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Has he asked? And did you say yes?

Okay, so now your mind must be going around with all the preparations. After the proposal, people have basically two questions: when and where? The “where” is especially tricky because of so many things to settle first. Among them is the budget, number of guests, location, and the theme.

Choosing the wedding venue is among the most crucial part of the preparation process. Everything else will basically depend on it --- theme, guest list, programme, parking, traffic, etc. The wedding location sets the tone and modern couples know it. Before a couple picks their “perfect wedding location,” months’ worth of researches, inquiries, and site visits have been invested. The wedding venue must be consistent with the couple’s dream wedding --- how it’s supposed to look and feel. It must reflect their character, their relationship, their dreams and aspirations. All these while being convenient to guests, too. Look no further because Acacia Estates in Taguig City offers perfect venues that are both dreamy and convenient. May it be for the wedding ceremony or reception, pre-nup or engagement session, or popping the question, the place is just perfect. Below are reasons why Acacia Estates is a good place to start your happily ever after.


Nostalgic and Contemporary

Casa Real-DMCI

Casa Real, Acacia Estates, DMCI Homes

Weddings, proposals, and pre-nuptial shoots are about old memories and making new ones. Casa Real events hall in Acacia Estates mixes the old with the new and classic with the modern. The three-storey Casa Real is inspired by the colonial era and patterned after the remarkable old Tuason residence in Manila. The events hall is a tribute to the rich Filipino history and architecture. The features include an ipil staircase, narra doors and window frames, ornamental woodworks, clay roof tiles, and machuca floor tiles. The fusion of Filipino, American, Spanish, and Chinese architecture will make you feel so grand and classic making it a perfect alternative venue for wedding ceremonies and engagement sessions.


"I Do" Under A Tent

Whatever event you have in mind, you can do under a tent. A lot of celebrities married their partners in beautifully designed tents. More recently, there's Michael Jordan and Adam Levine. Tents have a unique appeal --- they are bordering on both romantic and rustic.

No need to set up "the largest wedding tent ever" as did Jordan or fly to Mexico like Levine. No need to set up a tent in beachside and garden destination weddings outside the city or have a tent on standby just in case. Save effort and money by having your own tent wedding at The Tent of the Acacia Estates. The Tent is perfect for those who want an outdoor wedding but do not want the inconveniences of an unpredictable weather. Plus, imagine the fun you and your guests are going to have with such a huge dance floor. Like Casa Real, The Tent is also air conditioned so you are sure that your guests are very comfortable.


Capacity Is Not An Issue

the tent

The Tent, Acacia Estates, DMCI Homes

The guest list is one of the most difficult things to finalize in any wedding and this is something restricted by the wedding venue most of the time. If you can't seem to scratch anyone from your list, choose a wedding venue that does not have too much capacity issues. Casa Real has function halls measuring 250 square meters to 330 square meters. The Tent can fit up to 600 people. You can do everything from ceremony to cocktails to reception. These venues give you enough space that you can transform into your own dreamland.


Location Is Perfect

Casa Real, Acacia Estates, DMCI Homes

Casa Real, Acacia Estates, DMCI Homes

Like all of DMCI Properties, Acacia Estates is strategically located at the heart of the Metropolis. It can easily be accessed via major highways and public transportation. Wedding venue location is important especially if you want all your guests to make it to your big day. Consider distance, travel time, and traffic when booking a venue. As oppose to destination weddings, getting married in the city will make it easier for your guests to come.


Classic, Unique, And Personal

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In your mind, you have a vision of every detail of your wedding. You want it to be yours and yours alone. You want it to be unique and creative and yet classic enough to still appeal to your grandchildren in the future. You want your and your partner's personalities to shine through. That is what's good with event venues at the Acacia Estates --- they are flexible and can cater to every style and to every vision. It can be as romantic or as rustic as you want. It can be very nice and simple or lavish and grand. Whatever vibe you are into, these venues will definitely cater to your preferences. You can have whatever theme you want in these all-around and classic events places.

For more intimate celebrations, the Heliconia Function Hall in Tivoli Gardens in Mandaluyong can accommodate up to 100 persons. Set in the landscaped roof deck of the Heliconia Tower, this function hall will get you closer to the skies on your big day. A wedding in the city with a view of the skyline? Who doesn’t want that?

Also in the modern and resort-inspired Tivoli Gardens is an Observatory atop the Iris Tower. When it comes to romance, sky is the limit in the Observatory. From this perspective, couples can get an unobstructed view of the cityscape at night. There are also telescopes and binoculars if you want to look at the stars. Good luck finding a girl who will not fall in love with a scenery where the skies seem like a breath away. Girls, are you already dreaming of a proposal here? So we thought.


Proposals, engagements, and weddings are just the sweetest. The perfect venue will make these all the more remarkable. Make them extra special and hassle-free by choosing a wedding location that is easily accessible and convenient. There are events places in the city like Casa Real and The Tent that are flexible to all themes and preferences. You can turn them around and make them into your own fantasy land.