Image Credit: Moving Companies

Image Credit: Moving Companies

The smell of independence and freedom is a cause for celebration to many first-time renters. This indicates that they are about to take on a new adventure without the supervision of parents. Living alone in an apartment or condo, going to work, and having tons of fun is something that many have dreamed of.

But the excitement and enthusiasm of living alone can cause a lot of trouble for first-timers. They are likely to focus on what they can do with their new found freedom that they tend to forget to consider the necessities of living alone.

So for first-time renters and old-timers (a person can never have enough experience) alike, here is a guide on the Know-Hows in leasing.

Be Observant and Check the Environment and the Space

Even renters with experience forget about doing this. They would quickly say yes to a lease even before checking the space and its environment. For first-time renters, it pays to be observant. Follow your instincts when looking at the space. If the environment screams danger - if the people around the neighborhood are gambling and drinking most of the time - and has poor cleanliness, then it is best for you to say no.

Also, think twice if the rental fee is low. Looked into the place to see why it is inexpensive. It's better to be safe than sorry. By checking the area’s environment, it will give you an insight of what to expect in the place, especially at night. Your place should have great security at this time of the day.

Take Pictures

Before moving in, it's best to take pictures of the space first. You won’t need an expensive camera for this; your camera phone is enough. This way, you have evidences of the things that might have been damaged already. Send them to your lessor to avoid arguments of who did the wrecking of the utilities once you’ve decided to move to another place.

Just remember not to take too much pictures, people might feel like you’re invading their privacy and being too nosy.

Signing Without Reading

As the popular saying goes, “It pays to read”. A lot of people would sign anything without reading and understanding first what they are putting their name on.

A lot of people get into trouble because they don’t know their rights and what contract they have signed for. The contract works as protection for the lessor and the lessee. If this simple task is done, it would avoid long arguments between the two parties.

A Lease That Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle

People tend to overdo things. Or in this case overestimate their income. For first-time renters, it is important to take into account how you are going to pay your rent. Is your source of income enough to cover not just your space but the food, toiletries, utensils, and fixtures that you may need in time. If not, then you better think first before saying yes.

Moving out and renting your own space come with a lot of responsibility. Being independent is something you gain and learn. By seeking help from parents and people who have gone with the same experience, you’ll be armed with tips and advices. But it is with experience that you’ll truly gain independence. So just go with the flow, pick the pieces from there, learn from your mistakes, grow, and have fun.