The popularity of luxury real estate investment in the Philippines is on the rise, and for a number of good reasons. With their amazing locations, condo amenities, and long-term opportunities, these properties by top real estate businesses in the Philippines are attracting more and more investors to their doors each and every day.

If you’ve ever wanted to live a lavish condo lifestyle, then now is the perfect time to explore all your luxury property options. With quadruple-A developers like DMCI Homes, you can enjoy the condo of your dreams at the most premier of locations in top cities all across the country today.

Don’t miss out on this grand and exciting opportunity to invest in luxurious properties with DMCI Homes. Take a look at this guide to learn more about the perks, trends, and recommendations for these high-end homes on sale right now.

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What are luxury real estate investments?

Before you start looking for the perfect luxury property for all your condo lifestyle needs, you need to know what defines “luxury” in the context of Philippine real estate first.

A condo development is usually considered a luxury real estate investment when the quality of its construction, maintenance, community, and amenities are all top notch. According to Colliers, this usually refers to units that cost Php8M and more upon initial purchase.

Though people who venture into condo investment often look for features such as swimming pools, full-service gyms, spacious garages, manicured gardens, and smart technology to define luxury, location and selling price can also be big defining factors for this coveted descriptor in local property investment.

As a prospective buyer with Filipino values, prices on the high end of the sale spectrum can definitely feel intimidating at first glance. So keep on reading to discover why the benefits of such opulence can easily outweigh the cons of a higher unit price tag right now.

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What are the benefits of a luxury property investment?

More and more people are getting drawn into high-end homes in the Philippine market for a multitude of reasons. From a wider range of amenities to a more favorable local economy, you can definitely benefit from such a financial commitment if you invest with the right intent and strategy this year.

Here are some of the most attractive benefits to luxury property investment, which also drive high investor demand for this specific Philippine real estate market:

  • Higher returns on investment - Luxury condos tend to command better price appreciation over time due to their higher standard for construction, maintenance, and management. If you were to purchase this type of unit today, then you could expect higher returns on investment upon the lease or sale of said unit in the long run.
  • Better quality amenities - Higher price tag also means better quality for construction, and you’ll find that reflected across the amenities offered in luxury properties as well. In a DMCI Homes development, for example, you can find multiple well-maintained pools, gyms, sky gardens, function halls, play areas, multipurpose courts, security provisions, and more, all across a single condo property.
  • Strong economic recovery for this market - According to Cushman & Wakefield, there was a strong trend towards recovery for this local market in the first quarter of 2023. Given the robust economic growth and sustained demand for these properties, investors can expect to see even more luxury pre-selling and rent-to-own options in the near future, thus widening the range of options available for prospective buyers.
  • Better choice of location - You’ll usually find high-end developments in coveted prime locations for local and foreign real estate investors alike. These can include places like central business districts, famous tourist destinations, and other popular areas where residents would want to enjoy a lavish condo lifestyle.
  • Government policies in favor of this market - Because of a new law extending estate tax amnesty until 2025, individuals can now settle estate taxes at more favorable terms. Not only will this fuel the growth of the real estate market, but this will also make it easier for investors to pursue properties on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Increased interest from foreign investors - The attractiveness of our high-end property market to foreign investors is yet another driver for its success for local buyers. Because of the popularity of this market in other countries, Philippine buyers can reap the benefits of better quality development fueled by these foreign investors.


With all these perks to purchasing high-end properties in the Philippines, you might feel driven to go out and buy a brand new unit right away. But before you choose between fancy high- or mid-rise condos, you need to know what the top locations are for your next big purchase first. Check out the next section of this guide for the best condo location recommendations right now.

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Key locations for luxury Philippine real estate

As mentioned in the previous section of this guide, you can usually find high-end developments in prime central business districts and famous tourist destinations across the country. Below is a list of key locations for premium Philippine property investment, with recommendations for luxurious DMCI Homes properties in those top spots as well:

  • Taguig - Home to central economic hubs like the Philippine Stock Exchange and Bonifacio Global City, it’s no wonder that Taguig is such a prime place for condos on the high end of the price spectrum. Mulberry Place is just one of the great options you can check out in this city, especially when you’re looking for luxury properties through DMCI Homes.
  • Makati - A huge central business district for the National Capital Region, Makati lays claim toBrio Towers and Fortis Residences - two gorgeous highrises with easy access to Pasay’s economic hubs, and a great list of amenities for a lavish condo lifestyle.
  • Pasig City - Looking for luxury properties with easy access to multiple major cities? Then the developments in Pasig are your best bet. Check out the extravagance on display at Prisma Towers, Brixton Place, and East Ortigas Mansions, and enjoy quick access to the central business districts in Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, and more.
  • Davao City -Whether you’re looking to live in Davao City for its economic opportunities or proximity to beloved tourist spots in the provinces, you can definitely consider purchasing a unit at Davao’s own luxurious DMCI Homes high-rise, Verdon Parc.


There are so many bountiful real estate opportunities in today’s Philippine luxury property market. If you’re still unsure of your decision to invest in the fancier end of the condo spectrum, consider comparing your options for a brand new unit in the next section of this handy guide.

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Investing in real estate: luxury vs. traditional

Though the country’s luxury property market is still in its early stages relative to other larger economies, it has shown robust resilience and growth over the past few years. With more and more luxury properties being launched in major areas of Metro Manila and Davao, investors like you can expect to pursue more paths towards extravagant living today - especially with reliable development partners like DMCI Homes.

If you’re still finding it tough to go for a higher-priced unit, you can still transform your current home into a premium unit for your needs. But when the opportunity presents itself, you should definitely consider purchasing a high-end condo unit as a long-term investment.

Here’s a quick comparison of the differences between luxury versus traditional real estate investment options, for your ease and convenience:

Price Php3.2-7.9M per condo unit > Php8M per condo unit
Amenities More limited

(ex. parking, pool, provision for CCTV cameras)

Less limited (ex. parking, gym, multiple pools, gardens, clubhouses, play areas, function halls, multipurpose court, provision for CCTV cameras, main entrance gate with 24/7 security)
Level of competition More competition due to heavier market saturation Less competition due to lighter market saturation and smaller inventory
Sensitivity to economic changes More sensitive due to bigger real estate market Less sensitive due to smaller real estate market


Key takeaways

If you’re in the coveted position of being able to buy a luxury property, then you should definitely consider investing in it right now. So remember to keep these key tips in mind when you inevitably pursue this long-term financial investment with DMCI Homes:

  • Invest when the time is right. Given the current economic recovery for this market, along with increased favor and interest from the government and foreign investors respectively, now may be the perfect time to pursue such a financial commitment with the right real estate business in the Philippines.
  • Know where you want to go. Would you rather live a lavish condo lifestyle by the beach, or in the hustle and bustle of the city? Whatever lifestyle you choose, make sure to pick a location that best reflects your wants and needs as well.
  • Work with reliable partners in development. By working with the property experts at DMCI Homes, you can ensure the safety and security of your high-end condo investment, and reap the benefits of such a luxurious property purchase too.


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