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Caloocan City is one of the fastest-growing locations in the greater Metro Manila area this year. With its proximity to greenery, laid back lifestyle, and access to urban needs, this investor-friendly city is perfect for you as you conduct your search for the best condo in Caloocan today.

And the most exceptional development in North Caloocan is on the rise right now. If you’re looking for a premier opportunity to invest in property today, then you should get excited for this latest showcase of home building expertise by DMCI Homes.

Your exclusive access to an exceptional life begins with DMCI Homes’ latest luxury development: The Calinea Tower. Keep on reading to learn more about this prime real estate opportunity in Caloocan City right now.

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Why should you get a condo for rent in Caloocan City?

You’re probably wondering why the Philippines’ first Quadruple A real estate developer is developing property in the heart of Caloocan City at all.

While this city is only on the outskirts of the greater Metro Manila area, it is proving to be a hotbed for development, growth, and a laid back lifestyle - making it one of the most investor-friendly environments for anyone interested in real estate today.

Here are a few more excellent reasons why you consider getting a condo for rent in Caloocan City this year:

  • Greener environment. Caloocan is technically part of the greater Metro Manila area, but its location on the outskirts of NCR results in better access to fresh air and a greener environment for you as a citizen of this city.
  • A laidback lifestyle. Given its relative distance to the heart of the metro, this city has fewer traffic jams, less population congestion, and fewer unsightly buildings, leading to a more laid back lifestyle than most other NCR cities.
  • Access to urban needs. As far removed as it is from the greater Metro Manila area, this city still has everything a modern urbanite needs. It has the SM City Grand Central, SM Hypermarket, Victory Central Mall, Holiday Island Mall, and many other urban centers as well.


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  • Access to prestigious schools. Whether you’re a parent with kids or a student yourself, you won’t have to worry about finding a nearby school to go to today. In North Caloocan alone, there’s the University of Caloocan City, the University of the East - Caloocan, Manila Central University, and La Consolacion College - Caloocan.
  • Place for growing businesses and infrastructure. This city offers an investor-friendly environment with tons of drivers for development and growth. You have shopping malls, supermarkets, universities, transportation projects, and sports complexes to look forward to as a future-forward real estate investor.
  • Practical location for a condo investment. Though it’s on the outskirts of NCR, this city still proves to be a top place for people to live in today. Its proximity to greenery, laid back lifestyle, and access to urban needs makes it a practical location for savvy investors like you to consider for your condo hunt this year.


If Caloocan City is a great place to invest in real estate this year, then what is the best condo for rent in this part of NCR right now? Keep on reading to discover the prestigious beauty of DMCI Homes’ latest luxury development: The Calinea Tower.

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Why the Calinea Tower is the best condo for rent in Caloocan

The Calinea Tower is DMCI Homes’ maiden venture in Caloocan City. With its lavish resort-style vibe, this gorgeous landmark will serve as the most relaxing and enriching home environment for aspiring investors on this side of the metro today.

Enjoy premier features and innovative real estate design when you invest in the Calinea Tower this year. Check out this guide for the top reasons why this luxury pre-selling condominium by DMCI Homes is perfect for you right now.

1. Stylish modern contemporary theme

Whether you’re a first-time condo renter or a veteran in the field, you’ll want to live in a place that oozes with style and comfort across every square meter. Luckily for you, the Calinea Tower is designed to be just that. This modern contemporary high-rise is a masterpiece spread across 7,472 square meters - perfect for residents like you this year.

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2. Children’s play area for the young ones

Not only is this DMCI Homes development a gorgeous place to live in, it’s also the ideal place for you to stay with your kids and loved ones today. The property features a fun play area for both kids and parents to enjoy, making it the perfect place to raise your family too.

3. Fitness gym to get you moving

Adulting is hard enough - make your life easier with exclusive condominium amenities like an onsite fitness gym for your daily workouts. The Calinea Tower features its own gym within the premises to keep you fit and healthy during your lavish stay.

The Calinea Tower-Fitness GymPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

4. Internet in units and common areas for your leisure

One thing you need to know before moving into any new condo is whether the property will provide you internet access or not. The good news? The Calinea Tower has got you covered. The units and common areas of the tower will be equipped with a dedicated, commercial-grade internet connection, perfect for your work or leisure activities.

5. Coworking space for a place to study or work

Not only will there be a dedicated, commercial-grade internet connection for you to use, you’ll also have access to a well-equipped coworking space too. This amenity is meant to support residents who are moving into the condo to study, work, or even work remotely within the Caloocan City area.

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6. Shoot hoops at a private basketball court

If you’re a diehard hoophead, then this condo for rent in Caloocan City has everything you need. The Calinea Tower has its own private basketball court and playcourt within the property’s premises, making it the perfect place for shooting hoops with your pals at any time of the day.

7. Three different pools for the family

Not interested in playing ball? Don’t worry, because there are more sports to look forward to at this luxury landmark. You can enjoy swimming at three different pools for every member of the family. The kiddie pool, lap pool, and Skydeck pool are accessible to all residents, along with their own decks and shower areas for your convenience.

The Calinea Tower-Lap PoolPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

8. Entertainment rooms for everyone

Spend quality time with your family members and loved ones when you invest in a unit at this gorgeous DMCI Homes property. Gain access to amenities like entertainment rooms for everyone, and get ready to enjoy a movie night or watch party from the comfort of your own condo.

9. Gorgeous sky-high views

The Calinea Tower is an exquisite high-rise condominium with sky-high views for all to enjoy. You can revel in the beauty of the sky promenade with loved ones and friends, and enjoy a fun pool day at the skydeck pool. Or, you can simply relax at the sky lounge and bask in the breathtaking view of the Metro Manila skyline.

The Calinea Tower-Sky Deck PoolPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

10. Landscaped gardens for outdoor activities

This lavish development by DMCI Homes offers many outdoor amenities for residents to enjoy at all times. Some of the most gorgeous amenities within the premises are the landscaped gardens for outdoor activities. Enjoy the verdant environment of this resort-inspired property when you visit their perfectly landscaped gardens today.

11. Proprietary Lumiventt® Design Technology

Not only will you enjoy a greener environment at the Calinea Tower in Caloocan City, but you’ll also benefit from DMCI Homes’ proprietary Lumiventt® Design Technology as well.

Residents in every unit can enjoy natural ventilation and illumination within the high-rise, promoting your health and wellbeing while saving on electricity for the whole community. You won’t find this in any other development; Lumiventt® Design Technology is DMCI Homes’ most unique engineering feature, made perfectly for you.

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12. 24-hour security

A common misconception in condo living is that it can be dangerous to live among so many strangers within a building’s premises. That couldn’t be farther from the truth at this luxury high-rise. You can sleep easy knowing that your building has 24-hour security onsite, with guards and CCTVs on duty at all times.

Now that you know some of the benefits that reside within the Calinea Tower, it’s time to get excited about the benefits outside the premises too.

13. Easy access to inter-city travel infrastructures

Living at this property means you gain easy access to inter-city travel infrastructures like the LRT-1 Line, Skyway Stage 3, the NLEX-SLEX Connector, NLEX Harbor Link, and the PNR North-South Commuter Express. As a motorist, you’ll also rejoice since this condo borders major roads like EDSA, Rizal Avenue, 10th Avenue, and A. Bonifacio Avenue as well.

The-Calinea-Tower-masterPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

14. Perfectly located near places of interest

As you can probably tell by now, this pre-selling condominium by DMCI Homes offers the perfect location for all real estate enthusiasts today. The Calinea Tower is near schools like University of the East - Caloocan and La Consolacion College Caloocan, and places of interest like the MCU Hospital, Caloocan Sports Complex, and the Caloocan People’s Park.

Not only that, but this property is just three minutes away from the SM City Grand Central, making it the most convenient place to access restaurants, entertainment, and leisure at one of the wealthiest cities in the country right now.

15. Expert real estate service with DMCI Homes

For over two decades, DMCI Homes has built a sterling reputation for providing smart and low-risk investments for homeseekers and real estate enthusiasts alike across the whole Philippines.

Your investment at the Calinea Tower will be no different. Enjoy expert real estate service by a dedicated team of property management professionals when you invest in a unit at this pre-selling condominium by DMCI Homes this year.

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The perfect DMCI Homes property in North Caloocan

Whether you’re a hip professional looking to succeed in North Caloocan, a new and burgeoning condo-dwelling couple, or a young family hoping to start a new life, the Calinea Tower is the perfect place for you to invest in today.

Gain exclusive access to a wonderful life at this perfect property by DMCI Homes. Revel in a refreshing experience at this luxury resort-style development, all within the investor-friendly environment of Caloocan now.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the property management professionals at the Calinea Tower to start your lavish life today!

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Key takeaways

The Calinea Tower will provide aspiring homeseekers and investors an exceptional life in Caloocan’s greener pastures by its completion in May 2028. So as you continue your condo hunt, remember to keep these key takeaways in mind throughout your investment journey today:

  • Invest in growing and developing cities. Places like Caloocan offer investor-friendly opportunities without the population congestion of other cities. Invest early in property here so that you can beat other aspiring homeseekers to the punch.
  • Go where the grass is greener. Caloocan’s greener pastures offer a healthier environment for you and your loved ones to grow up in this year. Invest in your family’s future by considering life outside Metro Manila today.
  • Work with trustworthy real estate partners. As the Philippines’ first Quadruple A real estate developer, we ensure the best property management opportunities for you so that you can flourish in your long-term investment goals.


Get started on this premier investment opportunity with dedicated property management professionals today by checking out the DMCI Homes Leasing website now. To stay up-to-date on other DMCI Leasing’s condo options, remember to check out our social media accounts too: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.