We are creatures of habit. We always find time to multitask - we eat while watching TV, we eat and listen to music while walking, we eat and all of a sudden fall asleep. Now, pretend that you don’t live in the city. What would your waist size be?

You may be worried that because of living a coveted life in the city, your options for good food and exercise activities are limited. Nearby fitness gyms, salons, and parks may offer conveniences, but with the trends of high-rise buildings and condominiums in the country, most urban exercisers have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city life. This sometimes put a damper on their exercise experience. Wherever you look, it is impossible not to face the unquantifiable temptations of luscious food, beer bars, and unapologetic restaurants’ menus and sweets.

The way we gear towards urbanity and the way it changes our access to nature can both be a great encouragement and barrier to active living. It seems really hard to deviate from the fat route, but you can always drop the spoon and fork and point your body north. Becoming fit was never really a struggle for condo urbane like you.

You might want to take advantage of your living area's amenities and seek all the possible ways to get fit, condo style!

1. Diet, Eat, Diet, Eat – Repeat!

They always say, ‘practice what you preach’. They’re right. That’s the basic. This may make you feel like you’re restricting yourself from the greatest human creation (food), but you’re actually not. You do not need to starve yourself; its effects are much more extensive than getting obese. All you need are a balanced diet, good choice on food, and most of all, discipline. People are quick to heed the call, promising to eat less meat and sugar. As soon as perfectly roasted steaks or moist chocolate cake present themselves, this resolution crumbles. For people who have grown to love meat, it won’t be as easy to give even some of it up. It’s easier to just accept another failed fitness pledge. Always, walk the talk.

2. Schlep Yourself in the Gym

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One of the good amenities all condo edifices must have is an equipped fitness gym. A lot of people join the nearby gym and vow to stay on the proverbial treadmill or stationary bike in order to be trim and fit, but end up lying on the couch every weekend. Some people choose not to join any health club for it can cause you unreasonable amount of money and travel time. At this moment, you cannot excuse yourself since the gym club is just a doorstep away from yours. You need not travel and go out with your exercise trunks on and show your outward waistline. Rather than grimacing every time you see your gym membership cards from the gym hub, you can stay home while living up your commitment and achieve your dreamed buff-body. It is always rewarding to have a newly-svelte you minus all the hard work in between.

3. Make Use of Your Kitchen

Today’s lifestyle makes it so hard to accomplish this because, really, people wouldn't wait for food to finish growing on trees when they can get it over the counter - grease, oil, fats, and all. Eating healthy promotes a lifestyle so devoid of the pleasures we have grown to love, which is why people who promise to commit themselves to such a regime usually eat their own words after a few months, but when endowed with a gorgeous kitchen, you might want to have and prepare your own food – healthy food. Venture on different green recipes that won’t just make your tongue out while craving but make your eating habits healthier as well.

4. Walk More

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Walk more, use less fuel. It’s a fitness resolution for both the earth’s health and yours. Carbon emissions from vehicles have hit new highs recently, so walking to your desired destinations may as well be an imperative. Again, the competing factor against this resolution is comfort. If the choice is between riding a train or bus and driving to a certain destination as opposed to walking or biking to get there, the comfortable choice always pulls you back. Living in a condo with generously-spaced residential properties, you can delve and walk in a more environmental-friendly and safe areas. Beyond the surrounding and convenience issues, walking can cause you psychological and physical benefits. It helps you lose body fat and avoid heart disease, diabetes, and sorts of overall health benefits. Walk for at least 30 minutes each day. Do this with others and turn this simple exercise into a social occasion within your condo neighbors.

5. Swim Towards Your Vision


Swimming is one of the brilliant all-round exercises. Often, people close their eyes to the health and fitness benefits of swimming because they get easily duped with the joy and bond it caused them. According to an exercise physiologist, Robert Robergs, swimming is a good choice for just about everyone especially for some who have physical limitations and for those who find other fitness activities painful. Water pressures stiff joints and bones that might be over-worked by land activities. With some of the benefits of swimming laid down, you might want to visit the common pool just outside your building and have the best staycation and fitness exercise all in the same time.

6. Sleep as a Calorie Burning Activity

Believe it or not, it’s completely possible to burn calories while sleeping. On an average, we burn 77 calories for sleeping in an hour. That’s why a good fitness arrangement includes having enough time to rest and sleep. Sleep also relaxes all your muscles and let it all recover for another day’s physical activities. Getting the right amount of sleep also helps develop your body clock and let yourself wake up and go to bed at the right time of the day.

Sometimes, getting fit and healthy is pure willpower and don’t actually require a lot of money. All you have to do is make use of the amenities available in your condominium and educate yourself. Don’t let your waistline go outward this time, have it intact and fit in the face of all unquantifiable temptations available in the city.