How do you want your condo for sale to stir buyers’ interest? The answer is simple: consider the color of your condo design and amp it up if necessary. With all the available condo properties for sale, you want your condo to visually stand out. Color is one of the best means to attract and win a condo renter or buyer. If you stick to the usual color schemes, you risk making your space unexciting and ordinary. Knowing the color trends for 2016 can inspire you with great design ideas to make your condo enticing and valuable. Here are 11 fantastically stylish color trends to consider when selling a condo.

1. Plush Powdery Pink

Plush Powdery Pink

Photo courtesy of Sophia Baboolal via Unsplash

Powdery pale pink is a hot color trend for 2016 because it’s bold enough without being jarring. A versatile color, powdery pink is also uncommon, making it a great color for condo for rent. With the increasingly sophisticated taste of buyers, many prefer something that is out of the ordinary. Using pink on the wall or furniture can go very well with safe colors such as white, beige, and grey. Don’t overdo it, however. Use pink as an accent color or go paler than you would normally consider to maintain its sophisticated and versatile appeal.

2. Luxurious Black

To many buyers and renters, condo lifestyle is associated with luxury. Having a condo space allows one to enjoy hotel-like amenities. Although black can at times be intimidating, it’s one of the best colors that can be in harmony with the luxurious condo life. To add drama, combine black with silver accessories. This will add an appeal of mystery and richness. Black adds design interest when done right, so it’s important that you also consider the furnishings and finishes in the space.

3. Serene Azure Blue

Serene Azure Blue

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Mixing white with azure blue creates a serene and regal space. These colors are one of the best color schemes for condo units. They create a harmonious balance that reflect the connection of the sky and the sea. Blue is naturally calming, and using it on the wall instead of the usual white can create a sophisticated atmosphere. For furniture, a white sofa creates a pristine effect that looks crisp and upscale.

4. Inviting Warm Blush Brown

Inviting Warm Blush Brown

Photo courtesy of Mrs_Schu via Pixabay

Not too pink and not too brown, a warm blush brown is an inviting color. It is neither girlish nor boyish. It’s great for family renters who need a flexible space for their nursery. You can also use this color in other areas of your condo to create that soft, elegant feel. A condo in Metro Manila should feel relaxing given the busy vibe of city life. A warm blush brown can be the perfect color because it can subtly soften a space, toning everything down. The rule of thumb is to choose the palest mix of pink and brown to keep it sophisticated and neutral.

5. A Pop of Ravishing Red

pop of ravishing red

Photo courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

Among the color schemes, red is probably the boldest of them all. It’s a trendy color for 2016 because it raises a room’s energy level. With all the depressing things on the news, it’s safe to assume that more people are looking for a space that can uplift them. A pop of ravishing red can do the trick. Painting the whole room red can be overwhelming. A great way to incorporate red into your condo space is to choose a focal point, such an arm chair. This will be enough to stir up excitement and create a strong first impression on the interested buyer.

6. Enliven with Golden Yellow

Enliven with Golden Yellow

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

According to color psychology, yellow communicates happiness and the joy brought about by sunshine. In cold countries, yellow is used to mimic the energizing rays of the sun. In a DMCI condo, where the natural light is smartly designed to illuminate the unit, using yellow as an accent color can add oomph to the space. Use yellow flowers to incorporate nature, or add a touch of yellow through other elements such as tableware. With the right amount of yellow, you can make your space stimulating for potential buyers.

7. Elegant Taupe Silver

Elegant Taupe Silver

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Silvery taupe is one trendy color for 2016 that is difficult to pin down. This is what makes it really attractive for condo designs, because it an easy neutral that can be a perfect foundation for a traditional look with a bit of sparkle. Taupe is not quite brown and not quite gray, two colors that can look drab. Pairing taupe with silver and shades of blue can create a brilliant room that feels cozy and inviting.

8. A Slice of Life with Colorful Art

life with colorful art

Photo courtesy of keresi72 via Pixabay

Adding colorful artwork to a condo space remains a trend in 2016. It’s a cool way of adding color and interest to a room. Choose an artwork with bold colors to pair it well with the condo’s soft lighting. A colorful artwork can be a great conversation piece when showing your space to an interested buyer. It also adds a much-needed burst of lively color that will make your condo feel homey yet stylish.

9. Chic Neutral Beige

chic neutral beige

Photo courtesy of sferarrio1968 via Pixabay

The way to go with neutrals is to use it with luxurious fabrics. It’s great for the bedroom because of its calming effect. Beige is a great neutral color that is making waves in 2016. It’s great for creating a masculine effect in a space, yet it can also be inviting for women who appreciate quiet sophistication. In keeping with the stylish vibe, use neutrals for bed or seat covers that are made of quality materials. For example, a beige bed cover with a high thread count can look elegant yet approachable.

10. Power Up with Citiscape Grey

Bachelor pads are on the rise in 2016, making citiscape grey a trendy color. Grey can look exciting when paired with wood elements and white. Generally, grey is not exclusive to bachelor spaces. It has a universal appeal because it looks clean without being too dark or light. It falls somewhere in between white and black. Being in the middle makes grey a solid and stable color. It’s perfect for the reserved buyer who is laid-back and doesn’t want a distracting space.

11. Mesmerizing Mediterranean Hues

Mesmerizing Mediterranean Hues

Photo courtesy of kaboompic via Pixabay

One of the best things about DMCI properties is how natural light is incorporated into their design. This makes it conducive to green condo living. Given the natural light, you can stylishly add mesmerizing Mediterranean hues to your decor. With all the talk of climate change, Mediterranean hues such as green and blue have become trendy colors this year. They remind many people of the beauty of nature and the necessity of taking care of the environment. You don’t need to overhaul your space to add a Mediterranean theme. Glass bottles complemented by furniture made of natural materials can look fantastic when natural light hits them.

Amping up your condo’s color scheme is a smart solution to the urgent question, How to get my condo unit sold fast? Use these trendy colors of 2016 as your starting point in experimenting which color to make your condo space the one for a potential buyer.