Are you a young Filipino professional who’s looking for a place to call home near your place of work? Do you need an accessible and convenient living space that can serve both your personal and work life needs? Then a studio-type condo for rent might just be the perfect choice for your busy lifestyle right now.

As a promising young professional, you deserve a practical and convenient living situation that offers comfort, but doesn’t get in the way of your bustling lifestyle. With a smaller-sized studio setup, you can reap the benefits of a relaxing home life while also accommodating your current work limitations, like your income or commuting needs.

DMCI Homes Leasing offers a wide range of properties that can complement your career goals as a yuppie in today’s hustle-and-bustle world. Discover everything that we have to offer when you check out our latest guide on studio-type condos for rent today.


Interior Design of Small Studio ApartmentPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

What is a studio unit condo type?

A studio unit is a small condo property that is often offered by real estate developers to solo renters. Ranging between 25 to 30 square meters in size, this condo type is a small but mighty property category that consists of a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom - all in one compact space.

Aside from the bathroom, there are usually no divisions among the areas of this studio apartment type. However, some apartments include a dividing wall between the bedroom and the common area, while others feature a balcony for that extra outdoor space.

This condo type is not as tiny as you might think. A studio type condo at DMCI Homes Leasing, for example, can easily accommodate a cohabiting couple or a set of newlyweds. With a smaller home, you can accommodate your budget, grow your savings, and invest in other long-term interests - like your own budding business career.


Cozy Studio Apartment DesignPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

Benefits of living in a studio condo for rent

These small but mighty property options are great for any type of home-seeker, but they’re especially perfect for today’s promising young Filipino professionals. Here are some of the benefits that yuppies can get from living in a studio condo for rent right now.

  • Ideal for busy professionals - This smaller accommodation type is an excellent choice for busy professionals in need of a simple home life. It can also serve as a practical and compact studio office rental if you work from home, but don't want to hold back on the comfort your unit can offer for a young pro on the go.
  • Affordable living option - Studio condominium rentals are also some of the most affordable rental options out there, with rent averaging about 20 to 30% lower compared to other available rentals.
  • Minimalist lifestyle - Studio apartments offer renters the unique opportunity to live out their minimalist dreams in a tiny home. The accommodation type features a tight space with lots of storage, to help minimize clutter and clean up the visual chaos of a smaller home.


Flat with couch near and open kitchen table with chairsPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

  • Open-concept interior design - Since most studio units feature one main room, you can make use of open-concept interior design ideas to decorate your living space. You can easily make your small condo look bigger with this flexible design type, allowing room for your personality to shine at home.
  • Reduced utilities cost - A smaller space equals less opportunities for electricity, gas, and water wastage. With this type of home, you can reduce your utilities costs and focus your budget on more important things, like growing your career goals.
  • Easy spring cleaning - Not only does a smaller space equal less waste, but it also means less elbow grease to clean your home. With this accommodation type, you can easily do big spring cleaning tasks like disinfecting your bathroom, organizing your living spaces, and decorating your bedroom to maximize your tiny space.


House with open kitchen near table with chairs and sofaPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

Features to look for in studio condos near business districts

When you check out ideal real estate locations for your future home, you should make sure that they include amenities that bolster your business goals as a young Filipino professional. Remember to look for these key features in the condominium rentals near your workplace today:

  • Security and safety features - This is a must for any condo-dweller. Does your condominium rental offer 24/7 security, with provisions for CCTV cameras? Make sure your future home has these in place to ensure your safety while renting.
  • Proximity to public transportation - Access to transportation is also key if you want to succeed in your career. Make sure your future home is near public transportation or, at the very least, near your workplace and other important establishments too.
  • Internet connectivity - Do you work from home? Then internet connectivity is a must. Check if your future home has provisions for strong internet connectivity, to ensure you get your work done as efficiently as possible.


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  • Fitness and recreation areas - A small home shouldn’t be an impediment to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Check to see if your condo community offers amenities like a fitness or recreation center, to ensure you hit your fitness goals even amidst your busy work life.
  • Parking options and fees - Do you drive to work? Then double-check to see if your desired home offers parking for renters, or if you need to pay extra for this necessary amenity.
  • Utilities and maintenance fees - Make sure to account for any additional utilities and maintenance fees as well, to ensure a stress-free home life in addition to your busy work lifestyle as a Filipino yuppie today.


White and Black Desk Beside Bed and WindowPhoto courtesy of Medhat Ayad via Pexels

Factors to consider when renting near business districts

Finally found the perfect condominium rental located near your workplace? Then remember to take these factors into consideration before you commit to renting a studio unit near your respective business district today:

  • Rental price and monthly expenses - Does your monthly rental fit into your budget as a young professional? Track your rent and other monthly expenses, like homeowner’s dues or utility costs, to ensure a balanced financial life alongside your busy work life.
  • Lease terms and contractual obligations - What are the terms of your lease? Can you commit to its obligations? Take your work responsibilities into consideration when you review your contract, to ensure nothing gets in the way of your work or home life.
  • Credit scores and background checks - To rent a home, you must provide a reliable credit score and tenant background. Take steps to improve your credit score and prove that you’re a reliable renter so that more lessors take interest in your home-seeking needs.
  • Pet policies and restrictions - Want to bring a pet into your new home? Remember to review your unit’s policies and restrictions to avoid getting booted from your home because of your new furry friend.
  • Furnishing options and storage space - How much furniture and storage do you need to enjoy a comfy home life? Take this into consideration before committing to a smaller property, like a studio-type condo for rent.


Interior of modern spacious studioPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

Top six studio type condos for rent near business districts

You’ve gone through all the benefits, factors, and features you need to ensure a happy home life in your future condo home. With all this important information in mind, you’re finally ready to explore the best studio-type condos that DMCI Homes Leasing has to offer near the central business districts (CBDs) in Metro Manila today. These include:

1. Flair Towers - Mandaluyong City

Find the perfect combination of homey comfort and urban in-city living at Flair Towers in Mandaluyong City today. Designed with the modern Filipino family in mind, this exciting DMCI Homes Leasing property offers a wide range of amenities that blend resort-style and country club living, right at the heart of one of Metro Manila’s top CBDs.

Flair Towers offers first-class cosmopolitan living for busy yuppies of any professional capacity. With studio units available for rent for as low as Php17,000 - Php19,000 per month, this DMCI Homes Leasing opportunity is one you shouldn’t miss out on today.


flair-towers-Reception Lobby-largePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes Leasing

2. Tivoli Garden Residences - Mandaluyong City

Looking for a relaxing oasis to escape to after a busy day at work? Tivoli Garden Residences is the perfect place for you. Located right by the Makati-Mandaluyong bridge, this garden escape is the ideal condo community to call home amidst the bustling metropolis today.

Enjoy a tropical resort vibe within the hustle and bustle of the top two metro CBDs when you rent a Tivoli Garden Residences unit through DMCI Homes Leasing. With rent as low as Php17,000 - Php18,000 a month, you can easily enjoy a serene studio-type life as swiftly as this year.


tivoli-garden-residences-Pool Deck-largePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes Leasing

3. The Redwoods - Quezon City

Life takes wing at The Redwoods by DMCI Homes Leasing this year. Located at the bustling intersection of Regalado Avenue and Quirino Highway, this Quezon City development is an unparalleled resort-themed community, perfect for busy yuppies in need of a home near major commercial establishments, schools, and businesses today.

The Redwoods boasts an easily accessible starting price for condominium rentals. For as low as Php15,000 a month, you can enjoy a wide range of relaxing and invigorating amenities like a sauna, exercise station, tai-chi grounds, and many more this year.


redwoods-Main Entrance Gate-largePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes Leasing

4. Brio Tower - Makati City

Looking for homey comfort at the heart of Makati City? Then Brio Towers is the perfect place for you. This exciting high-rise development basks in the vitality of Makati’s Guadalupe Viejo, with its prime location along the major thoroughfare of the metro’s busiest city to date.

The studio units at Brio Tower boast accessible starting rates for renters, along with the conveniences of laid-back, resort-inspired suburban living. Gain the ability to thrive in your busy work life with a restful rental experience at this DMCI Homes Leasing location right now.


Brio Tower - Roof Deck-largePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes Leasing

5. Prisma Residences - Pasig City

If you’re in need of complete access to Metro Manila’s top CBDs, then you should check out the available homes for rent at Prisma Residences in Pasig City right now.

Experience the full range of color that life has to offer at this beautiful property by DMCI Homes Leasing today. With its convenient location and well-crafted condo units, Prisma Residences lets you revel in a vibrant work-life balance as a young business professional with its accessible studio-type condos for rent this year.


Prisma Residences-Roof Deck-largePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes Leasing

6. Torre De Manila - Manila

Last but not least on this list of excellent DMCI Homes Leasing properties is the gorgeous Torre De Manila. Seated right within the country’s capital, this art-deco inspired property is strategically located near the best schools, transport hubs, and community hubs around today.

Enjoy impressive amenities for your busy work lifestyle within the charming architecture of Torre De Manila’s studio units. Reap the benefits of a perfectly situated condo, as you grow your career goals and enjoy a relaxing home life for yourself too.


Torre De Manila-Open Pavilion-largePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes Leasing

Choosing the best condominium rentals for you

No matter what your profession is, you deserve a convenient home that supports your busy work life and career goals. This is why a studio unit is the best starting point for any Filipino yuppie; by choosing this low-cost condominium rental option, you can enjoy a relaxing home life and grow your burgeoning career, all with the support of DMCI Homes Leasing today.


Spacious light room with cupboardsPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

Key takeaways

The perfect studio type condo for rent can be yours right away when you avail guidance from the real estate experts at DMCI Homes Leasing today. Discover the best advice for your yuppie needs when you review the key takeaways from this rental guide:

  • Assess your needs and capabilities as a renter. Your unit of choice should fall within your financial means, and should serve your unique needs too. Assess your needs and financial capabilities to ensure a smooth rental experience for yourself at home.
  • Set expectations. Don’t try to squeeze a two-bedroom lifestyle into a small studio unit. Set expectations and live within your means - don’t worry, you can work up to a larger home life as you grow your career in the near future.
  • Pick a property near your place of work. By living right beside your workplace, you can avoid the brunt of Metro Manila traffic and enjoy a smoother commute to and from your home today.


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