Living in a condo can be as convenient as living in a 5-star hotel, where services and amenities are available everywhere you go. These condo amenities and services are an essential part of living in a condominium. Some people choose to live in condo units instead of houses because of the amenities that are available. Best amenities to look for in a condo may include clubhouses, function rooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, playgrounds, fitness gyms, etc.

Part of the monthly association dues are spent on the renovation, building, or maintenance of these. Residents should remember to abide by the condo rules and regulations set by the condominium administration in order to avoid misunderstandings, as well as injuries or damaged items according to Herrick Condo Law. Here are some general amenity rules that condominium residents should follow.

Swimming Pools and Good Outdoor Space

Amaryllis Place

The Amaryllis, DMCI Homes

More often than not, condos offer swimming pools or similar facilities that residents of the building can use. If tenants and other residents have a wide space to relax, sit down, run, barbecue, and read the newspaper, this is a big plus. Having some type of outdoor space that is engaging for family activities can help you decide if this property will best suit your lifestyle.

People are much more willing to compromise on outdoor amenities if they are in a location that is desirable to them in some way. Think of any area close to a large city. People are willing to pay much higher prices to be in the heart of it all - close to transportation, shopping, food, lifestyle, and entertainment. Pool and outdoor space top it.

This particular amenity is one of the most enjoyable, but also one of the more dangerous ones. Be sure to be aware of the following rules in order to enjoy your day in the sun.

1. Always listen to the lifeguard's instructions.

A lifeguard is there for a purpose, so please follow his/her directions because lifeguards will know better.

2. Avoid running.

When people go out of the pools, the floor becomes slippery because of the water. A lot of people have suffered minor injuries, as well as major injuries because they were not careful around the pool.

3. Do not dive.

Diving into the pool head first can be very dangerous, especially if the pool is not deep enough according to Enjoy Swimming. Some people have suffered head trauma because of their heads banging the pool bottom. Even if the pool is deep enough, always make sure to dive on the deeper ends of the pool to avoid potential injuries.

4. Have good hygiene.

Be sure that you are clean and healthy before jumping into your condo's pool to avoid unnecessary contamination. If you have the flu or cough and colds, avoid the pool. The last thing you want to happen is getting other people sick, and be blamed for it.

5. Wear a hair cap.

Swimming pools have filters, and hair caps will help prevent the clogging up of these filters. If you have ever experienced your skin being sucked by these filters, it hurts much more when it is sucking your hair.

6. Take care of your kids.

A fun day in the sun could easily go sour if you leave your child/children unattended. Be sure to keep an eye out for them because they are still young and unaware of the hazards posed by swimming.

Clubhouse or Function Room

condo function room

The Redwood, DMCI Homes

A condo community usually has a clubhouse, or a function room for various events, as well as for the personal events of its residents. If you want to celebrate a birthday party or some other occasion, you can usually reserve your condominium's function room.

1. Schedule ahead of time.

Many people procrastinate and wait too long before reserving the function room. As a result, other people are able to reserve it before you can.

2. Ask about the fees and rules.

Ensure that you have coordinated the proper payment of rental fees, and duration of the reservation (a set number of hours or the whole day) with the condo developer administration. DMCI Homes suggest that residents ask for rules to prevent you from being interrupted. There may be instances wherein you will only be allowed to use the room till 12 midnight, even earlier, especially if you will be noisy because other residents might be bothered by the loud noise of your party according to ASA Rents.

3. Number of people.

Specify the number of people that will be going to the function room, and ask for the possible maximum area capacity.


Maricielo Villas

Maricielo Villas, DMCI Homes

1. Safety First!

Balconies offer a great view, fresh air (depending on where you live), and a good place to relax while drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. If you are a smoker, this is a great place to have your cigarettes without having your apartment smelling like cigarettes. Always remember that you will always be a few steps away from falling from a high place. Always take caution and avoid sitting, or leaning, on the railings.

2. No littering.

Some people make their balconies a trash disposal, throwing garbage down from up there. These items can be as small as cigarette butts, or large plastics and containers. Avoid doing this because you might hit someone, and you will also be littering on your immediate surroundings.

Gyms or Fitness Areas

Rhapsody Residences Gym

Rhapsody Residences, DMCI Homes

People nowadays are all about health, which has led to the increase in the number of gyms and fitness areas. Most condos have gyms wherein people can exercise, and build or tone their bodies. Save your residents from the headache of going out for a gym workout. Having a fitness center in your residential community and condominiums is just another added bonus.

This is a convenience that can really make your community stand out above its competition, especially in a tough economy where gym memberships might be difficult to keep. Residents need not to go out when they already have a place in their backyard where they can stay fit and meet people with the same health and fitness passion.

1. Clean up after yourself.

Gyms are public places, and you should put equipment back in its proper place for the convenience of the next user suggests Huffington Post. If you take some weights off a rack, be sure to put them back when you’re done.

2. Respect personal space.

Some people go to gyms solely for exercising, while some go for multiple reasons. Others go to the gym for exercise and to socialize with others. If you see a person working out, don’t use the machine (like a treadmill or exercise bike) immediately beside him/her when there are others available. You may want to talk to the person and socialize, but he/she may just want to work out in silence.

3. Ask if you are unsure.

Always ask if you are not sure how a particular machine works, or how to do a particular workout. This can prevent unnecessary injuries, and improve your posture, so that you can complete your work out the right way.

4. Ask for a spotter if you are lifting heavy.

If you are benching heavier than you usually do, it is important to have a spotter, just in case. You may be unable to push the barbell off you and back onto the rack. Do not take pride into consideration because your safety is at risk without a spotter.

Eco-friendly and Energy-efficient Homes

Siena Park Residences

Siena Park Residences, DMCI Homes

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient residences top the list of amenities most people check in condominiums. Most prospect buyers and renters consider the environment when searching for the perfect home. They look into energy-efficient home designs and energy-saving appliances like windows, toilets, and shower heads. People also look into individual garden plots and earth-conscious building history and materials.

Condo Properties with Great Amenities

There are a hundred more lists of amenities you can find, and it is equally valuable to think about which amenities must-haves and must-checks top the list before starting the search.

Check out condos and residential properties, where you can find all these, at DMCI Homes.

Flair Towers amidst the city

flair towers pool view

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

Mandaluyong City is arguably the most accessible place to live in as it connects several cities including Makati, Pasig, Manila and San Juan. It is home to multinational companies, top schools and entertainment centers. Flair Towers, which lies at the heart of Mandaluyong CBD, is your ticket to resort living in the city. Relax in the leisure pool surrounded by trees and green spaces. If you need to shed work-related stress, you can do lap in the lap pool, join a basketball game in the playcourt or simply enjoy a quiet time at the sky park.

Flair Towers also feature sky patios and central atriums and breezeways on each floor to allow light and air through. Be mesmerized by the Metro Manila skyline from the sky lounge and roof decks.

Year-long vacation at Riverfront Residences

Siena Park Residences

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

In Riverfront Residences, you don’t need to wait for summer to have a vacation. This cozy residential community is beautifully located near the scenic Marikina River. You can organize weekend barbecue parties as there are available grill pits for tenants and their guests. Enjoy quality time with your family at the Sunset View Park and swimming pool. The various open areas such as the lawn, jogging path, and landscaped areas keep you close to nature.

Riverfront Residences has everything you need. There are convenience stores, a bakeshop, a laundry pick-up service, and a water refilling station. For the coming holidays, you can book a fully-equipped function room for your events.

Thai-inspired Royal Palm Residences

Siena Park Residences

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

Do you know that you can have a resort-style condo living in the center of bustling Taguig City? Royal Palm Residences, which is inspired by old world Thai charm, offers 35 lifestyle amenities that both encourage tenants to engage in worthwhile physical activities and relaxation pursuits.

The active play amenities include a lap pool, tai-chi grounds, dance studio and jogging/biking path. The community also includes passive leisure amenities such as a sauna, aromatic garden, picnic grove and lotus pond.

All units in Royal Palm Residences have a balcony overlooking the gardens and outdoor amenities. The community also features a handsome entry pavilion and clubhouse façade.

First-rate comforts at Rosewood Pointe

Siena Park Residences

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

Taguig City is an emerging world-class city with its rapid development in recent years. Be part of Taguig’s exciting future through Rosewood Pointe. This condo community exudes a Neo-Asian theme complemented by modern facilities and lifestyle amenities. Plan your special events in one of the two structured clubhouses, stay fit in its well-equipped gym and play courts, and pamper yourself at the spa. Rosewood Pointe is surrounded by green spaces that can help melt away stressors. Aside from amenities, this top-notch community has a hotel-like lobby, a central atrium, and commercial establishments.

So near, yet so far at Siena Park Residences

Siena Park Residences

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

The noise and pollution in urban areas affect both adults and children. Studies show that kids raised in congested and polluted areas suffer from psychological strain that affect their development. But you don’t need to leave the city to shield your family from the adverse influence of the city.

Siena Park in Parañaque City offers resort-like living while ensuring easy access to main roads leading to business districts, schools, and commercial areas. Children can enjoy lifestyle amenities such as the entertainment and game room, kiddie pool, and landscaped gardens. You can also invite your work colleagues for tea time at the lounge area or a weekend get-together at the pool deck.

Balinese living in Raya Garden Condominiums

Siena Park Residences

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

Raya Garden Condominium is a Balinese-inspired condo community in Parañaque City. This charming residential structure dedicated more than half of its land area to lifestyle facilities and entertainment amenities. You can hold special events such as birthday parties and family reunions in the clubhouse, organize a community sports fest in the basketball court, and have early-morning yoga exercises in the Balinese gardens. Raya Garden also features an audio/video room, floating podium, and an infinity pool.

Don’t feel like leaving home to have a laid back weekend? No problem. Raya Garden houses commercial establishments, convenience stores, salons and spas, and laundry shops.

Daily relaxation in Mahogany Place III

Siena Park Residences

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

It is said that while Makati City is for vibrant baby boomers, Taguig City is for the innovative millennials. If you’re in the market for your first home, Mahogany Place III is the place for you. This resort-style community lies near Fort Bonifacio Global City and Makati City.

Imagine yourself working and living in the same high-end part of the capital region! After a tiring day in the office, you can relax through a wide selection of amenities. Mahogany Place III features a sauna, poolside dining, mini theater, dance studio, and other indoor amenities. The outdoor features include adult and kiddie pools, a picnic grove, and a number of parks and gardens.

Key takeaways

Condo living is reinventing city living. The demands of modern society, coupled with people’s incessant need to socialize, are causing stress and pressure to city dwellers. When migrating to the countryside is not a viable option, you can opt for a condo for rent.

Choose a condo community that enhances your lifestyle—one that features amenities that suit you. Explore resort-style condo projects by DMCI Homes.