The idea of buying or renting a condo unit and moving in can be too exciting that a new condo dweller often makes the mistake of not preparing the most important things needed. Their minds are so fast-forward into the comforts of condo living that they skip the task of listing down essential items in order to move in properly. If you're planning to buy or rent a condo but don't have a checklist yet, here are 16 important items you should consider.

1. Window Coverings

If you are a first-time condo dweller, the first thing to do upon moving in is to cover the windows to ensure privacy, especially during the time of unpacking. You can use old curtains, window blinds, or any temporary cover if you still don't have these items. It would be uncomfortable moving inside your new condo unit with windows wide open.

2. Floor Coverings

The first thing you would notice when buying a condo unit is the bare floor. You might want to have it tiled or carpeted. If you don't have old carpets or not yet ready to place tiles, you can make use of mats and rugs.

3. New Locks and Keys

For added security, you might want to have new locks and keyholes installed especially on doors and windows. This can be the best guide for first-time renters, particularly if the condo unit is not new; there might be threats to your safety with old, second hand keys.

4. Cleaning Supplies

A condo dweller would want a clean and sanitized place before moving their belongings inside. Cleaning supplies are very important when you first step into a new home. These include cloth rags, all purpose cleaner, household disinfectant, glass cleaner, broom, mop, sponges, and vacuum cleaner. After cleaning your condo and you want it to smell fresh, air fresheners and deodorizers are needed as well. For kitchen and laundry, dishwashing soap and detergent are must-haves.

5. Furniture and Indoor Plants

Essential furniture includes couches, chairs, and tables. These are needed in the living room to make yourself and your visitors comfortable. There is a need to detoxify yourself after tiring days like moving in. Green living plants help in absorbing stress and providing the oxygen you need inside a condominium, especially if the unit is situated in a high-rise building.

6. Bedroom Essentials

The bedroom is the most comfortable place for a condo dweller. At times, this is the first room to be made ready. Here you will need bed sheets, pillows, blankets, lampshades, bedside table, and a few books to add to the relaxation.

7. Major Appliances

Appliances are very important in every home. There are a lot of condos for rent in the Philippines that are available semi-furnished or fully furnished. But if the unit is not furnished at all, major appliances that you need to have are television, refrigerator, washing machine, iron with ironing board, and electric fan or air conditioner.

8. Toiletries and Bathroom Needs

It is important to fill your bathroom with toiletries and other items for personal hygiene. These include towel, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper. Of course, you should not forget the beauty products.

9. Dining Utensils

The dining room is one of the most decorated places in a condo unit. The dining table should be partnered with nice plates, spoons, forks, glasses, and placemats. It is best to keep it ready for mealtimes to be more enticing.

10. Cooking and Kitchen Essentials

Upon moving in, you might want to cook yourself a good meal. A simple stove is important. Having a microwave oven is even better. When renting a condominium, there are times that cookware is already made available for use of the renter. Other items you would need include pans, pots, spatula, kitchen towel, and kettle among others.

11. Telephone and Internet

The real estate industry now builds condo units with telephone and internet access. Buying a condo unit will not be complete without cordless phones and Wi-Fi connection.

12. Shelves, Drawers, and Portable Clothesline

Some condo units don’t have built-in cabinets or closets. The need for shelves, drawers, and portable clothesline is important for organizing your clothes and keeping other belongings safe.

13. Toolbox and First Aid Kit

The most important boxes that every household should have are, the one filled with tools for repair or DIYs, and the other with medicines and bandages for minor wounds. For new condo dwellers, it is important if they can fix things in the unit according to how they envision their home. Also, if there are items that need to be repaired after moving in, the toolbox will come in handy. The first aid kit is also important for minor injuries and headaches. It is an alternative to the medicine cabinet.

14. Light bulbs and Fluorescent Lights

It is an essential guide for first-time renters to check the lights and switches in a condo unit. Usually, the light bulbs are old and worn out. It is important to keep the condo well-lighted and replace defective bulbs to avoid short circuits.

15. Extension Cords, Adaptors, and Plugs

Condos for rent in the Philippines usually have limited number of electric outlets. It is essential to have extension cords and adaptors handy, especially if you have a lot of appliances to plug in.

16. Plastic Bins and Storage Boxes

Once you've moved in and you're done unpacking, the most in demand items in the condo unit would be plastic bins for trash and storage boxes to keep excess belongings.

Surely, there is a growth in the real estate investment in the Philippines. This is mainly because of new buyers and first-time renters of condominium units. They may be busy with all the moving in requirements, in addition to the excitement, but it is best to keep a checklist of the must-haves before settling in the place where they can eventually relax and would finally call home.