Now is the perfect time to invest in condos in Caloocan City.

This exciting city is full to the brim with brilliant possibilities for investment success. From promising property developments to noteworthy economic advancements, this esteemed city presents a rare chance for seasoned and newbie investors alike to succeed with a smart condo purchase or rental this year.

By learning about key factors like the area's economic prospects, infrastructure opportunities, and quality of life, you can discern between buying or renting a condo unit in this region. With DMCI Homes, you can enter a world of quality and join this district on its journey towards a brighter future for residents.

Discover everything that this district has to offer and find the DMCI Homes property of your dreams.

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An introduction to the Caloocan district real estate landscape

The beloved city of Caloocan lies on the northern and western parts of Metro Manila, bordering both Quezon City and Novaliches. It boasts an excellent balance between urban life and a relaxed atmosphere, specifically because of its location on the outskirts of the greater NCR area.

Because of its distance to the heart of the metro, this district generally has better access to fresher air, less traffic, and greener environments. This leads citizens to enjoy a calmer, slower, and more laid-back lifestyle, as compared to most other NCR cities.

But just because this district is farther from the Metro Manila center than the others, doesn’t mean it lacks everything a modern city-dweller needs. This area still offers a slew of shopping malls, commerce centers, universities, public transportation hubs, and infrastructure projects for Caloocan citizens to explore - all of which contribute to your needs for a bustling urban lifestyle.

The real estate landscape in this part of the metro is therefore brimming with exciting opportunities. It offers a busy and investor-friendly environment with tons of drivers for development and growth. Savvy investors like you should take advantage of this practical location, as it has all the makings of an ideal investment in real estate today.

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Pros and cons of buying a condo in Caloocan

Curious to know what it’s like to buy a condo in this Metro Manila district these days? Here’s a breakdown of the advantages of buying a unit in this city:

  • Lower cost of buying - It's much cheaper to buy a condo unit in Caloocan than a unit in other Metro Manila areas. Specifically, it's 43% cheaper than buying in Quezon City, 68% less expensive than in Manila, and a whopping 72% less costly than in Makati.
  • Convenient payment of taxes - The local government of this city recently updated its system for the issuance of receipts for major taxes, like real property taxes (RPT). Owners can now automatically receive their tax receipts online, making the payment of RPTs faster and more convenient.
  • Promising returns on investment - Because of the lower cost of living in this district versus others in NCR, you can expect better value for your money and greater returns on your home investment over time.
  • Long-term property appreciation - Since this city boasts a friendly environment with tons of drivers for infrastructure and transportation development, you can expect great real estate appreciation for your Caloocan home in the long run.


Of course, every opportunity comes with its caveats. Here are some disadvantages that you should know before buying a condo and making such a monumental decision:


  • Relative distance from certain CBDs - If you work at certain central business districts (CBDs) down south like Makati or Ortigas, you'll need more time to travel to and from home via the NLEX connector, since this district is higher north than other cities.
  • Different Real Property Tax (RPT) costs - If you're moving from one city to another for this purchase, you'll need to do your research and be aware of the RPT cost in Caloocan versus other cities in the metro.
  • Difference between North and South Caloocan - This is a big one; if you’re purchasing property in this area, you should know that the city is split into North and South Caloocan, with parts of Quezon City and Valenzuela splitting the two.


Not that interested in buying? Maybe renting is the path for you. Read on to discover the pros and cons of renting property in the province of Caloocan City next.

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Pros and cons of renting in the province of Caloocan City

Here are some of the best advantages that you should know when renting real estate in this northern city right now:

  • Lower cost of renting - If you're thinking of renting a home instead of buying one, you should know that it is 38% cheaper to rent in Caloocan than it is to rent in Quezon City, 64% less costly than in Manila, and 76% less expensive than renting in Makati.
  • Accessibility and mobility - The district is connected to major transportation hubs such as major highways, airports, and seaports, and it's also in the middle of extending and updating the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road, Skyway Stage 3, MRT 7, and LRT Line 1.
  • Proximity to family-friendly destinations - This area is surrounded by nature parks and spots that are ideal for weekend family getaways, like the La Mesa Watershed, Valley Golf and Country Club, and the Luzviminda Resort.
  • Great place to stay for work  Dubbed as one of the most business-friendly and wealthiest cities, this district boasts many mall establishments, recreational areas, and transportation hubs all throughout. It's a great place to live if you have work in the area, or in nearby cities.


For a full understanding of what it’s like to rent a unit in this district, here are some of the cons to renting property as well:


  • Lack of equity buildup - Just as with all rental situations, you won't be able to build up equity as you would if you bought your home.
  • Limited control over property - As a renter, you can't make as many changes, upgrades, or renovations to the property. You also won't have the same sense of ownership that a buyer might have over their own home.
  • Potentially different rental laws - Since you're renting, you'll need to review local tenant laws for this region. You'll be under the jurisdiction of a landlord, so you need to know your rights in the area while you live there.


Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a property or just renting one out, you can look forward to a lot of drivers that will positively influence your real estate journey in this region today. Check out the next section of this guide for more insights into the factors that affect real estate in this northern part of the metro right now.

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Factors influencing real estate in the Caloocan region

From economic improvements to infrastructure advancements, there are tons of factors that influence the positive growth of real estate in this region of NCR right now. Some of the most notable factors include:

  • Rapid economic growth - Caloocan has one of the fastest-growing economies among the major cities in Metro Manila, due to its strong manufacturing and industrial sectors. With this steady growth comes opportunities for investors to buy or rent properties for great returns in the future.
  • Push for a greener economy - This town is one of the local government units (LGUs) taking part in the Philippine Green Economy Program, which pushes for a national transition to a green economy and aims to support cities in areas like renewable energy and climate crisis mitigation.
  • Improved travel and transportation infrastructure - Ongoing infrastructure developments connect this district better to the rest of Luzon, like the existing LRT-1 line connecting to Cavite, the MRT-3 to Pasay, the MRT-7 to Bulacan, and more.


With all these positive drivers, it's no wonder that there's a push for more luxury condominium projects in Caloocan - like DMCI Homes’ The Calinea Tower.

the calinea tower entrance gatePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

The Calinea Tower in Caloocan City

The Calinea Tower is DMCI Homes’ maiden voyage in this northern part of NCR. Boasting a refreshing lifestyle in a lavish resort-inspired community, The Calinea Tower offers a unique vibe and grand aura that's truly exceptional in Caloocan City.

With its resort-style design, this gorgeous landmark serves as a relaxing and enriching home environment for aspiring investors on this side of the metro. Some of the top geographical highlights of The Calinea Towers include:

  • Luxurious architecture - The exquisite and contemporary design of this development exudes a sense of glamor and luxury, from the expansive lobby all the way to the hallways leading to the units. The Calinea Tower truly showcases DMCI Homes’ quality homebuilding expertise.
  • Numerous open-air spaces - This property also boasts a vast number of open spaces and greenery – perfect for anyone looking for a property that doesn’t feel tight and congested. From multiple pools to verdant podium gardens, and even a basketball court, this condo truly offers an ideal investment experience.
  • Gorgeous sky-high views - The Calinea Tower is an exquisite high-rise with even higher views of the Metro Manila skyline. You can revel in the beauty of the sky promenade and enjoy a fun pool day at the sky deck pool. You can also relax at the sky lounge and bask in the breathtaking view of the city.
  • Proprietary Lumiventt® Design Technology - Not only will you enjoy a greener environment in Caloocan City, but you’ll also benefit from DMCI Homes’ proprietary Lumiventt® Design Technology at The Calinea Tower too. This green condo technology promotes natural ventilation and lighting, improving air quality and reducing energy consumption for an eco-friendly living experience.


the calinea tower sky deck poolPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Beyond this tower, there are tons of other places for you to visit around the city and near your new home. These local sights and attractions include:

  • Nearby malls and shopping centers - There are multiple malls surrounding The Calinea Tower alone, including SM City Grand Central Mall, Araneta Square Mall, Victory Center Mall, and more.
  • Open-air parks and activities - Within driving distance from this development are locations like Caloocan City’s People’s Park, Malabon Zoo, and Monumento Circle.
  • Highly recommended schools - If you have kids who need to attend school, or if you're a student yourself, you can easily enroll in nearby schools like Global Reciprocal Colleges, Manila Central University, and La Consolacion College.


Given the excellent location of this luxury condominium development by DMCI Homes, you might just be tempted to buy or rent a unit in this gorgeous northern city. Consider the promising rental market of this district and see if it's truly the best place to invest in for your real estate needs today.

The promising rental market of Caloocan City

Caloocan's real estate market is proving itself to be a promising landscape for buyers and renters alike. Infrastructure developments, growth potential, and economic prospects are just some of the key indicators for this district’s success, thus increasing investor interest in the area's buying and rental market too.

As property in this part of the country begins to appreciate, you can make it your goal to secure a gorgeous home by investing in The Calinea Tower. Take advantage of this area's burgeoning rental market for even more successful returns in the long run.

the calinea towerPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Key takeaways

The city of Caloocan offers a myriad of exciting real estate investment benefits for buyers and renters alike. So remember to take advantage of the golden opportunities this district offers today with these final expert tips:

  • Plan far into the future. Beyond taking things like your finances and future plans into consideration, think about the long-term sustainability of your chosen location to see if it meets your future-forward needs.
  • Watch out for economic factors. As long as things are trending toward the good for your selected city, you should expect a great quality of life in the long run.
  • Work with tried and tested developers. By choosing developers with an excellent track record, you can rest assured knowing that your investment will be safe and successful - so remember to work with DMCI Homes for your real estate journey in Caloocan today.


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