If you take the effort to organize team building activities, you are on the right track. These activities allow you and your team to build your skills in leadership, socializing and networking, and problem-solving. The opportunity to bond also helps the members break barriers and connect with each other on a deeper level. Team building activities help individuals develop on a more personal level, such as their ability to stay patient, to voice out their opinion, and to commit to teamwork, among others. More than just professional or vocational skills needed to get the work done at the workplace, the right attitude and interpersonal skills play an important role in increasing productivity. More than just boosting your team’s morale, you also do your company a whole lot of good with these efforts. Plus, everyone gets to have fun and take a break from the everyday grind.

Make sure you take the team somewhere novel so they truly get to have a change of pace and environment. You can take them to Baguio, which is not too far away from the metro but distant enough to provide a change of atmosphere. Located at a higher altitude and with a remarkably distinct weather, the City of Pines is just the break the team needs. Book a transient condo for rent at Outlook Ridge Residences and get the party started!

Check in at Outlook Ridge Residences

Team Building Baguio Check In At Outlook Ridge

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Book a weekend at Outlook Ridge Residences, a boutique leisure condominium nestled amid lush greeneries in the eastern part of Baguio. Choose one of the spacious three-bedroom units, which offer the comfort of a home with the picturesque terrain of Baguio as its backdrop. The location’s verdant surroundings and mountain air will give your team a much-needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the congested metro. Exuding a sophisticated yet charming appeal, Outlook Ridge Residences boasts Asian-inspired architectural theme coupled with convenient and state-of-the-art amenities modern condominiums are known for. Beyond its world-class design, elegant facade, and distinctive landscaping, you will discover first-rate amenities that include a scenic elevator, an atrium garden with a fireplace, landscaped gardens and fire pits at the mid-deck, a roof garden, fitness gym, sauna, and a café with al fresco dining. The team outing will be a real treat for the team! They will get a much-needed vacation too! You will be going back to the metro refreshed and ready to grind harder.

Book a day of fun and learnings at Tree Top Adventure

Team Building Baguio Tree Top Adventure Learning of Funs

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Tree Top Adventure features unique, first-of-its-kind team building facilities in the Philippines. They provide eight team games that will have everyone building adventure-filled and life-changing memories under the shade of tree-covered canopies. You can conveniently book a package that already includes activity facilitators and team building kits complete with arm bands, name tags, and the necessary materials for the activities. They also provide company certificates of participation.

Your team can start the day with a Loop Lift activity, where they use their index fingers to lower a loop to a specific height. They would need to work in perfect synchronicity to get this done, enhancing their team coordination and patience in the process. Teach your team to strike a balance in the shortest time possible with the Team See Saw, a kamikaze-inspired see saw that tests participants’ communication skills and patience. The Team Cycling activity will have everyone biking their way through a computer-generated trail that includes challenging drops and climbs. This will put your leadership skills to the test as your team races not just against other teams but against time itself.

Have your team participate in a Gem Drop where they hone their coordination skills as they try to accomplish a perfect cube drop in the fastest time possible. Yet another game that will test everyone’s coordination skills and patience is the Bar Lifter Balancer, a bar lifting challenge that requires participants to balance marbles in bars. Then there’s the Centipede Pedal where the team will be using wooden planks as their feet and race through a course in the shortest time possible. Everyone will have to work together if they want to avoid falling to the ground. This will definitely enhance teamwork. Many other games await you at Baguio’s Tree Top Adventure!

Cap off the day at the Sagada Hall

Team Building Baguio Sagada Hall

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Finish the day right by spending the evening talking and reminiscing about what went down at the team activities. Make sure all the lessons stick by discussing them thoroughly. The Sagada Hall at the Outlook Ridge Residences is perfect for a small, intimate session with the team. You can gather around a huge wooden dining table and have a profound yet laidback conversation. Take the lead and walk everyone through the important learnings of the day. Make sure you include cocktails and hors d'oeuvres or wine and cheese, whichever fits your troop more. The refreshments will help make everyone feel more at ease to open up.

Have a day of relaxation at the Outlook Ridge Residences

Team Building Baguio Day of Relaxation at Outlook Ridge

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You and the team are likely to wake up the following day with a bit of a hangover, so make sure you make it a day of recovery and relaxation for everyone. This will also allow your team to process the essential takeaways of the previous day. Make the most out of your stay at the Outlook Ridge Residences. Enjoy the cool breeze and take a leisurely walk. The place is located in close proximity to the central district, where you will find the city’s key lifestyle and civic destinations. The condotel is situated along V. Delos Reyes Street, which is near Camp John Hay, Mines View Park, Wright Park, The Mansion, Baguio Market, and the Baguio Country Club. It is also a short drive to the Baguio General Hospital, the University of the Philippines, and St. Louis University.

Make sure you satisfy your team’s gastronomic longings by treating them to a meal at the Outlook Ridge’s in-house café, which is operated by Hill Station, a restaurant which has been recognized by Asia-wide Miele Guide as one of the best restaurants. And of course, your day of relaxation is simply not complete without hitting the in-house sauna. Also, make sure you take full advantage of condo living and the unique amenities at the Outlook Ridge Residences. Gather your team at the mid-deck near the fire pit and have a night of chill camaraderie.

Take the trip to Baguio and have a perfect weekend of learnings, adventure, and relaxation with the team. The northern city has everything ready for you!