Condominiums are indeed changing the way we live. There is function and practicality and then there is convenience and luxury --all designed to make our lives easier. Renting a condo is a great investment because it is tailor fit to suit our needs. For one thing, the location is just something to swoon over.

Most major condo developments are near all the places that matter: mass transport, your office, your children’s schools, the mall, the grocery, the hospitals, and so on.  Whether you are a single young professional, a couple, or a small family, the condo is a great choice.  To better meet diverse lifestyles, real estate developers offer high-rise and mid-rise condominiums.  The decision is yours: going up or going down?  To help you make the decision, weigh in on the benefits:

Let’s start with mid-rise condominiums and properties.  For occupants who value more peaceful surroundings but still enjoy the best of city living, renting mid-rise developments is the way to go.  Here are mid-rise condominium benefits that you can look forward to:

Peace be with you

Living in a mid-rise condo means you are still at the center of everything only quieter.  For every square meter, there will be fewer residents which means living spaces are less congested.  And since low-rise condos are usually not located along busy streets and highways, the environment is more peaceful.  The area is accessible and there are more parking spaces.

As for location of mid-rise condominiums, the resident gets to choose between city or suburban.  If you choose city, you will be in a strategic location with access to major highways and thoroughfares. Living along city borders means you still get to enjoy the benefits of a prime location but also get to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Most major real estate companies have also expanded to nearby provinces of Metro Manila and such as Baguio City.  Mid-rise condos in the suburbs were built to cater to families who want to invest in vacation houses, retirees who want a more peaceful environment or professionals who want to relocate.

Great value for money

The prices of renting a mid-rise condo is also mid-range.  For small families or for couples wanting to start a family of their own, a mid-rise condo is a great choice because it gives great value for money and offers first-class convenience at the same time.

It’s a green world after all

Aside from a more peaceful surrounding, another come on for mid-rise condos are the greener landscapes.  It may not have a view of the cityscape but it makes up with more greens, trees, and gardens.  So if you are hoping that you could compromise the luxury of condo living with that of being close to nature, a mid-rise condo will offer a good mix.

Why Wait? Of Elevators and Amenities

Going up or going down? Among the prime benefits of living in a mid-rise condo is not having to wait whole day for your turn at the elevator. There are fewer levels, therefore there are fewer stops. There are also fewer residents, therefore there is less competition. For those who want to keep fit but don’t have much time, using the stairs instead of the elevator is also highly feasible in a mid-rise condo.

Basic amenities like swimming pools, play area, recreation centers, gym facilities, jogging and walking trails, open spaces and parks are also present in mid-rise condos. This makes mid-rise condos a good option for families because there is something for everyone. And the bonus: there are fewer residents so if you want “me time” at the park, you might get it.

Let’s now move on to high-rise condominiums. To accommodate a high-end lifestyle, going up is a great investment. It is not just convenience; it is luxury and condo living at its best.

It All Happens Here

Nothing beats high-rise condominiums when it comes to location. These developments are right where the action is. For professionals and employees, the location of high-rise condos have made it easier to drive or commute to work without getting stuck in traffic for hours. When you’re lucky, you can even walk or bike and save on fuel and get the much-needed exercise. Going to the mall or driving kids to schools is now also easier because of prime access to major highways.

Unique Amenities

When it comes to amenities, it’s a contest for most high-rise condos. Everyone ones to be the first, to be unique, and to be world class. Some upgrades to amenities are, roofdeck gardens, and cozy sky lounges, right in the middle of an otherwise glammed up city.

High-end Lifestyle

Living in high-rise condos gives an instant upgrade to urban living. Aside from the amenities, services like laundry and concierge are available at all times. Some high-rise condos also have a commercial center making it more convenient for residents to pick up their groceries, pay bills, dine outside, and the like. High-rise condos are truly built to fit a fast-paced and high-end lifestyle.

Having Fun and Being Secure

Being at the center of the social scenes is perfect for yuppies who want a healthy mix of career growth and having the time of their independent lives. Since locations of high-rise condos are highly accessible to these spots, there is no need to worry about having to deal with the possibilities of meeting unlikely events concerning security and safety.

You can even opt to go home for a quick change and a shower before you go to a dinner meeting or a casual catch up session with your friends and family. Better yet, you can host your own parties should the weather be moody or because there is no more parking space in the vicinity of the party place you are supposed to attend.

View From the Top

Everything looks better when shot from the top. Just look at some of the best Instagram photos. So when you view the city from the top, expect to be impressed.

If you are the type who wants to unwind after work and stare at city lights and the cityscape, the high-rise view is best for you. Real estate developers have made it a point to make the rooftop an attraction complete with lounges, benches, and even a pool. There are even condos that have an observatory to better appreciate the city and the skyline. That’s a lot of amenities for a condo you’re renting.

Long-term Value

Condos are a great investment because they are easy to acquire and easy to sell. Among the benefits of high-rise condos is their high appreciation value primarily because of location. The cost per square meter of the area where it is built appreciates really fast that you might be surprised to find out that your condo has doubled in value in just a couple of years.

Going up or going down is not a problem. Condo living is great either way. The only thing you have to do is reassess the way you live and what your needs are. There is surely a condo to meet all your demands