Life's a journey filled with milestones to celebrate, and every celebration takes careful planning. One important question is where the party should be held.

Traditionally, Filipinos would gather in their houses, but that isn’t always ideal. Most houses aren’t appropriate for corporate functions and some parties are simply too big for a typical Filipino house. Some milestones are so much more significant than others that only the best high-rise event venues for rent would be a suitable setting.

Aside from special occasions, summer is also a time together with family and friends. Next to Christmas, this season is not complete without big and small parties involving good food, overflowing drinks, lots of catch up sessions, videoke battles, and more. Truth be told though, getting out of Manila can sometimes mean losing an arm and a leg, thanks to the morbid traffic during weekends be it down south or all the way up north. So, a good number of Manila homeowners would rather spend their long weekends and breaks in the city as they find spots that give off a vibe of relaxation, bliss and enjoyment.

If you are designated to be an organizer of one of the awesomest parties this year, thankfully, this article will help you find the perfect party venue for every occasion!

January: Zumba Party at The Tent

January is the month to showcase the brand new you, inside and out. To get your body moving and shed off the holiday weight, you may want to organize a Zumba party at one of the hippest Manila party venues. The Tent at Taguig is a rental venue that can accommodate anywhere from 300 to 1,000 people in its air-conditioned and spacious halls. You can choose to rent out a single hall or the whole place that measures nearly 2,000 square meters. You can definitely groove to your heart’s content without thinking if your elbow is getting in the way of another dancer’s face.

We know that one awesome Zumba party is not enough to achieve your new body goals so you can consider leasing The Tent for short term or long term leases.

Short term leases are usually around three months or less. Security deposit is usually waived for short-term stay. Meanwhile, long term leases last around six months or more. Often, security deposit is required and the amount will depend on the landlord or management, which is open to negotiation. When talking to the management you may confirm if the rental price includes the administration fees and utilities.

February: Valentine party at the top of the Cypress Tower

If you want to know how Coldplay’s “sky full of stars” actually feels, organize an intimate Valentine party at the Sky Lounge of the Cypress Towers in Taguig. While everyone is booking hotels and restaurants, you and your single and couple friends can hang out literally below them. Cocktails, soft music, and lots of fun stories are all you need to enjoy the most romantic night of the year amid a relaxing and cozy lounge. The stunning skyline will surely take your breath away, just like how you feel when you are with the love of your life.

March: Say Aloha to new beginnings at Ohana Place

March is a time to say hello to summer fun! Often, this is also the time when students say goodbye to high school or college friends and say hello to a new world of opportunities. If you want to celebrate time together with your family and friends, you can find the perfect venue in Las Piñas. Named after the Hawaiian word meaning family, Ohana Place Residences is a modern Polynesian community that has an open luau pavilion. Host a feel-good Hawaiian party that your friends will surely never forget. Don’t forget the chill out Hawaiian music that you can all dance to.

Aside from a Hawaiian party for your friends, if your birthday or anyone you know falls in March, you may also consider having an Asian-inspired birthday party. Whether you’re celebrating independence and sending an ode to your Big 30, or cheering on your kid’s first birthday, a Balinese-inspired party is always a good option.

Hosting an Asian-inspired party is a step closer to a much deserved Asian trip. If you have already gone to these places, you can even use the souvenirs you brought home as accents or conversation pieces for the party’s setup.

April: Summer Olympics at Acacia Football Field

Football fieldPhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

You might be thinking of another pool or barbecue party this summer. While that’s all fun and good, it’s also not bad to think outside the pool and picnic areas. Add in your list of venues for rent in Manila the expansive football field at the Acacia Estates in Taguig. You can organize a mini-Olympics for kids and adults. Be creative and utilize used tires and sacks for a fun-filled day. It is also perfect for family reunions and gatherings.

Aside from fun and games, the summer season may also be the perfect time to have a rustic-Filipino inspired summer wedding in the city. Finding a romantic place to tie the knot may be challenging for some but at Casa Real located inside Acacia Estate is the perfect venue. This old-meets-modern events venue can welcome some 70 to 130 guests who don’t mind revisiting the Philippines in the 1930’s era.

Rustic Filipino weddings are gaining traction especially among couples who are balikbayans or those who found love in a foreign country. There’s an unexplainable ripple of joy and sheer excitement on the thought of having DIY projects that involve old wood, kalesa wheels, sinamay, abaca, and paper drenched in barako coffee. Even when it comes to weddings, the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” slogan is very much applicable.

May: Chill out karaoke party at Heliconia Function Room

Any time is a good time to have a karaoke party. One of the most affordable function rooms for rent in Manila is the Heliconia function room at the Tivoli Gardens in Mandaluyong City, where you can have an epic karaoke night. This function room is expansive and fully air-conditioned. And the best thing is it has a bar that goes perfectly with belt-out tunes.

Apart from a karaoke party, you can also host a summer movie night at the roof deck in May with your batchmates, friends, and family at Tivoli Gardens’ Iris Observatory located 42 floors above the condo. The venue can conveniently hold 30 persons, so make sure that you have ample spots to sit on. The movie to be viewed can be the theme of the party. Having a tough time picking out a movie? Then, dig the movies you and your batch mates loved back then. Never mind if the hairstyle and wardrobe feel traumatic or painful. Blame it on being one of the cool kids mentality. Blame it on adolescence that makes you do things you can’t imagine doing, but you did anyway. This venue allows you to stargaze and view the metro’s lovely night lights in between movie breaks. Did we mention that the place has floor-to-ceiling glass panels too? Now, that’s definitely a grown up party coming at you.

June: Throwback wedding at Casa Real

Casa Real imagePhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

For people who value history, elegance, and style, Casa Real is the ultimate wedding venue. Located at Acacia Estates in Taguig, this charming events place is patterned after the iconic Tuason residence in Sampaloc Manila. It showcases a fusion of Filipino, American, Spanish, and Chinese architecture. For weddings with themes ranging from Filipino and rustic to old glam and sweet elegance, Casa Real is a perfect fit.

July: Outdoor movie night at La Verti Sky Park

Bean bags + movies + popcorn + friends = the best movie night ever. Bring out a projector and arrange an outdoor movie night atop the Sky Park at La Verti Residences in Pasay City. If you are reuniting with high school or college friends, it is best to have a movie marathon, regardless of how corny and funny those movies seem now. They will remind you of how far you’ve all come or how much you’ve changed.

August: Glamping under the skies at Iris Observatory

skies at Iris ObservatoryPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

You’ve probably been hearing about “glamping” for some time now. Well, it is simply camping with glam. And it is one of the activities you can do under the August skies. Put up some tents and arrange comfy pillows and bean bags. You can also have a DIY s’mores bar for a centerpiece. Organize your party under the skies at the Iris Observatory of the Tivoli Residences in Mandaluyong for added glam. The roof deck is landscaped and you can also take turns with binoculars or telescopes to get a view of the skies and cityscape.

September: Arabian nights at East Raya Gardens

nights at East Raya GardensPhoto courtesy of cocoparisienne via Pixabay

If you dream of a vibrant party full of color and intricate details, have an Arabian Nights-themed party. One of the most affordable party venues in Manila to hold such events is East Raya Gardens. The Balinese open-air gazebo is vast enough for the details that you want. Lay down a bold and printed carpet in the middle and set up lounge sofas and throw pillows on the floor. Instead of regular chairs, have ottomans and low tables. Don’t forget the drapes, lighting, and music.

October: All-day breakfast at the Flair’s Sky Lounge

flair-towers-Sky LoungePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Breakfast places are among the prettiest diners you’ll come across. They are colorful, fun, and full of sunshine. Arrange a breakfast date with your close girlfriends at the Sky Lounge in Flair Towers, Mandaluyong. The space feels light and airy. Have coffee and cereals, or prepare fruits in glasses or sticks, and serve jars of fresh juices and pancakes. You may even ask your guest to come in pajamas.

November: All-white Halloween at The Tent

haloween ghost costumePhoto courtesy of AdinaVoicu via Pixabay

Go all-white in your next Halloween extravaganza. Book a hall at The Tent to have more freedom in designing your space. Serve food in white platters, shock with white budget-friendly decors, and have your guests come in all-white attires. No bloody red, black spookiness or Halloween orange in sight, but chilling and ghostly just the same. Plus, it is totally stylish.

December: Party like Gatsby at Casa Real

cocktails-drinks-wedding-cateredPhoto courtesy of landersb via Pixabay

What better way to end the year than a Gatsby-inspired party? Christmas parties are a good reason (or excuse) to get dressed to the nines. And who doesn’t like to look all glamorous while sipping retro cocktails? Another Christmas party venue you can try is at Casa Real, which effortlessly takes you back in time. It is stylish on its own. And at night with all the lights, it looks every bit of a party venue that would get Gatsby’s approval—full of glam and full of sparkle.

Other rental venues for your special occasions

Apart from event halls and grounds on DMCI condos, clubhouses never go out of style in providing you the best venue for your events. Aside from its accessibility in a condominium complex, guests will never have a hard time locating your venue since these are usually found at the central location of the complex. Some clubhouses also give you additional amenities, such as free WiFi, game area, lounge, audio-visual rooms, and other function halls. These are perfect for after-party activities, especially if your guests want to enjoy a swim at the pool.

Key takeaways

Finding the perfect venue to host an amazing event for your family and friends is now easy thanks to DMCI’s well thought out events venue in their condominium projects. So don’t stress yourself when planning for your special events because DMCI has got you covered.

Here are some things to remember whens selecting and reserving for a venue:

  • Choose a venue that is in line with the event you are hosting, including the type of event and the number of guests you plan on attending. Do an ocular inspection of the venue to see if they fit your needs and wants.
  • Secure the necessary permits and reservations from the venue’s officials so you can have more time allotted for other important preparations. Do check the schedule and availability of the venue and secure your preferred date if it’s available.
  • Be informed also of the house rules and regulations that are applicable to your venue of choice since safety is a top priority for you and your guests.


What are you waiting for? Book the venue of your choice now. Visit the DMCI Homes Leasing today. To learn about updates on DMCI Leasing’s for-rent condos, visit our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.