Social events are great for everyone. Aside from getting you out of your home or zapping out boredom, these events bring people together to create bonds, celebrate milestones, or simply to have fun. But let’s face it: event planning can be a pain to execute because of considerations like choosing the best event venue. And even if you are only attending, images of far-off, crowded, and uncomfortable places can easily crush the benefits of going to the event. These can make you think in exasperation, “Why are great event venues so hard to pin down?”

Well, there’s no need to look any further. Strategically located right smack in the heart of Metro Manila is The Tent at Acacia Estates in Taguig. Marrying the beauty of the outdoors with air-conditioned convenience, The Tent can comfortably accommodate up to 600 people. Whether you need a wedding location, a bazaar spot, or a sports venue in Taguig, bring your events place ideas to life with this commercial leasing gem in one of the best cities in the metro. Here are 7 ways you can enjoy The Tent at Acacia Estates.

Be There When The Action Happens

may-pac viewing party

The Tent, Acacia Estates, DMCI Homes

Because of the ample space that it provides, The Tent makes an awesome sports center. Take part in Zumba sessions where you won’t have to worry about hitting someone in the face when you start getting into the groove. Sweat out for an hour or more by playing basketball or badminton with your family, friends, and co-workers.

If you don’t want to miss historic sport events, The Tent is a terrific place for live streaming blood-pumping action. For instance, The Tent became witness to a community of Filipinos who eagerly supported the People’s Champ at the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight viewing party held there.

Shop Till You Drop

Are you a true-blue fashionista? Are you on the lookout for unbelievably incredible deals? Or are you an entrepreneur with amazing merchandise to sell? Then make the beeline for The Tent as soon as you read about the most happening bazaars and garage sales in the venue.

More than just a shopping haven, The Tent becomes a place where big brands, up-and-coming labels, and savvy consumers make up a happy and bustling environment. What’s more, The Tent is located right in Taguig, which is also one of the busiest cities in this country. With that, start flexing those muscles (and save up!) so you’ll have all the energy that you need for these events.

Believe In Forever

save the date at the tent

Photo Courtesy of artisticfilms via Pixabay

Make your wedding dreams a reality and avoid turning into a Bridezilla while you’re at it. If you’re planning a romantic and rustic wedding, but without having to travel far away, then The Tent is the perfect match for you and your significant other.

Enjoy the outdoors but without the risk of the weather raining on your parade, err, on your wedding. Most importantly, with The Tent’s huge space and convenient location, you can invite all your family and friends to witness this special event in your lives.

Save the date and reserve the place. With the wedding venue ticked off your checklist, you can now focus on equally important decisions like what shoes to match your gown or what music you’d like to play.

No More Living Under The Rock, Just Rocking It Out Under The Tent

Got a fear of missing out? Or do lame event venues make you want to stay holed up within the four walls of your home? If you answered yes to any, then The Tent is the best place to be.

Come and have the time of your life with the smorgasbord of exciting events that happen here. Meet different people who share the same interests as yours. Make new friends. Start interesting conversations and build connections. Who knew that such a place could unleash a whole world of possibilities? Now, no more living under the rock and getting left behind. Go there under The Tent and be in the know.

Give Your Loved Ones The VIP Treatment

give the spotlight to your pets

Photo Courtesy of wernerdetjen via Pixabay

What could be more exciting and heart-warming than giving your loved ones what they deserve in a grand event venue? Let the world know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. Take advantage of the events by DMCI Homes so you can celebrate in style.

For instance, during the last Christmas season, families got to bond differently in their very own fashion show. Not to be left behind, pet dogs also got to have the spotlight for themselves. Also, family members who are home after some time in another country, “balik bayans” as they are fondly called in the Philippines, were given a warm homecoming. Also worth mentioning is the day when hardworking house help or “kasambahays” were not only given gifts, but also a free back massage and haircut.

Take Your Corporate Events Up A Notch

More than getting good publicity for your company, corporate events are crucial in helping you achieve your business objectives. Because any event that a firm puts up can make or break their image, it cannot be overemphasized how important it is to find the best event venue that you can find.

Seminars, workshops, trainings, CSR programs — whatever your activity is, it is always a good idea to consider The Tent when drafting a shortlist of excellent event venues. It is not only a great place for an exchange of brilliant ideas, it is also near Bonifacio Global City or BGC, one of the country’s top business central districts.

Savor Something Good For The Soul

celebrate life's milestone

The Tent, Acacia Estates, DMCI Homes

For a holistic enjoyment of The Tent, why not go there to find nourishment for your soul? With masses and charity events being held at The Tent, adding meaning to your life is possible despite hectic modern living. In the process, you will also find yourself in a community where everyone looks out for one another.

Celebrating life’s milestones, cherishing bonds, and forming communities through social events do not have to be marred with unpleasant venue issues. Whether you are planning or attending an event, stay updated with events at The Tent as announced on our Facebook and website. Then head over to The Tent at Acacia Estates and see for yourself how the event venue can make the occasion a memorable one.