Who doesn’t like the look and feel of luxury hotels during the holidays? But apart from being expensive, spending your holiday vacation in hotels requires that you go through the hassle of traffic, booking, and other travel-related worries. A great idea is to bring the opulent hotel vibe to your own condo. There are easy and stylish ways to upgrade your condo design even your landlord will approve. Here are 11 ideas to make your condo staycation look and feel like a five-star hotel vacation.

1. Create a cozy vibe with plush pillows and trims

Including festive and cozy pillows in your living room is one of the best way in making your condo feel like a luxury hotel. This can quickly upgrade your condo look, creating a comfortable and inviting environment. It’s high-impact without the high cost. Embellish your pillows with colorful covers for a better tactile experience. You can easily score great sets at bazaars and mall sales. You can also add layers of blankets and seat covers to elevate the luxury and comfort.

2. Enhance the space with flowers

Adding fresh flowers will give your condo an elegant look. Flowers are a key element in a luxurious hotel condo design. They liven up any space. When you enter a hotel lobby, the first thing that usually greets you is a fresh-cut floral bouquet. You can easily attain this aesthetic in your condo with seasonal flowers. Roses, orchids, and poinsettias are fantastic choices during the holidays. If you’re on a budget, adding some house plants with twigs, acorns, and river stones is a wonderful alternative.

3. Arrange your dining table with glitz

Think of the best hotel you’ve dined in. What do you recall? You were likely surrounded by the glitz and charm of the decor. Recreate this look in your dining room with a holiday niche or centerpiece. Accessorize your table with attractive knick-knacks like glass bowls and Christmas balls. Your condo for rent should immediately feel like you’re in a well-arranged dining room of an expensive hotel.

4. Add sparkle with a glamorous tray

sparkle with glamorous tray

Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

Shimmering trays are a welcome addition to your holiday resort style living. A sparkly tray exudes downplayed glamour that top hotels are known for. You can mix materials like glass, wood, and metal for an upscale vibe. Elevate the sparkle with metallic accessories in silver and rose gold.

5. Lavish colorful lights to set the mood

A hotel is never dark and dingy, and so should your condo. Condo establishments like Tivoli Gardens make it easy for residents to illuminate their spaces. Add big overhead lights but don’t forget to add color with Christmas lighting. Side lamps, wall sconces, and mood lighting will also make your space feel like a well-lit hotel room. Lamp shades with gold or silver lining will also add a nice touch of glamour.

6. Spruce up your Christmas tree

spruce up your christmas tree

Photo courtesy of eak_kkk via Pixabay

A beautiful Christmas tree is a staple in hotels during the holidays. Whether you opt for a big or small tree, you can make your condo feel elegant yet homey by embellishing your tree with vibrant trinkets. However, don’t overdo it. Maintain a sense of simplicity by adding just enough sparkle. Remember that the holiday decor of top hotels are never crowded and immoderate.

7. Style your bedroom with red and white sheets

style your bedroom

Photo courtesy ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Staying in a hotel room can feel like a vacation in itself. What makes it feel as such is the fluffy bed. Transform your own condo bedroom by upgrading the quality of your sheets. Sheets that in luxury hotels range from anywhere between 300 to 800 thread count. Combine colors like white and red for a posh, holiday atmosphere.

8. Set up a coffee and sweets station

set up a coffee

Photo courtesy of Einladung_zum_Essen via Pixabay

Dress up a corner of your condo with mouth-watering desserts you find in hotels. A well-styled coffee and sweets station is uncomplicated to achieve. Find a spot that’s near an electrical plug so you can conveniently place your coffee maker. Add your favorite holiday treats like truffles, sweet loaves, and chocolates.

9. Place furry white towels in your bathroom

place furry towel in bathroom

Photo courtesy of diapicard via Pixabay

Don’t forget your condo amenities like the bathroom, which is one of the notable spots we fancy in a hotel. Feel relaxed and pampered by adding white cotton towels. Not only will they make your bathroom feel like a hotel, soft towels can also make your space feel like an upscale spa. You can also invest in a good bathrobe so you can truly feel like you’re just vacationing in a hotel room.

10. Make your space smell expensive

Top hotels smell expensive. With condo places like Tivoli Garden Residences, it’s easy to incorporate a heavenly scent into your space. The scent should not be overpowering. Use quality candles and diffusers with Christmas scents like cinnamon, mint, and pine. You can also opt for room sprays. Spritz some on your curtains for a subtle yet long-lasting aroma.

11. Always keep your space clean and organized

The busy holiday season should not make you forget about keeping your condo space clean and organized. Hotels feel luxurious and comfortable because they don’t have clutter. Remove unnecessary decor and keep a minimalist condo design. You can also use Christmas cards and figurines as home decors. Have them on display for a homey ambience.

Follow these steps for a homey holiday staycation in your condo. Living in places like Flair Towers provides lots of opportunities to recreate a hotel-like living environment. Enjoy the holiday spirit without having to leave the comforts of your own condo space.