Condos have become an important part of city living. You can see them sprawling all over the metropolis. Condos have become an integral part of real estate in the Philippines. They offer energy-efficient home design and maximize the limited space in the city. Most of all, condos are affordable.

If you are a first time condo buyer looking to buy a condo in Philippines or even rent a condo, chances are you are going to find one with a limited space. If you are a young couple starting out or a young professional who has just moved out, you are likely to buy a studio apartment or a garden condo. The trick is to manage your small condo space and design your condo interior in a way that still infuses your own style while being functional at the same time. You cannot make drastic changes to the interior and architecture, but you still want to create a space that feels unique and one of a kind. You want to achieve a timeless condo design, as well as maximize the limited space you have. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on condo improvement. You can design your living room or bedroom in a way that is stylish yet practical. By using interior design solutions, you can manage the small condo space and create a home.

Here are eleven interior design ideas to inspire you to make the most out of your small condo space.

1. Monochromatic Chic

If you want to make your condo appear more spacious, go for a limited color palette and repeat it throughout the space to create a unified scheme. A monochromatic scheme makes the room seem bigger than it actually is. What is a monochromatic scheme? A monochromatic scheme uses tints and shades of the same base color. If you are going for a monochromatic blue color palette, you can opt for different hues of blue. Be sure to avoid dark colors as well so that the apartment would feel less claustrophobic. Go for light hues and neutrals. It is easy to make monochromatic chic the design of your condo home.

2. Light It Up

Lighting is used to create mood. However, it can also be used to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Light up dark corners to open up the room and maximize the limited space. Avoid making the room feel heavy and claustrophobic. Use adjustable desk lamps, floor lamps, overhead lights, and others. If you don’t have enough space for floor lamps, look for creative solutions such as track lighting. A properly lit room allows for light to bounce off the walls and gives the room an illusion of deep wide space.

3. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Interior designers often use wall mirrors to visually expand the space. This is a great design tip for small condos. Mirrors trick the eye and make it seem like the room is double its real size. Place a mirror opposite a window to reflect the light, brighten the room, and make it seem as though there were an additional window in the room. Cover a wall with mirrors to create a sense of flow and make the space seem larger than it is.

4. Tall Tales

You may not be able to increase the area of your condo space, but you can go up. Choose tall pieces of furniture such as bookshelves, room dividers, entertainment units, and others to make the space seem long and lean. Aside from giving the illusion of length, bookshelves can also provide additional storage to help you maximize the space.

5. Smoke and Mirrors

Use sliding doors to conceal the bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, or other parts of the condo. Sliding doors also create uncluttered space thus giving the illusion of more space.

6. White Zen

Use a white color palette to open up a room and make it seem bigger than it actually is. Choose white walls, white furniture, and white floor rugs.

7. The Transformer

Since you have a small condo space, you have to choose your furniture pieces wisely. Opt for multi-purpose furniture to make the most of your small space. Go for a bed that slides out from the bookcase so that the room can be used as both a library and a bedroom. Choose a couch which converts to a sofa bed so that the living room can easily transform into a convenient guest room. Opt for a table that can slide out and accommodate more people. The table can be a coffee table or a dinner table, depending on your needs.

8. Bunker Style

Use bunk beds to maximize the space in your bedroom. A room with double bunk beds can easily accommodate four people with so much room to spare.

9. A Room Within A Room

You can do some home improvement in your condo without drastically altering it. Try to merge different rooms into one. For instance, you can create a home office in your bedroom or even your living room. Place a writing desk in your bedroom corner preferably in front of a nice window and pull up a chair. You may also use a living room chair and place it near a desk for an instant home office/living room. You may also merge the living room and guest room by using a convertible couch or sofa bed, or combine the kitchen and dining room into one.

10. Beauty in Symmetry

Be mindful of the proportions of your furniture. The size of your furniture should be just right. A large couch in a small area can seem overwhelming. On the other hand, a small couch in a small space seems dwarfed. To be safe, go for a mix of large pieces as well as smaller pieces.

11. Art Gallery

Create a gallery-style wall and use images of various shapes and sizes to add depth and texture to your condo. The gallery-style wall also adds a personal touch to it. Use large pieces of art to open up the space. A large artwork above your couch is a great statement piece.

With a few interior design tricks, you can transform your small condo space into your dream home for you and your growing family.