Communal living in condos is increasingly becoming popular. This is especially true for college students and young professionals. Condo living offers many conveniences that makes it something to aspire for. But this could easily turn for the worse if you don’t prepare yourself before you live with new people and adapt to their quirks. One of the first things you should do is to be ready with the essentials you will need to keep the place organized, neat, and conducive for a pleasant day-to-day living. Here’s a list of necessities you need to make the most of your new life in a DMCI condo.

Bed sheets and Pillowcases

Bed sheets that are not regularly replaced could easily turn into a breeding ground for bugs and bacteria. So make sure you have enough sheets to make a regular change of covers possible. Keep in mind that when you have roommates, you don’t only have your own hygiene to be concerned about. You’d have other people’s peace of mind to consider. Find out beforehand if you’ll be living with roommates who could easily get frustrated when their surroundings are not spic and span, and adjust accordingly.

Just as you need to replace your bed sheets often, a regular change of pillowcases is also important. So for the sake of your own hygiene and to spare you the rue of your roommates, be ready with an ample supply of pillow cases. Make sure you have enough so you’d still be able to replace your pillowcase regularly even if you get too busy to attend to your dirty laundry.

Be ready with your own personal mug

People like to have their own personal mug. It’s usually customized to match their personality,or handpicked to perfectly suit their preference. The last thing you’d want to do is step in and unwittingly encroach on their “personal space”. Because yes, that is how it will feel like for them.

People can get territorial about their personal stuff. Make sure you respect that and don’t overstep your boundaries. Be ready with your own personal mug. You get to have fun customizing it as well!

Bring your own coffee making device

Conversations over coffee make for great bonding moments. So bring in a nifty coffee making device of your own, and offer to make coffee for everyone. You could go for a drip coffee maker, an espresso machine or a simple French press. Your choice of device doesn’t matter. What matters more is what you do with it. Show your roommates your thoughtful side by asking them how they like their coffee, then go out of your way to prepare just that for them. It will earn you brownie points, and will give you an opportunity to get to know your roommates better.

Get your own WiFi service

In this day and age, WiFi has become a necessity. We need it to keep up with demands at school or work and to keep in touch with your family and friends. You can ask to connect to your roommates’ WiFi, and they’ll probably say yes out of courtesy. But you have to keep in mind that you’ll be taking a chunk off of their bandwidth. This can inconvenience your roommates, and may even lead to unwanted tension. Avoid these altogether by having a service of your own, or at least chip in for a higher bandwidth. Whatever you do, make sure you avoid becoming a freerider.

Keep headphones handy

Some people are fine with noise, others simply can’t stand it. It’s not always easy to gauge your roommates’ preference, so it’s best to keep it safe. Whether you are watching a movie or listening to music, use headphones. Keep the volume low is not enough if you are dealing with a roommate who is sensitive to noise. Having a headphone will also help you have your alone time even when there are other people around. It’s a polite way to let them know you’d rather keep to yourself at the moment.

Stay modest with a dressing gown

Not all people are comfortable with nakedness. So even if you don’t mind walking around your home naked, avoid it all the same. You don’t want to make your housemates uncomfortable. Be ready with a dressing gown for those times you’ll have to walk from the bathroom to your bedroom. As much as possible, aim for modesty. You can’t be too careful when you’re around people you barely know.

Keep a nightstand for your evening knick knacks

A nightstand should be one of the first things you purchase. You’d want to avoid having to get up from bed to turn off the light. Plus, having a bedside table to hold stuff like books, an alarm clock, your phone, a lamp and a drink is essential if you wish to stay comfortable and organized. You and your roommates should agree to have one for each of you. Nightstands don’t have to be a big-ticket purchase. Simply go for the cheaper ones. Or get inventive and buy organizers/holders that you could turn into some sort of a makeshift table.

Make sure you have a holder for your clothes

You don’t have to invest in a huge, wooden cabinet if this does not seem practical. But you do need to buy something that will hold your clothes, whether it is a dresser, a hanging shelf, or a wooden armoire. You need something to keep your clothes organized, as they could easily be the number one source of clutter. And this could just as easily lead to unwanted friction between you and your roommates.

Keep your dirty laundry sorted with basket

This will also help you keep your clothes organized. Opt for a laundry basket that will make moving your clothes easy should you need to do your laundry.

Keep the place trash-free with garbage bins

Here’s yet another item you need if you wish to keep your place tidy. Make sure you have one in every room, so you could easily toss in the trash when you need to. Having to go to another room to get rid of bits of garbage is a surefire way to forget about it and inadvertently leave a mess. This will have you unnecessarily accumulating trash. You’d also want tiny bins on your drawer and your nightstand, so you won’t have to stand up to throw your trash.

Be ready with an armory of cleaning supplies

Before moving into a place together, you and your roommates should learn as much as you can about each other in terms of what each one of you considers clean. Some can be very pedantic, so make sure you are all on the same page and willing to adjust. On this note, you should have your cleaning supplies ready beforehand. Your shopping list should include a duster, brush, toilet bowl cleaner, sponge or scrub brush, cleaners, paper towels, bucket, mop, and broom.

Prepare towels for the home

Beyond just your own personal towels, you should also have pieces that are meant for your home. Be ready with hand towels, cleaning cloths, washcloths, and kitchen towels. Keeping things dry will help you stay hygienic and avoid molds and bacteria.

Get the kitchen supplies you’ll need

The amount and type of kitchen supplies you will need to buy will depend on the level of involvement you and your roommates plan to have in the kitchen. Do you love to cook? Will you be baking stuff? If you or your roommates’ answer to these questions is a yes, then you will need to have the following supplies: skillet, saucepan/stockpot, mixing bowls, oven mitts, baking dishes, cutting boards, and measuring cups and spoons. If, however, you and your roommates are the type who would rather have takeouts than get busy in the kitchen, then the basics will do just fine. You can simply prepare with plates, knives, utensils, a kettle, and some glasses.

Make sure you never run out of coffee

If you and your roommates are like most people, you’d need coffee to function well. Make sure you are ready with an ample supply of coffee, so you can have your pick-me-up without having to leave home. You’ll want to be up and running as soon as you’re out of bed. Making sure you never run out of coffee will help ensure this. Plus, you want to spare your roommates the cranky person that you are when you are coffee-deprived.

Moving in with new roommates can present some challenges, especially if you will be in a studio unit where practically everything is shared. But you can avoid any possible friction with the right mindset, tools and supplies .. and if you remember to drink your coffee to keep the edge off. Enjoy your condo living!