“A breath of fresh air.”

This is how Lara, 28, described DMCI Homes’ One Castilla Place condominium community in Barangay Valencia, Quezon City where her family is renting a two-bedroom unit.

“I love how open the space is. We were so used with claustrophobic condominiums that when we saw this, it was really a breath of fresh air,” Lara, an online business entrepreneur, said.

Used to seeing cramp apartments and condominiums, Lara and her family were immediately smitten by the single-tower resort-inspired community nestled near the boundary of San Juan and Quezon City when they were looking for a new space to rent in the metro.

“The ratio of the amenities area with the actual living area is amazing. Every space has been given much thought and consideration especially the roof deck and the playground. The roof deck is such a perfect place to relax with family and friends,” she enthused.

Lara said they have been planning to invest on their own condominium property but wanted to experience vertical living first before committing to buy a unit. “We used to live in an apartment in Manila. We wanted to test the condo living experience before actually committing to buying a unit.”

Thankfully for Lara and her family, they were able to find a unit that best fit their needs with the help of DMCI Homes Leasing Services (DHLS).

DHLS offers leasing services of DMCI Homes’ residential properties in Metro Manila, Baguio City and Davao City. This dedicated group provides flexible and customized terms fit for every homeseeker’s requirements –whether furnished, semi-furnished, or bare units that can be leased for six months or longer terms.

With its own website, https://leasing.dmcihomes.com/, DHLS makes it easier for condominium owners interested to lease out their units and provide renters an online platform where tenants can find their property for consideration.

“We found the property on Facebook and we were assisted by a leasing agent. It was a pleasing experience. We were assisted all the way up until our moving day. I think we closed the deal within two to three weeks,” said Lara as she gave her two thumbs up on her condo-hunting experience with DHLS.

After staying in One Castilla Place for three years now, Lara is all the more convinced that she has found the right property and developer for a pleasurable condominium living experience.

“Having a shopping mall, grocery store, and wet market a few kilometers away really made living here convenient. And since One Castilla Place is equipped with round-the-clock security personnel, as well as CCTVs, we felt safe and at ease with potentially living here when we were still on the hunt for condominiums,” Lara said.

“Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing indoor and outdoor lobby that will welcome you every time you come home, this really convinced us to actually try and live here,” she continued.

Moreover, since DMCI Homes’ projects are developed with end-users in mind, lessees will certainly enjoy spacious units that suit a family’s wants and needs—a feature that Lara and her family relish.

“DMCI Homes is kid-friendly and it lives up to its name—home-y. Of all the properties that we scoured, DMCI Homes is the only one where we feel like you can actually put down your family root and settle down,” she beamed.

One Castilla Place Lap Pool

Lara says renters will surely enjoy One Castilla Place’s spacious units and open spaces that are unlike the cramped condominiums in the metro.

One Castilla Place

Lara and her family have been staying in One Castilla Place for three years now.

One Castilla Place

“I love how open the space is. We were so used with claustrophobic condominiums that when we saw this, it was really a breath of fresh air,” Lara says of One Castilla Place.

One Castilla Place Atrium

Adding to One Castilla Place’s homey vibe are the single-loaded hallways and landscaped atriums.