A studio type condominium unit may not be the type of accommodation that comes to mind if you're looking for a shared living space. A studio type unit is about 25 to 30 sqm. Though tighter than other condo units, it’s as comfortable as any other home.

“If you're used to living in a traditional house, with different rooms for everything, living your entire life in one room can be, at least initially, kind of weird,” shared Nancy Mitchell in ApartmentTherapy.com. Nevertheless, a growing number of people are choosing a studio type condo unit not only for solo living but also for shared dwelling. For newly married couples, it's a practical choice over a larger home. It's also preferred by professionals living a mobile lifestyle.

If you're looking for a condo for lease, you may want to consider a studio type unit. Here's your guide to this trending accommodation.

What is a studio type unit?

Photo courtesy of Medhat Ayad via Pexels

Photo courtesy of Medhat Ayad via Pexels

A studio condo in DMCI properties is about 25 to 30 sqm. Its commonly known as a bachelor's pad or a studio flat. This home doesn't have divisions to separate the living area, kitchen, and bedroom though some studio apartments feature a half dividing wall which provides privacy. The only separate room with a door is the bathroom. Nevertheless, you can always place a divider between your living space and sleeping area.

There are studio type units that have a balcony, giving you extra space for an outdoor reading area or a mini garden. The floor area is not as cramped as you may think. A studio unit in Tivoli Garden Residences can comfortably accommodate a household of two to three with the right interior design.

Build up your savings quickly

Build Savings

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The most obvious reason for leasing a studio type unit is the cost. The rent for this unit is about 20 to 30% lower compared to a one-bedroom unit. Many young couples choose a simpler accommodation that suits their budget while they save up. Choosing a studio type condo for rent can allow you and your partner to build up your savings in a shorter period of time. A smaller home means fewer furniture and appliances, and lower utility bills.

Enjoy your honeymoon phase in a studio unit

Honeymoon Unit

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It is said a married couple is on their honeymoon phase for the first six months after their wedding. A study published by New York University extends this romantic period to 30 months. “It's that extraordinary time when the only thing you can focus on is your partner and the only thing you want to do is to spend time together,” wrote Laura Argintar at Elite Daily. Renting a condo studio type is perfect for your honeymoon phase – no walls to separate you from each other, so to speak.

Share the space with a reliable housemate

Reliable Housemate

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Did you recently join the labor market? Renting a studio type condo for shared living can be a smart option for you. You can invite two of your closest friends to share the space. This can help with the bills and you may need the company on your first months or years of your professional life. There's a number benefits of living with a housemate such as having a reliable partner and having someone to share the household chores.

Focus on more urgent matters

Urgent Matters

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It may appear a petty excuse for someone to choose a smaller house to avoid time-consuming cleaning chores, but if you're a student preparing for an important licensure exam, you understand the merits of this point. An hour of studying for the board or bar exams is of great importance to students. A studio condo for lease can allow you and your housemates to focus on urgent matters at hand such as reading your reviewers and researching. A huge house is understandably not in your list of priorities while you prepare for your exams, not to mention the effort needed to maintain it.

A studio unit for minimalist tenants

Minimalist Tenant

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A studio condo is the perfect home for individuals who live a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity. People with this lifestyle have few possessions, choosing only the essentials. A studio style condo has a tight space that limits the number of furniture and appliance one can own. It also features a lot of storage spaces such as wall cabinets and kitchen drawers. A minimalist avoids clutter and adequate storage helps clean up the visual chaos.

A home for on-the-go busy bees

Condo living is a relief for busy professionals in the city. DMCI properties are strategically located near main roads, business districts, and commercial hubs. They also feature amenities that help homeowners and tenants maintain an active lifestyle such as a fitness gym, swimming pools, and play courts.

Couples with demanding jobs may opt for a studio condo which can be easily maintained. This accommodation is a practical choice for those frequently sent to off-site work assignments. Nevertheless, you can have the relaxation you need when at home. Enjoy a dip in the leisure pool or some quiet moment at the Sky Lounge.

Explore the right design for your small home

Small Home

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There are a lot of creative ways to maximize space in your studio type home, or create an illusion of space. You can mount mirrors on your condo walls to make a room look bigger. One tip is to install a floor-to-ceiling mirror and put it behind a long table. You may also decorate your condo unit with soft lighting and light window treatments.

A studio type condo unit typically includes wall cabinets and drawers. But you can add more storage not only to keep your stash, but also to create a sense of vastness in your home. Consider installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

A studio type unit is a suitable accommodation for solo tenants, couples, and group of friends. You can live as comfortably in a studio condo as in a larger home. The key is in choosing the right furniture and interior design. But no matter the type of accommodation you choose, consider condo living in the Philippines and its many comforts.