Families often prefer to spend Christmas in their hometown. There is also a growing trend of just taking a trip to a nearby hotel and have a laid-back yet fancy celebration, or what many like to call a staycation in Manila. Either way, it’s about being with one’s loved ones. That’s really what the holiday season is about. For those who choose to go somewhere new, booking hotel accommodations often becomes a problem. A lot of other families are doing the same thing after all. This results in higher hotel rates and few vacancies. Fortunately, condo renting has become accessible. You’ll find one in just about every key destination. Want to spend Christmas in the City of Pines? Then head over to the Outlook Ridge Residences in Baguio.

Beyond availability, there are a host of other reasons why you should consider DMCI Homes leasing for your holiday accommodations.

Renting a condo will save you money

All things considered, condo renting is surprisingly affordable. For the price of a hotel room, you get to book the entire condo unit. Especially if you consider the number of people who will occupy the vacation rental, the savings just shoot up. Condo rentals also come with amenities, which will be free to use. Choosing a condo for rent overnight with a pool should be enough to keep the brood entertained. A playground is also provided so your kids could really enjoy their stay. This further adds up to the savings you make. You’re also not only renting a room but a living room and a kitchen as well. The high demand in the holiday season often causes hotel rates to increase. In comparison, this makes condo renting even more affordable.

Condos will give you more options in the busy holiday season

Hotels are often fully booked during the holiday season. Thankfully, you’ll have condo rentals to run to. They are often located in key areas so you won’t have trouble getting around. Additionally, they are in close proximity to places people frequent during the holidays. They are often also a destination on their own, with halls bedecked with Christmas decors. You and your family can also keep yourselves preoccupied with the condo’s amenities. Thinking of going for a swim or belting it out over karaoke? Just ask your receptionists, and they’ll be happy to accommodate you.

You’ll have more space

Gone are the days when you all have to get crammed in a small hotel room. Now you can simply rent a condo, and have more room to move. Your dad could be in the living room watching the news while your mom could be keeping herself busy in the kitchen, all while the sibs are busy swimming at the pool or hanging out at the veranda. You’ll have more room for yourself. Maybe you’d just like a little peace and quiet to do some reading, or just have a moment of silence while you do some reminiscing. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, the extra space will allow you to indulge yourself.

You can keep the whole group together

When staying in a hotel, large families or groups of friends often end up being spread out among different rooms located in separate sides of the building. You can avoid this if you stay in a condo. With more space, a condo will be able to accommodate everyone in one place. One of the reasons you are traveling is so you could bond and spend time together. Having separate rooms located far apart will be self-defeating. It would just be much nicer if everyone could huddle in late into the night talking about everything and nothing. By staying together in one place, you’ll find it easier to find everyone and include them in the fun. And with many different spaces available, you can all easily find a comfortable place to hang out together as a group — be it in the living room, the veranda, or even the kitchen while you’re trying to get the cooking done.

You’ll be able to take your pets with you

If you are like most families, your pets are a part of the family. And of course, they must go with you on your Christmas celebration. But not all hotels allow pets. This could keep you from having a holiday outside your home altogether. Who has the heart to leave behind their furry family members, right? Luckily, you can count on condo rentals. Although they have all the comforts and conveniences of a hotel, they feel every bit like a home with the freedom of movement they allow. You get the best of both worlds!

You’ll be able to cook your own food

One of the many joys of Christmas is all the delicious home-cooked food made even grander. It’s just hard to imagine celebrating Noche Buena with only take-out food, right? Fortunately, you can now spend Christmas outside of your home and still have all the festive home-cooked dishes you look forward to. With a kitchen that will allow you to cook to your heart’s desire, renting a condo would still feel like home. You’ll still be greeted by the aroma of caldereta, hamonado, embutido, and the like. Beyond just treating you with the Christmas feels you crave, being able to cook at your condo staycation will also let you save more money.

You get to immerse in the local neighborhood

When you rent a condo, you will be living among locals. Those living in the units next to your rental place are most likely homeowners. You will feel less like a tourist and more like a purpose-driven traveler. If you take the time, you will be able to learn more about the locals and the neighborhood. You could wake up in the Christmas morning, step outside your unit for a bit, and find yourself talking to the homeowner next door. You’d just as soon learn from someone else’s life, and even earn a friend or two.

Choosing a vacation rental is also great if you are planning to move to the area. This will allow you to give the place a test run and see if it’s a good neighborhood. There’s nothing like first-hand experience to give you all the information you need.

Are you convinced condo renting is far more advantageous than a hotel accommodation? Finding a staycation condo for rent is easy peasy. Go ahead and start checking your options!