The ber months are here. Your schedule is likely already filled with all sorts of events. You are even a member in the planning committees and have been on the lookout for a great Christmas party venue for rent. The fun has already started, and for a true-blooded social butterfly, you look forward to more upcoming parties.

Grand wedding at the Casa Real

Ber Months Venue Grand Wedding Casa Real

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You find yourself in a wedding reception cut out of a fairytale. Clad in an elegant gown, you walk up the grand stairs of an edifice that reminds you of the old Tuason residence, your favorite spectacle along Sociego Street in Manila. With the combined elements from Spanish, American, Chinese, and Filipino influences, Casa Real’s facade bespeaks an era that was at once opulent and subdued. You walk into interiors that is the very epitome of understated elegance, beautiful without the unnecessary flamboyance. A well-dressed chaperone escorts you to your designated table. You take your seat and marvel at the grandeur of it all. You take account of everything, down to the marvelous details — the delicate china, precious silverware, and fine drapery. You set your eyes on the bride, breathtakingly beautiful in her Swarovski-studded dress and blushed from the overwhelming flood of emotions. Then you remember with tenderness how you were once in her place.

Magical debut celebration at the Iris Observatory

Event Venues Ber Months Magical Debut

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It is the debut of your friend’s daughter. You are, of course, invited as you and the mom have been BFFs since you were kids. As a matter of fact, you were in each other’s debut. You are sure the party is going to be impressive. You spoke much about your own eighteenth birthdays with your bestie when you were younger, so you know she appreciates the significance of the event. One of the major milestones of a woman’s life, the debut is a coming-of-age celebration that signifies a girl’s entry into adulthood. The young lady is now to be treated as a “dalaga,” and may already be allowed to entertain men who would like to court her. The celebration inculcates in the girl a sense of her worth and endeavors to fortify her for challenging times ahead. Parents who understand this give their best to organize a worthy event.

Your friend chose to hold the grand celebration at the Iris Observatory perched atop the Tivoli Garden Residences. The setting is magical, with the roof deck bringing you closer to the night sky and twinkling stars. Driven by the urge to get even closer to the bedazzled sky, you grab one of the telescopes at the observation deck and have a mystical time stargazing. You later approach the debutante who stands daintily under the soft glow of the moon, bathing in the beauty of her youthful glow. You hug her warmly and offer some words of wisdom, wisdom that has been earned through years of both rewarding and challenging times. You look at her with a mixture of tenderness and concern, for she faces tough times ahead — as any real adult would know.

Birthday party at the Sagada Hall

Ber Months Events Birthday Party

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Just a few weeks after the debut celebration, your bestie invites you to yet another party. This time it is her own. As most adults, she does not require too much pomp for her birthday celebrations. But she puts some thought to it all the same, and comes up with an event oozing with class.

She holds a cocktail party at the Sagada Hall of Oakridge Residences, and has invited only friends from your inner circle. The function room has stately interiors and is perfect for your squad, a group of practical adults who are preoccupied with the more serious affairs of life. You gather around a huge wooden table and enjoy lively banter over hors d'oeuvres and cocktail drinks.

Family reunion at The Tent

Ber Months Family Reunion at the Tent

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You steel yourself for yet another big event coming on the horizon: your family reunion. It is always held in the holiday season as many members of the clan are back in the country to spend Christmas with their loved ones. You are part of the planning committee and has personally chosen The Tent for your event venue. Located in Acacia Estates, the place can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. It is a great place to hold big parties and events, and has hosted bazaars and zumba classes. You love that you could set up the place whichever way you want, and you intend to have a stage built and photo booths, a mobile bar, and buffet tables brought in.

Business conference at the Banawe Hall

Ber Months Business Conference at Banawe Hall

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Yet another event that will be keeping you busy in the holiday season is a scheduled conference with the members of your business club. Many of your peers come from all over the world, and you rarely find yourselves in one room. You are preparing for a keynote presentation that you will be delivering at the event, where you are tasked to discuss the latest trends in your industry. Slated to be held at the Banawe Hall in the Outlook Ridge Residences, you are anticipating a wine-and-cheese kind of event. You have been to the venue before and are familiar with its set-up. The projector and a series of long tables placed one after the other is just the arrangement you need for your presentation.

High school reunion at the Bontoc Hall

Ber Month High School Reunion at Bontoc Hall

Photo courtesy of DMCI Leasing

Coincidentally, your high school reunion will also be held in the same building, although not on the same day. The planning committee has chosen the Bontoc Hall, which is not all that different from the Banawe Hall. It has the same corporate feel to it, but with smaller, square tables, making it a great venue for people in their prime years coming together to have a good time. The boisterous bunch have now grown into adults navigating the professional and corporate world. You expect to have a great time.

Company Christmas party at the Heliconia Function Room

Ber Months Company Christmas Party Heliconia

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Your own company has scheduled its Christmas party at the Heliconia Function Room in Tivoli Garden Residences, a wise move considering this is one of the most affordable event venues in Manila. As usual, you expect karaoke and a lot of booze. You have never missed any of the company’s Christmas parties, as they always prove to be fun, not to mention the presents are always generously handed out.

The holiday season is your favorite, and you have become a bit of an expert in finding just the right venue for rent for practically any event. Keep having fun!