Whether you are doing it as a profession or for your own corporate or family event, managing an event is a tough yet highly rewarding experience. Now that you have booked Casa Real for your event, it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the preparations. The following steps will help you stay on top of things and become an effective event manager.

Set everything up

Guide to Event Casa Real Set Everything Up

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Just because you have picked the ideal events place for rent does not mean you can rest on your laurels. Be the first to arrive at the site, so you can oversee the preparations. Casa Real’s beautiful interiors offer a great backdrop to the decors the crew will set up. Get them to the right direction so that they stick to the event’s theme without going overboard. You would want to retain the venue’s primary appeal—its understated elegance.

Come up with a checklist for a panic-free preparation. Divide the tasks into categories and designate each for your own crew, the hired crew, decorations and setup, and equipment and technical stuff. You know it’s time to sit back and relax when everything on your list has been ticked off.


Guide to Event at Casa Real Delegate

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Do not hesitate to delegate. One of your limited resources when running an event is time. The only way you can stretch it is to bring more hands on deck. Also, maximize each person’s time by assigning tasks that best fit one’s skills and interests.

No need to worry too much about being bossy or overstepping boundaries. Just be respectful yet firm when delegating tasks. Let everyone understand the key goals so that they will feel just as invested. The last thing you need to deal with are tasks left undone. So constantly check if things are getting done. You are essentially the leader of your event and should act like one.

Be flexible

Guide to Event at Casa Real Be Flexible

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Things will not always go as planned, so be flexible. While you must ensure everything is kept to the schedule, be ready with backup plans should things fall behind.

Expect setbacks and be okay with them. If you let them get to you, there’s a chance you will lose control of the situation. You would not want them to ruin the whole event. If, say, one of your speakers go overtime by 10 minutes and he continues to ignore your stop signals, relax and start thinking of the items on your program you can shorten.

Things happen, and there is no way to predict and control everything. You can stay on top of things if you accept this fact. Calm and collected event managers are always the effective ones. Relax, go with the flow, and everything will be just fine.

Keep everyone updated

Guide to Event Casa Real Keep Everyone Updated

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Not everyone you invited is going to show up. Keep checking for the actual headcount, so you can prepare accordingly. Inform the service team as soon as you notice any changes.

You should be the first to notice if anything does not go as expected. Keep your eyes open. Check if your guests are excited, worried, bored, or distressed by anything. Be ready to help and offer kind words. Take proactive efforts to keep the team and the guests energized and enthusiastic.

Do your thing

Guide to Event Casa Real Do Your Thing

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Now that you have given the crew a good base to work on, be willing to let go of the reins. Respect and trust your team to do their job right. Offer help if needed, but trust that they are smart enough to know what to do.

Act as a receptionist or concierge at the beginning, greeting and assisting arriving guests. Let the MC take the lead once the program has started. You will then have to focus on managing the event, ensuring all the backend work gets done, such as the food preparation and technical operations. Remember to wear your problem-solving hat, as setbacks are bound to happen.

Make sure the MC is always aware of your presence and is attentive to your signals, so you can instruct him when there’s a change of plan.

Keep a respectful distance from key people, but be easily accessible should they have any issue. Check at appropriate moments how things are going and if there are any problems or suggestions and requests.

Be mindful of the event’s purpose

Guide Casa Real Be Mindful to Event

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Make sure the event serves its purpose. If you are hosting someone’s debut party, the young lady should feel special. If it is a fundraiser you are running, everyone should be involved and inspired so that they would want to contribute more. If it is a wedding reception, guests should feel the love and the couple should take the center stage. If you are running a marketing event, give away souvenirs that capture the essence and message of the event.

Give yourself a pat on the back

Event Casa Real Give Yourself a Pat on Back

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Events appear to run themselves once they have started, and people rarely realize the hard work behind the preparations. So give yourself a pat on the back—you deserve it after all your back-breaking efforts.

But the job is not over yet!After the event, arrange a meeting with the key people. If you hosted the event for a client, take the time to speak with them and offer a token of gratitude. It is the small gestures that leave a lasting mark. This may even encourage them to recommend your services to others. There is nothing like word of mouth to boost marketing for your services.

If you are involved in the event for personal reasons, meet with the people who helped make the event successful. Never fail to give credit where it’s due. Show your gratitude by giving them simple tokens and a pat on the back for a job well done.

While the memories are still fresh, list down all the problems you encountered during the event, so you can learn from them and improve when you manage your future events at DMCI properties. Above all, always keep them meaningful!