Memorable events deserve a good event venue. Not only does it provide a good ambiance for your guests, it makes your event extra special by being the best host for your various activities—whether it’s the dance floor for your wedding, a simple photoshoot for your fashion collection, or a place to gather your friends for your reunion—nothing beats the fulfillment and joy from a celebration experience that will truly last you a lifetime.

A great venue for rent for your special occasions is the Casa Real in Acacia Estates, Taguig City. This venue boasts its colonial architectural design that will leave each person in awe of the Filipino, American, Chinese, and Spanish fusion of styles. Casa Real was patterned from the old Tuason Residence on Sociego Street in Sampaloc, Manila, which used to be a popular shooting location for Filipino horror movies. Now, the old Tuason Residence is rebuilt as Casa Real, still keeping intact its 1930s nostalgic feel, located at the commercial area of DMCI Homes’ Acacia Estates.

If you’re thinking of holding an event at Casa Real, now is the perfect time to book your special day. To give you ideas, here are some special events that were held at the Casa Real events hall which were made extra special and truly memorable by the said venue:

Omi & Coco’s Engagement Pictorial

casa real 1

Photos courtesy of Jervy Santiago

Love was indeed highlighted in this couple’s photoshoot at Casa Real. The venue was perfect in providing them a vintage background, while maintaining their modern looks as a couple. Truly, for Omi and Coco, love can cross any era and can survive the test of time.

Kevin & Cherry’s Ever After Wedding

casa real 2

Photo courtesy of Kevin and Cherry’s Wedding Blog, Happily Ever After

Weddings are certainly most welcome at Casa Real. Kevin & Cherry’s wedding were made extra special by the presence of their close friends and family present at the venue. In fact, the couple was so delighted with the venue that they posted in their wedding blog that the reason why they chose it is because of “its Spanish Colonial feel to it. More pro reasons why we should book this is – it’s air-conditioned and covered, so there will be no worries about the weather changing.” They also pointed out that it’s cheaper and the location is convenient from where they live. Since they were happy about the venue, they even shared more of their wedding ceremony photos held in Casa Real in their blog post .

Glamor Of Wedding Gowns

casa real 3

Photo courtesy of Casa Real, Acacia Estates

A special photoshoot that showcased different wedding gown designs were also made possible with the help of Casa Real as its photoshoot location. The architectural designs added a touch of glamor to the gowns that truly blended to create a remarkable wedding gown photoshoot. The backdrop that Casa Real provides can indeed highlight not just wedding gowns, but also different pieces of fashion clothing.

Patrick & Kath’s Celebrates Their Lives’ Next Chapter

casa real 4

Photo Screencap from Joaquin Ambata Films, Vimeo

One of the memorable wedding celebrations held at Casa Real, Patrick and Kath’s guests were treated to non-stop fun as the couple danced the night away with their entourage and guests. Casa Real’s dance floor was totally filled with people sharing the joy of the couple’s wedding. The hall’s size was enough for their friends and family to dine and enjoy the special moment with them throughout the wedding reception’s program.

Ronald & Gretchen’s Modern Love

casa real 5

Photos courtesy of Casa Real Facebook

Casa Real is also a popular destination for soon-to-be married couples’ photoshoots. This is because of the entire place’s architecture, location, and accessibility.

Dressed in their best modern outfits, Ronald and Gretchen were able to have the best locations at Casa Real for their pre-nuptial photoshoot. They posed at the top of Casa Real with a view of Acacia Estates, as well as in its billiards hall, and the couple even had a toast at the Casa’s veranda. Their photoshoot clearly defined that the historical architecture of Casa Real can match the modern times.

John & Kat’s Lifetime Dance Of Love

casa real 5

Photo Screencap from BongVideos Production, Vimeo

Casa Real once again served as the perfect location for a pre-nuptial video shoot. And this time, it’s not just an ordinary shoot, as John and Kat danced gracefully and full of love through Casa Real’s events hall. The hall and the entire building matched every step that the couple did in their pre-nup video.

Jam Sessions At Casa Real

casa real 7

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes Leasing

If you’re a music lover looking for an events place with good food and good music to celebrate fun times or maybe just to chill out after a tiring day, you’d better be on the lookout for Casa Real’s Jam Sessions. On certain occasions, they do have an open mic night; perfect for those who want to sing their hearts out. Last Valentine’s Day, they had a special banquet and jazz music dedicated for couples on their special day.

Singing Contest Takes Center Stage

casa real 8

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

DMCI Homes also had Casa Real as the grand finals venue for its singing contest entitled, “DMCI Homes’ Little Star” last October 2013. One of the grand finalists, Angela Justine Dela Cruz from Mayfield Park Residences, gave a heartwarming rendition of “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” and won the championship title. This shows the flexibility of the venue to host different kinds of events.

These special events held at Casa Real were indeed memorable and will be cherished by every person who took part in these celebrations. If you’d like to hold your event at Casa Real events hall, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you that unforgettable event that you’ve always dreamed of.