños in the municipality of Balayan to their patron saint, St. John the Baptist. Aside from the huge parade filled with lechons of all sizes, festival celebrants also douse unsuspecting onlookers with water cannons.

If you’re looking to explore the food culture and craftsmanship of the area, some of the most notable traditions include:

  • Balisong craftsmanship - The balisong is a famous type of Philippine butterfly knife that originated from the enduring culture of this very province. Since the blade can be folded and concealed within the grooves of its two handles, the balisong can be flipped and manipulated for both entertainment and defensive use.
  • Taal hand embroidery - Also known as Burdang Taal, Taal hand embroidery is a native tradition that involves painstakingly gathering pineapple and abaca fibers to weave rich and intricate designs onto clothing, accessories, and more. The most popular uses for Burdang Taal include embroidering the cloth used to make barong tagalog and the baro’t saya.
  • Barako coffee - Known locally as kapeng barako, this intense and strong-tasting coffee bean variety is reminiscent of the strong personalities of Batangueños themselves. Originally planted in the lowlands of Lipa, this best Philippine coffee variety spread to other areas of the province, making all of Batangas a popular source of this local coffee today.
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As hinted at by their religious celebrations, enduring cultures, and strong traditions, the people of Batangas are bright, hearty, and tenacious by nature. With their unique and welcoming personalities, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy living around Batangueños, especially when you move into the available homes at Solmera Coast this year.

Beyond Batangas white sand beaches

Amid the varied and charming locations in Batangas lies Solmera Coast, the perfect choice for your future condo home. This sprawling development by DMCI Homes stands right along the coastline of this wonderful Southern Tagalog region, making it an exciting and practical place to consider for your next property purchase this year.

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil getaway from the metro, or a future-proof investment for your retirement needs, DMCI Homes has got you covered. Visit Solmera Coast right now, or get in touch with a DMCI Homes representative to secure your dream home by the sea today.

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Key takeaways

Explore the gorgeous coastlines and culture of Batangas province when you live in Solmera Coast this year. Remember to bring these takeaways with you as you consider investing in this luxury development by DMCI Homes:

  • Go for a property that’s close to home. By investing in property that’s just a few hours away from Metro Manila, you can easily access your vacation home and enjoy a weekend by the beach with minimal effort on your part.
  • Explore everything the Batangas coastline has to offer. Given how diverse this region is geographically, explore all the beachfront locations this province has to offer by living right along its gorgeous coastline.
  • Talk to top developers for the best experience possible. Choosing from DMCI Homes today means choosing a luxurious and enjoyable condo experience in the long run. So make sure to get in touch with a representative today to get started on your resort-style living experience right now.

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