Can you hear the sound of Christmas? It's less than a hundred days and Santa's month will be here, you know what that means right? It means parties, gatherings, and food everywhere! On top of this, one thing is for sure, companies will be on the hunt for the best venue for lease for their Christmas party.

With numerous companies and industries in the Philippines, most of them are finding it difficult to book for a Christmas party venue that suits their number of employees. Aside from this, there is also a shortage of fields in the country for sports enthusiasts so they end up racing each other to book a proper venue for their practice or sports clinics.

May it be a christmas party, sports clinic, sports fest, wedding or anniversary, coordinating an event starts with the hunt for the perfect place. In choosing a perfect social events venue, numerous factors should be considered. First you should consider the theme of the party or the purpose of the venue, will it need a large stage for performance or should it be an open field able to accommodate at least 100 persons? Confirm or estimate the number of attendees and then work on the logistics like the location, budget and the entire party planning timeframe. Once you already know what you want for an ideal venue, it’s time to hit the computer screen and search for venue options. Since you are looking for the perfect spot, we have these two options that tops the charts for the ideal venue for sports, recreation, and social events. Read on to find out why.

The Tent

Strategically located in the business district of Taguig, this DMCI Sports Venue caters to different occasions. The Area is divided into three halls, A,B, and C, which could accommodate 300, 500, and 1000 persons respectively. With the large capacity of every hall, this site is suitable for corporate events, sports events, weddings, birthdays, bazaars, and even exhibits.

The Tent rent

The Tent, Acacia Estates, Taguig

The price package is limited to 5 hours or 10 hours of usage which ranges from Php 30,000 to Php 75,000 depending on the hall you have chosen. Considering the price, it is evidently reasonable compared to other famous venues but with the same venue aesthetics. Since it is just new, booking this venue for your gathering is a great choice. Acacia Estate’s The Tent offers a full venue air-conditioning system, standard house lights, comfort rooms, available parking slots, and a service crew during the event. The service crew covers the security, electrician, and maintenance of the events place.

Acacia Saturday Market

Acacia Saturday Market, Acacia Estates Taguig

Being a recent addition to the Acacia Estates, the Tent will soon open a Saturday market for the entire month of November. Interested parties could drop by for a free ocular inspection of the place and enjoy the night market where food and more are served. With just a few miles away from C-5, this venue could easily be located by new commuters. It is also near the commercial district of Bonifacio Global City where participants of the party could unwind after partying hard all night.

Acacia Football Field

acacia football field

Acacia Football Field, Acacia Estates, Taguig

Looking for a sports venue for lease? Acacia Football Field may be the best place to book your football game, sports clinic or sports fest-event. The Acacia Football Field could be rented from 6 in the morning until 10 in the evening. Apart from the field, there is an open area beside the football field which could also be booked depending on the scope of the event.

sport venue rent

Acacia Football Field, Acacia Estates, Taguig

If you are thinking of booking this place, all you need is to present a proposal letter, an event plan, and the number of attendees. After booking the venue, payment should be made within 2 days or the schedule will be open for other interested parties.The price for booking this venue ranges from Php 8,000 (for the whole day event) with an extension rate of Php1,500 for every succeeding hour. Electricians and security guards could also be booked for additional maintenance and security.

sports venue taguig

Acacia Football Field, Acacia Estates, Taguig

Launched early this May, the Acacia Football field is within the Acacia Estates in Taguig city which makes it safe and accessible to all. Highlighted by a football clinic by Azkals player Aly Borromeo, the launch of DMCI Homes’ Acacia Estates Football Field was attended by numerous children interested in playing football.

Choosing the ideal venue requires planning ahead and having options. In planning the event, consult with the venue’s management for the schedule and availability of the event’s place. Most of the time, especially during this Christmas season, most companies have pre-booked their events so it would be harder to find the perfect location to accommodate a large crowd.

Remember to do an ocular inspection of the venue and know the different rules and regulations from the venue’s officials. Secure the permits and reservations to have time for other important matters like the catering, design, and the party’s programme.

Having a venue for sports, recreation, or any social gathering is the top priority when it comes to planning events so make sure that it will be successful and memorable for everyone participating. With these two venues from DMCI Homes, your party will surely be a blast!