Tired of the hustle and bustle within the highly populated business districts of Metro Manila but can’t exactly leave the city life? There has been a rise in development in up and coming nearby urban areas, so there’s definitely been a trend when it comes to relocating to these places. One of the trending areas lately has been that of Caloocan City.

If you’re thinking about relocating to a condo in Caloocan, you’ll find that there’s a variety of things to do and experience in the city. Most of these places are actually in close proximity to DMCI Homes’ newest development - The Calinea Tower. This property offers stellar amenities for a competitive price, which is a lot more affordable than the condos located in well-known business districts. Plus, the area is pretty close to some must-visit places in Metro Manila that you’d definitely want to see.

Condo living in Caloocan City might be what you’re looking for

With the growing number of establishments and job opportunities within the area, it is no wonder that condo units in Caloocan City are worth investing in. Apart from the stellar amenities its convenient location, residents can prioritize gaining new experiences in a safe and secure environment. They can discover new restaurants, entertainment places, see the city thrive and grow as a promising investment.

Why should you visit Caloocan City?

Unlike popular cities such as Makati, Taguig, Pasig, there are many hidden gems within Caloocan City as more people decide to relocate there. Apart from these establishments and hidden gems, there are more concrete reasons as to why Caloocan City is growing in population such as the following:

  1. Lately, people have been wanting to reside in a slightly stress-free environment. The continuous hustle and bustle makes for a mundane routine which people get tired of which leads to burnouts.
  2. Caloocan gives the right amount of hustle and bustle minus the stress of the increasing cost of living.
  3. Caloocan City is a perfect highly urbanized city with an eco-friendly nature. The city is home to a number of resorts and is also the area where you can find La Mesa Watershed.
  4. There have also been a lot of establishments such as the SM Center Sangandaan, a mall that easily provides locals with entertainment, and up and coming shops around the different corners of the city. There are quite a number of hidden gems worth visiting around Caloocan that you may want to support.

    Aereal View of Skyscrapers in the CityPhoto courtesy of Nikko Tan via Pexels

  5. Apart from the many establishments and must-visit places, Caloocan City also has a rich history by previously being part of Tondo, which as many Filipinos know is the hometown of Andres Bonifacio up until 1815.
  6. If you haven’t been familiar with the city’s unique name and topography, Caloocan city is known to many as the “Libis” (lowland) area and its name came from the term “kasuluk-sulokan” which practically means “innermost area”.


If you haven’t been yet convinced, check out our list of 10 must-see sights around Caloocan City and how far they are from the Calinea Tower condominium that will surely have you considering a condo in Caloocan:

Must-see places in Caloocan

There are so many places in Caloocan City that are worth visiting. These places and establishments are also particularly within range from one another, especially with the different DMCI Homes properties for rent. These residential locations are situated in commute friendly locations that are still within a close proximity to Caloocan City and to all other establishments. Should you wish to move to Caloocan City you’ll be within range from the following must-see sights:

1. La Mesa Watershed - 30 mins

Perfect for those who love nature the La Mesa Watershed is just roughly about 30-40mins drive from Calinea Tower. It’s home to the remaining rainforest left in Metro Manila. The water is considered the primary source of drinking water around Manila. It has a strong biodiverse ecosystem as it remains a sanctuary to numerous birds and wildlife creatures. The La Mesa Watershed joined with the La Mesa Ecopark is visited by an approximate of 300 to 350 thousand people every year.

Woman About to Run during Golden HourPhoto courtesy of Tirachard Kumtanom via Pexels

2. Bonifacio Monument - 25 mins

A group sculpture of the Katipuneros with Andres Bonifacio on its helm is located within the area. This monument won first place in a National Museum sponsored competition. The monument depicts bits and pieces of the Philippine Revolution and some figures that are pivotal in shaping Philippine history. Apart from Andres Bonifacio, viewers can also spot Emilio Jacinto (who is just right behind Andres Bonifacio in the monument) and the three famed martyr priests Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora, also known collectively as GOMBURZA.

3. San Roque Cathedral - 7 mins

Much of the Philippines is dominated by Catholicism. If you’re one to not miss a Sunday mass then don’t fret, San Roque Cathedral is right around the corner. Quite literally too as it is just 7 minutes away from the Calinea Tower. The San Roque Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Roch. It’s also one of the Jubilee churches under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila during the Jubilee Year 2000.

Gray and Orange Arch High Rise BuildingPhoto courtesy of Mike B via Pexels

4. University of Santo Tomas Museum - 20 mins

You’d think that the University of Santo Tomas is just a school when actually it has a public museum inside the campus! Established in 1869, the museum houses a lot of historical artifacts including coins, medals, memorabilia, paintings and other religious artifacts. Worth checking out especially if you consider yourself a natural history enthusiast.

Silhouette Of A Person Sitting On Round ChairPhoto courtesy of Loïc Manegarium via Pexels

5. SM Center Sangandaan - 9 mins

If you have a strong desire to be entertained, and to shop and dine, then look no further. Situated in Caloocan Manila is SM Center Sangandaan. You wouldn’t need to travel far to other branches like SM Mall of Asia or SM Megamall as this mall location is only 9 minutes away from Calinea Tower. The cinemas in SM Center Sangandaan also offer 2D, 3D, and SM Exclusive type of viewing so you are sure to have a variety.

Cartoon Movie Showing on Theater ScreenPhoto courtesy of Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

6. Celedonia Valley Resort - 40 mins

Looking for a quick getaway? Look no further as Celedonia Valley is only about 40 minutes away from Calinea Tower. Enjoy a staycation at the place and enjoy numerous activities in order to unwind and destress. Celedonia Valley offers different types of sports venues such as a swimming pool, a tennis court and a basketball court. This avenue is perfect for team buildings at the same time also for quick family getaways. The resort also has a children’s park so your little ones can also enjoy the staycation.

7. Thai To Taoist Temple - 3 mins

If you’re up for a little cultural visit, then not too far from the Calinea Tower condo in Caloocan is the century old Thai To Taoist Temple. Built by the Chinese community, this temple has been one of the most notable landmarks in Caloocan. Visited by locals and other residents from neighboring cities, the temple is slightly unfinished so some visit in order to take a quick photo of the place.

8. Green Paddle - 4 mins

Only 4 minutes away is the Green Paddle, a coaching and training facility for Table Tennis players and enthusiasts. They also have a shop so you could purchase the gear and be ready to use them within minutes. The Green Paddle offers training sessions so if you have the time to switch up your routine, this is an activity you can surely try.

Table Tennis Ball and Ping-pong RacketPhoto courtesy of Josh Sorenson via Pexels

9. Yolo Wellness Spa - 7 mins

If going out to different activity filled places isn’t really your thing then why not try going to a wellness spa in order to relax? The Yolo Wellness spa is located just 7 minutes away from the condo. They offer a wide range of services that you can avail from in order to have a relaxing experience. They’re known for their hospitality and spacious rooms as well as their massage techniques.

Selective Focus Photo of Woman Getting a MassagePhoto courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

10. ABCDE Dance Studio - 20 mins

Perfect for the little ones, this Dance Studio offers a variety of classes that will surely get the tykes energized. After the lesson, students will get to perform and showcase their skills in front of an audience during a culminating concert. This is a fun way to gain no friends and hone the artistic talents of the little kids. If you’re looking for a perfect extra curricular activity for your kids then this place is surely for you, just less than half an hour away from the Calinea Tower condo in Caloocan.

Key takeaways

With all the different well-rounded establishments near the condo, it is no wonder that Caloocan City is the perfect place to invest and to consider residing in. This article showcases the different establishments surrounding the city, but this list aims to show more than just these places. Here are some of the things that you can take away from this:

  • Learn more about your interests. Visiting these must-see sites in Caloocan might just give you the experience of a lifetime.
  • Explore the city’s parks and gardens. Marvel at its historical sites and get a taste of the local culture.
  • Uncover the hidden gems of Caloocan’s nightlife, shopping and entertainment centers. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just a relaxing day out, the city has something to offer everyone.


If you have been itching for a change in scenery and have been searching for an area that could give you the proper work and play lifestyle then look no further than the City of Caloocan should be on top of that list.

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