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Nowadays, saving money is not enough. We also need to start investing, so that we have passive income for the rainy days. After all, we can’t go on working forever. One of the best things to invest in right now are condo properties, especially a condo for rent in Davao.

Condos provide a family with priceless home experience, thanks to its great surroundings, complete amenities, and comfortable ambiance. Pair that with living in Davao City, a growing hub for great investment opportunities. DMCI Leasing properties like Verdon Parc is truly a residential hotspot with picturesque views and relaxing natural vibe of condos for rent in Davao City. So, it is a practical choice for newbie or experienced investors who are looking for a great home and a potential investment,

Still not convinced on getting a condominium in Davao? Check out why Verdon Parc is an ideal place for first-time renters and also great investments that would-be investors shouldn’t miss out on.


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Why a condo for rent in Davao is a practical investment

Davao City has a lot to offer for anyone who is interested in residing in the city. The city is considered as one of the safest places in the Philippines, if you want a peaceful and secure environment. If you are looking for new economic ventures, you have a lot to look forward to in the city because of the growing number of foreign and local investors there. When you want to just relax from the hustle and bustle of Luzon, you can enjoy the great natural landscapes of Davao City.

Because of these factors, Davao is easily one of the prime locations to invest in the Philippines. And if you want a condominium in Davao that gives access to all these great opportunities and beautiful landscapes of the city, Verdon Parc is the perfect place to reside or invest in.

1. Safety

Davao City is already a safe haven. But it doesn’t mean that residents should just let their guard down. Verdon Parc offers a safe and secure environment for all its residents with 24-hour security surveillance cameras, and with highly-trained security guards roaming around the area for your peace of mind. A strong perimeter fence and premium CCTV cameras are also strategically placed in the premises.

2. Good environment

One of the benefits of living for a condo for rent in Davao is you get to enjoy the lush surroundings of the city. Verdon Parc makes it feel like you’re living in nature’s panorama, complete with generous open spaces, palm promenades, and a scenic sky garden. Surely, this makes it one of the top condos for rent that offers exactly what you need and more.

3. Cost of living

For some people, when they hear the word “condo” it automatically means more expenses because of association fees. But this is only one of the common misconceptions of condo living, as these fees are actually equally divided among tenants and will never have sudden increases from the developer.

In addition, DMCI Leasing properties like Verdon Parc offer a flexible and affordable payment plan for would-be investors or homeowners, since this condo for rent in Davao has a rent-to-own option.


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4. Prime location

Need we say more? Davao City is one of the ever-developing cities in the Philippines. More foreign and local investors are opening small and medium enterprises in the city, and more people are opting to buy land and other properties in it as well because of its booming business and vacation opportunities.

Truly, the city should be on the top list of anyone thinking of new locations to travel and invest in.

5. Amenities of the condo property

If you think about it, the city alone is already a great vacation destination. But what does it feel like to live in a condo for rent in Davao, where you reside in a resort-inspired home?

Living in Verdon Parc, you get access to those cool and amazing amenities like a lounge pool, picnic grove, clubhouse, entertainment room and more. With amenities like these beyond reach, you don’t have to spend extra cash to find and stay in a resort to relax and unwind.

6. Easy access to your lifestyle

Since Verdon Parc is in the heart of Davao City, you are sure to easily adjust and adapt to different lifestyle changes and routines. You can access schools, hospitals, offices, and other vital establishments near the vicinity.

Living in a condominium in Davao lets you have a smooth travel to your workplace or school, and also gives you the opportunity to explore your interests through various entertainment establishments within the property’s area.


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7. Davao is a subject of investment interest

Since Davao is now both a business hub and a vacation destination, investors are flocking in the city. So, you have two choices for investment.

You can decide to get a condo for rent in Davao so that you can stay in the city and better keep track of your growing business. Or, you can use that condominium to escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily work life, so that you can relax and enjoy your condo’s relaxing vibes.

8. A good business hub

While the business opportunities are growing in Davao City, you should grab this chance to get employment or start a business venture in the city. The city is now named by Philippine Daily Inquirer as Mindanao’s direct trade and industry hub, and has a lot of opportunities for manufacturing and business process outsourcing (BPO) ventures.

For first-time investors, this is a great chance to invest in the city right now as one day, more people will invest in the growing business hub.


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A city of continuous progress

Davao City’s development continues to grow over the years. So if you are a would-be investor, it is only smart and practical to explore the business ventures in the city. It wouldn’t be right to just wait around and see what more changes would happen in Davao. If you continue to wait, more business competition may arise and properties and establishments might be more expensive to afford over time. And who knows? A condo for rent in Davao may just be the best investment opportunity that you’ve been looking for!

Don’t regret the chance to invest in a condominium in Davao today. Choose Verdon Parc for your next best investment opportunity.

Key takeaways

Start enjoying a cosmopolitan lifestyle in one of the most beautiful and safe locations in the Philippines. Here are the key advantages of living in Verdon Parc that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Live in one of the safest cities in the Philippines. Stay safe and sound in Davao City.Experience a safe environment where you are always at ease at any time of the day at Verdon Parc.
  • Relax in a great vacation destination. Travel to see tourist spots in Davao City. Or, simply take some much needed rest in the comforts of your own condo.
  • Invest in a growing business hub. Do not miss on the growing manufacturing and BPO industry in Davao. More economic opportunities await you if you choose to reside in the city.


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