City life has become the best choice when it comes to deciding where to settle down. More and more cities in Metro Manila and nearby provinces are aiming to provide quality condo living to families and young professionals. But when we say “city life” or “condo living”, it immediately brings to mind the images of tall buildings in the middle of a busy urban area.

Lumiere Residences: One of DMCI Homes’ High-Rise Condominiums

Lumiere Residences: One of DMCI Homes’ High-Rise Condominiums

These are what we call high-rise residential condominiums. It has lobbies, secured access, and elevators. Higher floors offer nice city views and entrances to the units are found along the hallways. Of course, due to the building maintenance requirements of high-rise condos, the investment is also quite high.

A best example of a high-rise condo is DMCI Homes’ Lumiere Residences. It is found in Pasig, surrounded by other busy cities and in the middle of major highways like EDSA and C-5. Young professionals who prefer living here will definitely feel like they are in the center of it all.

So, what if families and professional individuals want to experience the city life without having to live in a high-rise building? Here is where the mid-rise and low-rise condos come in.

Good Investment Choice

In this day and age, buying a house and lot in urban areas is not considered a practical choice anymore since you will be required to let go of huge amounts of money for all the processes involved in acquiring one. So when it comes to real estate investment, families and young professionals prefer a good condo unit that will help them save a lot in terms of time and resources. Condo living is now considered more efficient and valuable.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that condos have to be like sky-scrapers in the middle of the bustling city. There are a lot of mid-rise and low-rise condo units that provide the same feel without having to live far above the ground.

Mid-rise condos are usually four to six stories high, while low-rise buildings are more like townhouses with entrances from the outside. These are actually the options when it comes to choosing a condo in the Philippines. You just have to choose what’s best for you and your loved-ones, and where you will put your investment.

Verawood Residences: One of DMCI Homes’ Mid-Rise Condominiums

Verawood Residences: One of DMCI Homes’ Mid-Rise Condominiums

Best Option for Big Families

While young professionals want to live near their workplace within the business districts of the city and would rather prefer high-rise condos, it is best for families to choose the quieter modern living in mid-rise or low-rise condominium units.

In today’s modernized world, people tend to live in places where there is easy access to everything, where we can have all we need in a single snap. Mid-rise and low-rise condos can provide this type of fast-paced lifestyle.

One example of a mid-rise real estate is DMCI Homes’ Verawood Residences. It has accessible amenities and green landscapes. It offers convenient city living in a community that is safe, peaceful, and secure.

This mid-rise project is best for families because it has everything for kids and adults alike. There’s an open clubhouse with multi-activity pools, children’s play area, game area, basketball court, fitness gym, walking and jogging trails, open spaces, gazebos, and a lot more features that every member of your family will enjoy. This is the perfect residential area for family bonding and relaxation.

Strategic Location Within The City

Mid-rise and low-rise condos are still within the city, but not in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the industrial and business areas. Real estate developers usually build these types of condos along city borders that are easily accessible.

Just like Verawood Residences which is strategically located in Taguig City. It has easy access to the Makati Central Business District and Bonifacio Global City. Because it’s near C-5 Road, Ortigas Central Business District, Quezon City, Paranaque, and Alabang are accessible. These cities are known to have the best medical centers, educational institutions, commercial establishments, and airport terminals.

Choose Between City and Suburban

Mid-rise and low-rise residential condominiums will not let you experience the fear of heights, the hassle of taking the slow elevator, or the lack of open spaces for outdoor activities. Aside from those conveniences, another benefit of choosing these types of condos is the freedom to choose between living in the city or in suburban areas.

Real estate developers are also expanding in terms of building condos in the Philippines. Not only are condos available in the National Capital Region, they are also found in nearby provincial areas like Laguna, Rizal, Pampanga, and Pangasinan, among others.

Outlook Ridge Residences: One of DMCI Homes’ Mid-Rise Condominiums

Outlook Ridge Residences: One of DMCI Homes’ Mid-Rise Condominiums

One example is DMCI Homes’ mid-rise real estate property in Baguio, far north. It is situated along the summer capital’s well-known pine trees. Families and individuals who choose to reside here will experience the rich culture and heritage of Baguio City, far beyond the fast and busy lifestyle in Metro Manila. This is also ideal for families that want to settle down in a more peaceful place. Individuals and OFWs can also put their investment in a mid-rise condo where they can take the time off and enjoy art and nature.

This makes it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. Families and OFWs who want to opt for suburb living can enjoy the luxury of condo living while seeing the view of the mountains.

Indeed, condo living can provide you with options other than the commonly known high-rise condominiums. You just have to know what your heart desires. Real estate investment is something that you need to think about.