Times are definitely changing now especially with the advent of today’s most happening generational group: the Millennials. Immersed in modern pop culture, social media, and different technologies, these people are known to deviate from the traditions that older generations followed to the letter. One example of this is the fact that more and more of these young professionals are deciding to rent and to experience condo living. Yuppies renting condos in the Philippines on their own is such a significant shift as young people had been accustomed to live with their parents until they get married.

After all, modern times call for different lifestyles and yuppies like you are starting to break away from the tradition to adapt. Here are reasons why more yuppies opt for moving out and getting started on condo renting as early as now.


Having Greater Control Over Your Finances

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This is the age when young people are starting to learn more about being money-savvy, as the MasterCard Index of Financial Literacy found out of the youth in Asia and Pacific last year. Add in the flexible part-time jobs that you can do aside your regular day job and your energy at this point in your life right now and voila! You are a highly capable working individual who is starting to realize the value of hard-earned money.

Condo renting lets you manage your finances on your own so you can prioritize your needs versus your wants. Moreover, smart yuppies know that they need to go beyond working for their money and to have their money working for them, too. One practical way of achieving this is to invest in a rent-to-own condo so you can be assured of a bright future even after your peak.


Location Is Indeed The King

This is just one of the results of ZipMatch’s 2015 survey of Filipino millennial homebuyers. More than 40% said that they want to live in prime locations where commercial establishments are conveniently near. Around 70% said that a nearby mall would be a great addition to condo living. To add to these figures, around 33% answered that they want to live closer to their work.

These numbers clearly indicate the preferences of yuppies when it comes to choosing where to live. This is where condos for rent come in as most of these are strategically located in the heart of the city. Gone are the days of having to commute all the way from your parents’ faraway subdivision home. With malls, coffee shops, bars, and so on everything within your reach, you can now better enjoy the modern lifestyle that you want.


Amazing Access To An Array Of Amenities

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Stellar Place, Quezon City, DMCI Homes

Experiencing life but with utmost convenience is one of the reasons why yuppies starting out need to get a condo unit to call their home. Most condos provide swimming pools, gyms, and other amenities right within their premises in exchange for the condo association fees that you will have to pay with your monthly rent.

While this is an added cost, it is a small price to pay for the convenience that you will enjoy in your pursuit of a healthy and relaxing life. You will no longer have to fork out money for a ridiculously expensive gym membership. To top it off, the condo management will be the one to shoulder necessary repairs, making it fuss-free for you.


Be Independent At Your Own Pace

Yuppies may want to do a lot of things, but these may not sit that well with parents who can be too traditional. This is why moving out and renting a condo on their own is one of the smart solutions that young professionals resort to.

Enjoy the independent life

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With independent condo living, you will be able to do whatever you want and explore yourself as an individual without restrictions from your parents. Aside from being able to decorate your very own space according to your taste, you will learn how to do things at your own pace and without the fear of people watching over you.


Low-Maintenance Living For A High-Quality Life

Even if the house that you grew up in with your parents is not that too big, a condo unit will probably emerge as the less stressful area in terms of cleaning up. Aside from the smaller space of condo units, you will greatly benefit from the condo management who uses the funds that they collect from the association fees to make the required fixes in common areas.

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Moreover, let’s face it: the traditional dream house that you wanted when you were a kid is way too expensive to bring to life. Aside from the land, you will have to consider paying for engineers, architects, construction workers, and of course, for the materials. On the other hand, getting a rent-to-own condo unit is a no-fuss, no-nonsense option as long as you choose a credible condo developer who will be designing and building your dream house for you.


Be One Step Ahead For An Awesome Adulthood

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Imagine paying the bills, doing the groceries, looking after yourself, and even entertaining guests on your own just like how a responsible adult does. This is what self-sufficient condo renting can do: equip you with lessons and opportunities each and every day so you can become self-reliant. These will prepare you in each phase of your life that you will go through as you are on your way to become a fun and responsible adult.


Yuppies could be renting a condo unit to enjoy the single life, to prepare a home for the first years of marriage, or to invest in a real estate property while they are young. However, no matter what your motive is for condo renting, breaking free from tradition in order to adjust to the changing times is a great option that everyone should consider. After all, condos for rent in the Philippines today meet the needs of modern lifestyles that did not exist decades ago. Remember, change can be great if used in a practical way.