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A starting family needs to have a great place to call home. After all, home is where growth and success for every family member are honed. So it should be something comfortable, affordable, and with all the best features for harmonious family life.

So if you are looking for a condo for rent in Pasig, Allegra Garden Residences can be the best place for you. There are lots of premium condo properties in Pasig, but what makes these residences different is that they provide top-notch property features that can cater to you and your family’s changing and growing needs over the years.

Curious to know more reasons why Allegra Garden Residences is one of the best Pasig condominiums out there? Read on to find out more about this excellent property.

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Why Allegra Garden Residences is the best condo for rent in Pasig

Pasig City is a great hub of workspaces, schools, medical centers, shopping malls, and other important establishments that suit every family member’s lifestyle. To live in a home close to all these significant infrastructures to your family is definitely one of the perks of living in Allegra Garden Residences.

In fact, it is such a great option for starting families like yours that the increasing demands resulted in the launch of Allegra Garden Place’s second building.

So what makes Allegra Garden Residences an inviting home for growing families? Here are the reasons why you should pick this DMCI Homes Leasing property today.

1. Fresh air

In the hustle and bustle of Pasig City, any family member would want a breath of fresh air after a long and tiring day. This is one of the best things about DMCI Homes Leasing properties like Allegra Garden Residences.

This mother nature-approved property not only gives you relaxing vibes through its lush and green surroundings but also healthy, fresh air. Now that’s what makes a great condo for rent in Pasig.

2. 24/7 security

Safety for all of your family members is definitely one of your top priorities. And one of the benefits of leasing with DMCI Homes is you get 24/7 security.

Highly-trained security personnel is roaming around the area, and advanced security systems like CCTV cameras are also placed on the entire community. So for sure, your family can rest assured that you are safe within your residence.

3. Fit-for-purpose living spaces (unit availability 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, studio)

One of the most vital aspects to look into for Pasig condominiums is the variety of available living spaces so that you have lots of options to choose from.

Of course, the spaces of the units will also be affected by the number of family members that you have. With Allegra Garden Residences, you have different options from studio units to 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units.

4. Sky lounge and landscaped gardens

Aside from its superior location, Allegra Garden Residences’ amenities also makes it a top investment option. The sky lounge and picturesque gardens are truly a resort-inspired style that makes living at home like a mini vacation everyday. In addition, the beautiful Morrocan-theme architecture also adds a sense of intimacy and relaxation to the surroundings.

5. Game room and entertainment room

Whether you have kids or not, you’ll definitely look for entertainment every now and then. One of the condo living tips on a budget is to use the fun game and entertainment rooms of Allegra Garden Residences.

But even if it’s just within your home, it certainly is what makes living in a great condo for rent in Pasig worthwhile. Gaming studies show gaming and entertainment opportunities can help improve your children’s memory and vocabulary skills.

6. Fitness gym and multipurpose court

Staying fit with the rest of the family is also a great way to keep your family healthy and strong. Most Pasig condominiums have amenities for fitness lifestyles. What separates Allegra Garden Residences from these other condos is that they offer high-quality and spacious fitness facilities, as well as a multipurpose court for all your sports interests.

Whether your family chooses to play a game of basketball or badminton, there’s always something for everybody in Allegra.

7. Convenience store, water station, and laundry station

When people choose a condo for rent in Pasig, easy access to important necessities is highly considered. Where should you buy basic goods when you suddenly run out of them?

Mobility and accessibility of modern living are the priority of any DMCI Homes Leasing property, and it is a good thing that Allegra Garden Residences have a convenience store, a water station, and a laundry station to cover all your basics.

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8. Well-integrated lifestyle

Pasig City is certainly a city of opportunities, with many offices, schools, and other lifestyle establishments nearby. Whatever lifestyle your family members have, they can easily have access to institutions, programs, and other locations that will benefit their hobbies and interests.

9. Accessibility to key locations

Just because Pasig City is a great location for you to live in, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be going anywhere. You and your family can always meet relatives and explore other key cities and locations nearby. Conveniently located within Pasig, this condo for rent in Pasig lets its residents have easy access to nearby cities as well like Makati, BGC, and Eastwood City.

10. Affordable day-to-day living thanks to fewer expenses overall (such as fuel, in-house maintenance, and condo repairs)

What is one of the great advantages of living in a condo for rent in Pasig? You get fewer expenses from daily commutes, gas, and condo maintenance and repairs. You can opt to walk near your office or school, saving you gas and time. Let the DMCI Homes team handle all the maintenance and repairs for you. Our DMCI Homes Leasing team will ensure that your home’s upkeep is the least of your concerns.

11. Overall convenience

Allegra Garden Residences provides the lifestyle that you want: whether you are sporty, artistic, a writer, and more. The property also provides comfortable and safe living spaces, with premium amenities and necessities for you and your family.

You should certainly not miss out on living in Allegra Garden Residences today. It has all the convenience and comfort that you need.

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Allegra Garden Residences: A fitting condo lifestyle for the entire family

Each family member will have changing and different needs as time passes by. You might be more interested in painting in a lush surroundings. Your son might want to spend more time in sports, or prefer to read books in the garden. Your daughter may become the next badminton or volleyball player, or she would prefer to paint your picturesque home. You and your husband might also find yourselves changing over time, and have different interests.

Choose a great condo that caters to your family’s changing needs. Choose Allegra Garden Residences among all the Pasig condominiums out there for a better and comfortable lifestyle.

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