Next to an enviable location, the presence of recreational amenities is often the reason many people choose to live in a condo. There’s sheer convenience with not needing to travel far just to relax or have a proper sweat session.

Here at DMCI Homes, we take pride in providing the top-notch amenities that elevate the convenient lifestyle of our residents. Verdon Parc Davao, one of our residential projects in the King City of the South, reigns supreme in terms of the essential establishments and leisure spaces.

This modern tropical condominium, which features three high-rise buildings and one mid-rise building, is dotted with all kinds of amenities, from those related to fitness and wellness to relaxation and entertainment, to essentials. If you’re looking for a rental home that promotes cosmopolitan living at its finest, Verdon Parc is the one for you.

Verdon Parc amenities modern city dwellers love

There are over 20 essential and recreational amenities found in Verdon Parc Davao. The wide range is designed to support the varied lifestyles of modern city dwellers.

Here are the facilities you’ll find in this modern condo in Davao City when you rent a unit:

Relaxation Amenities

  • Lounge pool
  • Pool deck
  • Sky lounge
  • Sky patio
  • View deck

At Verdon Parc, you can easily detach from work pressures because there are plenty of leisure spaces designed to put dwellers in relaxation mode. For one, you can take a dip at the lounge pool. This is the perfect activity in the evening after your work shift as a way to cap the day off. Float on your back and simply take in the quiet of the surroundings.

Verdon Parc-Lounge Pool

Lounge pool at Verdon Parc Davao

On weekends, or on days you don’t have work, lounge at the pool deck while watching the kids play and have fun. With your sunglasses on, munch on your favorite snacks and listen to some good music.

Part of the relaxation amenities in Verdon Parc are the sky facilities, namely the sky lounge and sky patio. Stay here in these amenities, or at the view deck, if you want to meditate and spend some quiet time by yourself.

Fitness Amenities

  • Gym
  • Jogging and biking path
  • Lap pool

The Davao condominium features facilities that fitness enthusiasts will love. There’s the gym, which has different kinds of modern equipment. With a fitness center just a few steps away from your home, you can maintain a regular exercise routine (you’ll have fewer excuses not to run on the treadmill). You can easily have a fitness buddy. You may take your significant other or your neighbor since the gym is just nearby. Having a buddy helps your fitness journey overall since you can easily check on each other’s progress.

If you want to switch up your routines, you may use the jogging and biking path at Verdon Parc, and even bring the kids with you. Because the Davao condominium promotes exclusivity, you can have the peace of mind that the fitness paths are safe and restricted to the condo owners only. Safety living is a priority here in Verdon Parc.

Verdon Parc-Jogging Path

Jogging path at Verdon Parc Davao

Another option for introducing variety to your fitness routines is using the lap pool available within the condo complex. Lap swimming offers so many health benefits, from improving strength and cardiovascular endurance to toning the muscles and losing extra weight. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, Verdon Parc will definitely be an ideal rental home for you.

Social Amenities

  • Clubhouse
  • Function hall
  • Entertainment room
  • Game room
  • Gazebo or cabana
  • Open lawn or picnic grove
  • Lounge area


While Verdon Parc promotes cosmopolitan living, it also champions a tight-knit community. All around the DMCI Davao condominium, you’ll find plenty of amenities designed to encourage social interaction. The clubhouse and function hall, for instance, are venues residents use for community activities. There’s the entertainment room, where loved ones can gather together for some good old movie marathon. You may also go to the game room and bring out your family’s competitive spirit.

Verdon Parc-Clubhouse

Clubhouse at Verdon Parc Davao

But if you’re into a chill, outdoor activity, use the gazebo or cabana, or the open lawn or picnic grove. You may also invite friends over and stay at the lounge area. With comfortable seating and a relaxing view of green surroundings in Verdon Parc, sharing stories will surely be a lot more enjoyable.

Kid-Friendly Amenities

It’s not just the adults who can have fun at Verdon Parc amenities. Even children can, as the Davao condominium features recreational spaces solely for kids’ enjoyment. There’s the playground, equipped with swings and a slide. Here, your children can easily find peers and improve social skills. Even when you’re new to the community, they’ll instantly feel a sense of belongingness once they bond with young neighbors.

Verdon Parc-Childrens Playground

Children’s playground at Verdon Parc Davao

Another amenity for children is the kiddie pool. The waters here are more shallow, so you can have the peace of mind that they’re safe. Imagine the convenience of having your own pool in your own yard — you don’t need to travel far or pack stuff just to treat kids to a swimming adventure. With just the cute swimsuits and inflatables, you’re ready to go. Consult DMCI Leasing Services for the best, family-friendly condo units for rent.

Nature-Oriented Amenities

Verdon Parc Davao is literally a hectare of greenscape. All around the community, you’ll find patches of green in the form of landscaped gardens. If you want to be in the company of nature for relaxation, go to the sky garden or palm promenade.

verdon-parc-Tree Court

Palm promenade at Verdon Parc Davao

More than a relaxing sight, the greenery in a community can improve well-being. Research shows that exposure to nature can reduce stress, increase attention span, and improve moods and memory. One study also showed that kids living in a community filled with green spaces have a reduced risk of psychiatric disorders, such as depression. By renting a unit at Verdon Parc, you can experience these physical and psychological benefits.

Essential Amenities

  • Convenience store
  • Mailbox area
  • Water station
  • Laundry station

Of course, the amenities that support daily living are in Verdon Parc Davao. Your errands will surely be sweat- and hassle-free as essential establishments are just within the condo’s premises.

For one, you can easily stock up on household essentials with a visit to the convenience store located within the vicinity. You can also refill your water supply in no time by simply calling the water station at the condo community. Ease the stress of chores during the weekends by washing dirty clothes at the laundry station.

While you wait, you can pick up letters and packages from the Davao condominium’s mailbox area. But should you need to go out of the complex for more errands, you can easily get to your car at the parking space. Once you’re done, you can drop off loved ones at the arrival court.

Facade of Verdon Parc Davao

Facade at Verdon Parc Davao

Aside from the fact that all the important establishments are in Verdon Parc, the reason it’s easy to get errands done here is because the community is equipped with efficient, passenger elevators. These mobility solutions are well-maintained by the property management team.

A condo living environment for you

Every condo renter will have different needs and preferences for a home. Aside from amenities, you should be clear on what you want in these aspects:

  • Location. Where you live will affect almost every aspect of your lifestyle, from commute times to the kind of community you’ll belong in. For this reason, you must have location non-negotiables, for example, proximity to the workplace or closeness of neighbors. A good condo location should be a priority.
  • Unit features. Technically, you won’t live in the condo amenities. You’ll have your own unit, and this is where you’ll spend most of your time. This is why the internal unit features are just as an important consideration as the external features of the development. When you check out condo units, ask yourself if it suits your unique lifestyle.
    white modern living room with chairs

    Unit at Verdon Parc Davao

  • Condo rules. Living in a condo entails abiding by the association guidelines. Know these rules first before choosing a community. The last thing you want is settling the rental deposit and not being allowed to bring your pets.

At Verdon Parc, you can find a premium location, high-quality unit features, and reasonable condo rules. The Davao condominium is close to essential services, and each unit has modern facilities and fixtures. Best of all, it’s pet-friendly. These, on top of the diverse amenities available within the community, make the development a residential paradise.

Key takeaways

Amenities are an important consideration when scouting for a condo for rent. At Verdon Parc, you can take advantage of a wide range of facilities for your convenience and enjoyment. As you visit this Davao condominium, here are some things you should do:

  • Envision yourself using the amenities. This can help you decide if your lifestyle suits the facilities provided in the community. If you can imagine inviting your friends over for some pool fun and lounging comfortably on the deck, it may be worth considering a condo for rent in the development.
  • Take note of your first impressions. Amazed at the size of the pool? Excited over the gym equipment at the fitness center? Put that on record, either on video or in your phone’s notepad, so you won’t forget what you felt when you saw the amenities for the first time. Again, this will help you in the decision-making process later.
  • Snap pictures! While you can always refer to images on the websites, it’s best to have your own photos of the amenities. One, it’s easily accessible from your phone. Plus, you know that it’s pictures of the actual space.


If you’re planning to rent a condo in Verdon Parc, contact DMCI Leasing Services to know your options. Get yourself ready for an exciting property tour.

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