2017, please be kind. This has probably become your mantra since the year started, partly because 2016 has been a tough year.

You’ve probably even posted this as a personal status on social media. And yes, we all need new beginnings, and a dash of good luck wouldn’t hurt.

That includes wearing and surrounding yourself with the lucky color. According to the Pantone Color Institute, greenery or green is the color of 2017. This refreshing and revitalizing shade signifies new beginnings, a fresh start, and most prominently represents the “environment.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise that top trends for condo design in 2017 will include green design elements.

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Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

For renters who want to live a “greener” condo living, the Dansalan Gardens is automatically a good place to be at. Its wide open spaces, residential units highlighted with a modern tropical design for comfort will easily become a natural part of your life. You’ll fastly be surrounded with greens for a better year.

Should you want to have a luckier and “greener” condo with DIY design ideas, on the other hand, you can incorporate in your space. You just have to be able to balance all the elements so that the design looks whole.

Here are ideas for green pantone condo decor for renters who want to get lucky this 2017:

Bring in the green outdoors

budget decor green outdoors

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

One of the easiest ways to achieve a greenery pantone design is to bring in eco-friendly design materials like potted plants or start an indoor garden. For condo renters with a balcony, a mini garden can be set up there. Don’t worry about not having a green thumb. You are not expected to come up with a forest, but just a few plants you can take care of. You can even start with those that do not require much maintenance.

You can start with a potted medium-sized shrub in one corner or an herbal garden in jars for the kitchen. This condo for rent design tip is practical because you wouldn’t need to drastically change anything. At the same time, it is also healthy because plants facilitate a healthier flow indoor air.

Paint it green

budget decor paint it green

Photo courtesy of PIX1861 via Pixabay

This might come as too shocking at face value. A green living room? A green dining area? Isn’t that a little too much?

Okay, you don’t have to paint your entire condo green if you’re not sure how that’s going to look. But you can choose an area where you can incorporate this. In the living room for example, the wall where your entertainment system is located can be painted green. In the kitchen, it could be the cabinets. In the bedroom, it could be the wall against the headboard. After all, trendy condo home designs usually has a focal point. And in this case, lucky color green could be it.

Pop of Green

What do you think of a green chaise lounge? How about a strikingly green lamp by the side table? Your choice of “greenery” could be as subtle as a pop of color. May it be just a pop however, it would leave a strong impact when positioned properly. Remember that green in all shades is a trendy condo design this 2017. So if you are thinking of decorating with lucky 2017 green color in it, start with a piece of furniture or design accent that you think would stand out among a sea of other décor.

Spa vibe in a green bathroom

Notice that most spas incorporate nature elements and earthy tones. Understandably so because “green” and “earth” elements symbolize the lushness of the relaxing and rejuvenating outdoors. You can also do this to transform your small condo bathroom into a spa. A green shower curtain, green shampoo bottles, a small potted plant, or a green accent wall can easily turn your unassuming bathroom into a spa. You may also add a nature-inspired scent such as bamboo, jasmine, or lavender.

Happiness in a green bedroom

budget decor green bedroom

Photo courtesy of J4U via Pixabay

For non-traditional bedrooms, green is a good color option. By painting the walls green, you breathe new life into a common looking space. It is a bold and exciting choice, but at the same time, some shades of green can also be “sleepy” colors. Like the effect of purple, it can tire the eyes shut. So if you are looking forward to a restful, good night sleep, you may try green.
If an entire bedroom wall doesn’t sit well with you, you can go for a green Moroccan-inspired headboard. Or you can hang some floor-length green draperies. A green lamp against white bed coverings would also stand out.

Green couch for a vibrant living area

Have you ever envisioned how a green couch would look in your living room? Most condo designs in the Philippines would showcase chic and contemporary furniture pieces in neutral tones. To be fair they look clean, and are indeed timeless. But if you are looking into shaking things up, why not gamble with a green sofa or couch? This could be a simple DIY green condo design for 2017 because you can re-upholster your old couch or tailor fit a green covering. A green couch would easily standout against a white or beige background. It could be a focal point in your “safe” living room. It is definitely a risk worth taking.

Fun with green prints and patterns

Another “green” design element you can incorporate is using prints and patterns. You may add green prints and patterns to fabrics at home such as curtains, floor mats and carpets, throw pillows, table runner, bed sheet, etc. You may also plaster a green-striped paper on the wall or mount artwork featuring green patterns. This is an easy yet impactful way of incorporating the lucky color in your condo design.

Attract good luck and good vibes with this year’s lucky color. If you are decided on incorporating greenery pantone into your home or condo design, make sure that you know exactly what kind of impact you want. Make sure that you know exactly how things are going to look and you know your landlord’s terms before bringing your design to life. Learn how to harmonize your use of the green color with that of other design elements. And for condo renters, do not be afraid to explore non-traditional color choices. After all, it is the new year, be ready to surprise yourself.