Are you searching for a studio type apartment for rent? It’s relatively affordable, despite its size, makes it a very attractive choice for people looking to cut down their expenses, move closer to work, or simply want to live within the confines of the city. But before you dive in and sign that binding contract, you might want to see if you’re a perfect fit for renting small units. As such, here are 7 types of people who rent studio units and why they are right for this small piece of property.

Just Married

Studio Type Tenant Just Married

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Getting married means that it’s time for the couple to leave the confines of their own homes and start a new life together under one roof. A good financial decision for most newlyweds would be to rent an affordable studio type unit as they recover from the expense of the wedding.

This will give them the financial flexibility to pay the bills, as well as start buying furniture and other household needs. The modest rental fee would also give them enough leeway to allow them to save up faster in case they want to make another big purchase or have children soon. But while there aren’t any children yet, the small space of a studio type condo unit could be a good opportunity to enjoy being a married couple. And even if there’s a baby on the way, a studio unit can be good for toddlers up to 5 years old or until they demand their own space.

Newlyweds may get an Ohana Place studio for rent at around Php12,000 to Php13,000 a month. The name itself is a good sign as ohana is a Hawaiian word that can be directly translated to family. See what we mean? Like the other condominiums under DMCI, this is also packed with amenities that promotes an active lifestyle for any family.

The Territorial Yuppie

Studio Type Tenant The Territorial Yuppie

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Young professionals, also known as yuppies, are people who prefer to live independently while staying ahead of their careers. In looking for a home, they opt for the most convenient address to their place of work. What better way to do that than get a studio unit for rent in Makati City or near major business hubs. From the many job opportunities, businesses, restaurants, and malls in the area, living in a DMCI condo in the city puts them right in the middle of everything.

It’s also a good time for them to learn how to invest in real estate, make wise decisions when purchasing items, and to be responsible enough to pay the bills. In addition, small spaces are a wonder to decorate and their posh lifestyle will allow them just that.

The Graveyard Zombie

Studio Type Tenant The Graveyard Zombie

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A lot of business process outsourcing (BPO) employees work during the wee hours of the night. The graveyard shift and its financial perks are alluring enough for these nighttime warriors to sacrifice sleep and tend to the needs of other people. The last thing BPO employees want is an unsafe commute going home and lose their hard earned cash and possessions.

Aside from Eastwood and Makati City, BPO employees look for a studio unit for rent in Mandaluyong City or in Studio One Events Place, Eastwood because that’s where most of the call centers are located. Luckily, you can get a Tivoli Garden studio for rent, which is located near the Mandaluyong city hall. Tivoli Garden offers a modern tropical design with a hotel-like lobby. It’s packed with amenities such as a clubhouse, electric perimeter fence, gym, pool, and more. It even has a basketball and badminton court if you want to relieve the stress of working in the BPO industry.

The Practical Millennial

Studio Type Tenant The Praticial Millennial

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According to a report by CNN, millennials now prefer to own a condo unit as compared to a house and lot. The report goes on to say that millennials, especially to those who are in the lower income bracket, are attracted to a condominium’s rent-to-own payment scheme that is more budget-friendly.

Apart from the financial aspect, millennials consider a condo unit because it gives them access to tons of amenities that aren’t available to house and lot properties. This can range from swimming pools, gym, basketball courts, and even parking lots.

The Independent College Student

Studio Type Tenant The Independent College Student

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It’s nothing new to see college students rent studio type units because it makes the daily commute quicker and safer for them. Having their own place means they have more quiet time to study and it can prepare them to become responsible adults with all the household chores and bills they need to keep track of.

If you’ll be studying in one of the schools up north, you might want to take a look at one of the Accolade studio units in Cubao, Quezon City. This condo has a peaceful ambiance accentuated by the cool breeze of fresh air, making it a good place to study outdoors. And because Accolade Place is built in the center of Cubao, students are just a few rides away from their school.

The Wanderer

Studio Type Tenant The Wanderer

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Whether local or foreign, tourists now have the option to rent condominium units instead of booking a hotel room. Most studio units will be cheaper than a hotel room in terms of weekly and even monthly leasing. The extra cash saved from renting a studio type condo unit can be used to further immerse yourself in the country you’re staying in.

If you’re going to stay in Manila, you can get a Cypress Tower Taguig studio type for rent at an affordable price. Not only do you save up on lodging and get to try its amenities, but this condominium is also located beside many shops and restaurants. Moreover, the airport is just minutes away from the condo, making it a strategic place to stay in before departure.

The Everyday Hero, aka the Balikbayans

Some of our modern-day heroes love to spend time with their families in a place where they can kick back and relax for maybe a week or so. So instead of splurging in a hotel or going to a beach far away, why not get a Flair Towers studio for rent? Some OFWs even go the lengths of purchasing the unit itself.

This condo by DMCI has all the amenities seen in most hotels like a kiddie, lap, and leisure pools. It has a basketball court, children’s playground, and even a sky park! Perfect when you want to spend quality time with your family. Sure, you don’t get the eat-all-you-can breakfast and expensive lunch and dinner, but for balikbayans, nothing beats a home-cooked meal.

Do you fit in any of these tenant profiles? You should go ahead and rent a studio type as it can be a blessing, especially for those who are still starting a new chapter in their lives or even for those who are about to retire. Its affordability will allow you to have the flexibility to save up on things that matter or for a bigger condo unit. And when that time comes, this can become a source of passive income as you rent it out to other people.