Real estate investment has never been more exciting than it is right now. With opportunities popping up all over the Philippines, interested investors like you have tons of options to look forward to across the country’s competitive property landscape today.

These opportunities aren’t just appearing in our National Capital Region, either. Smaller cities in provinces like Davao, Cebu, Batangas, and more are brimming with potential for property investment ideas. Major developers like DMCI Homes are now offering premier locations in these provincial areas, thus providing even more top-tier options for renters and buyers alike this year.

So if you’re looking to explore exciting opportunities in Philippine real estate, look no further than this guide prepared by the experts at DMCI Homes. Discover tips, benefits, and considerations to keep in mind, and explore the untapped potential of provincial property investment for your next big real estate endeavor right now.

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Why is investment in property considered safe?

In general, real estate is considered a safe investment because of its potential for cashflow, value appreciation, portfolio diversification, and more. Buying a condo, for example, allows you to gain a smart and low-risk investment that can also be turned into a mode of income, a usable home, or a generational asset in the long run.

Of course, there are certain downsides to investing in real estate, such as its high capital cost or need for proper condo management. But these investment pitfalls can easily be waylaid with support from real estate professionals and managers - hence the continued popularity of this type of financial commitment.

Is real estate in the Philippines a good investment?

The Philippines is also considered a good place to venture into real estate due to its economic growth and multitude of options for condo buyers. The relative stability of this country’s real estate market means that developers actively build new properties everywhere. This has resulted in tons of new and exciting condos, not just in Metro Manila, but in major provincial cities as well.

This diversity of options for potential investors makes the Philippines a great place for beginner property investors like you to start up a new home ownership journey. As long as you keep options open for properties in provincial cities, you can benefit from new home buying opportunities and reap the rewards of a new condo right away.

What province would you buy property in and why?

Given your interest in property investment, you might be wondering what the best provinces are for such an important financial endeavor. The Philippines boasts a multitude of leading cities in terms of economic expansion, cultural wealth, financial opportunity, and more. The key to finding the perfect province for you is to know exactly what these cities have to offer, based on your top needs and interests this year.

Think you're interested in a condo in Davao, or a home in Baguio? Then keep on reading to discover what the top provinces have to offer, so that you can choose the perfect provincial property for yourself today.

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Benefits of provincial property investment

As alluded to in the previous section, there are tons of great benefits to purchasing properties in the Philippines’ provinces. Aside from being rich in opportunities, these wealthy cities also provide advantages beyond the bounds of Metro Manila’s own real estate market. These benefits include:

  • Affordability - The cost of living in most Philippine provinces is actually much lower than their metropolitan counterparts. This means that the cost of development is also much lower, making condos a lot more affordable for potential buyers.
  • Higher potential for returns on investment (ROI) - Because of these condos’ affordability, you can easily strategize for a property investment that’ll yield a higher ROI, with nicer locations, cheaper costs, and better quality of life in your province of choice.
  • Lower competition compared to metropolitan cities - Since provincial cities are less densely populated than cities in Metro Manila, you’ll have less competition as a prospective buyer looking for the perfect condo to call home.

Now that you know all these top benefits to provincial real estate, you’re probably wondering what the best province is for your next property purchase. Continue on to the next section of this guide for the top things to consider when choosing the right province for your next condo buying endeavor this year.

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Choosing the right provincial city

Many developers are eyeing expansion in provincial cities across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Want to ride the wave of this real estate boom by choosing the right province for your needs? Here are some factors to consider when selecting your next investment location:

  • Economic factors - Is your location of choice economically stable and poised for growth? Is its business climate favorable enough for your needs? What is the property tax rate of this area? These are just some of the top economic factors you should consider when selecting a province to purchase property in today.
  • Work and school opportunities - Could you easily land a job in your field of expertise, or enroll in a school in this particular part of the country? What would your salary look like, should you enter the workforce? How much would tuition cost, if you were to enroll yourself or your loved ones in school?
  • Infrastructure - What’s the infrastructure like for public transportation, utilities, telecommunications, and internet connectivity in your location of choice? Are they reliable enough for your needs? This is an especially important factor to consider, given the rise in work-from-home lifestyles and the infrastructure needed to support such a setup.
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  • Risk factors - Is your chosen city politically stable? Does it have a healthy climate and environment? Would you feel safe enough to live here for several years based on your age, gender, religion, or other demographics?
  • Cultural wealth - What’s the culture like in your location of choice? Does it offer a rich history, tourism background, or food culture? Are there any exciting festivals for you to look forward to in this part of the Philippines?
  • Financial considerations - Of course, you shouldn't forget to consider the cost of living and the cost of condo properties in your chosen location. How much would your initial purchasing cost be, should you choose to buy property here? What financing options can you look forward to, in support of your incoming commitment?

These are just some of the many factors that you need to consider when choosing a new province to call home for your next condo purchase. While this is a pretty comprehensive list, you still need to know what your actual options are for your real estate investment - so it’s a good thing that DMCI Homes has a lot of properties to choose from across the country today.

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Here are just some of the promising provinces that DMCI Homes is rapidly developing condo properties in right now:

  • Davao - This aptly named “King City of the South” is one of the most highly urbanized parts of the Philippines, with three DMCI Homes developments to choose from:
  • Cebu - Meanwhile, the economically influential “Queen City of the South” boasts two upcoming developments across its island shores:
  • Laguna - The famed hometown of national hero José Rizal can also be your home when you check out these DMCI Homes developments in this province:
  • Batangas - Home to the Taal Volcano and a multitude of gorgeous beaches, Batangas also plays host to Solmera Coast (ready for occupancy) in San Juan.
  • Benguet - Enjoy the cool winds of this mountain province when you check out Moncello Crest (upcoming), situated right outside Baguio City.

The possibilities are endless for investors that are interested in provincial properties in the Philippines. With the right tips and considerations in mind, prospective buyers like you can easily benefit from these real estate opportunities, should you decide to pursue them in the long run.

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Key takeaways

Explore the untapped potential of provincial real estate with DMCI Homes today. Take these final tips away with you as you deliberate on this exciting investment opportunity for you and your loved ones this year:

  • Go beyond the bounds of Metro Manila. With more and more developments rising up in the provinces, you can now go beyond the densely populated bounds of the metro for your next real estate investment.
  • Choose based on your needs. Arm yourself with knowledge on the economic, cultural, and financial opportunities of your desired location, to make a more informed decision based on your home buying needs.
  • Get updates on upcoming developments. Snag the condo home of your dreams the moment it becomes available by connecting with us at DMCI Homes right now.

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