Work-life balance is all the talk right now. As remote and flexible work arrangements become the norm, and parts of our professional life mix with the personal, many are striving harder to find balance.

Fortunately, modern vertical residences like the ones offered by DMCI Leasing are designed to support this kind of lifestyle need. This is the reason many professionals turn to condos for rent, as they can easily switch from work mode to relaxation mode, prioritize their physical and mental health, and connect better with friends and loved ones. More than the experience of a “luxe life,” condo living offers the benefits of a healthy work-life balance.

One vertical residence in Metro Manila that helps professionals embrace this kind of lifestyle is Tivoli Garden Residences. If you want to pursue work-life balance, start with your choice of home. These are the ways Tivoli Garden Residences for rent condos can help in that area:

  1. You can focus on your physical health.
  2. You can take the time off without essentially leaving home.
  3. You can relax and unwind while surrounded by greenery.
  4. You can find like-minded individuals within the community.
  5. You can find life-long friendships in your condo neighbors.
  6. You can do errands without a sweat.
  7. You’re able to reach the office with no hassle.
  8. You can have your very own office at home.
  9. You can make room for your hobbies.
  10. You won’t have to worry about internet connection.


1. You can focus on your physical health.

Engaging in fitness activities is among the usual recommended practices for achieving work-life balance. Exercise can take your mind off work, as it is a good break from the career stresses and pressures. More importantly, it helps you be stronger physically and mentally.

At Tivoli Garden Residences, there are so many recreational facilities for fitness. You can join a basketball match with neighbors at the multi-purpose court, squeeze in a few laps at the pool, or train your serves and footwork at the badminton court.

fitness gym at Tivolo Garden ResidencesFitness gym at Tivoli Garden Residences

On days you feel like lifting some weights, you can drop by the fitness gym. Or, if you’re into cardio workouts, you can use the running and biking paths around the complex.

With a condo for rent in this Mandaluyong community, you can prioritize your physical health and better cope with the challenges of a busy career. The DMCI Leasing management conducts regular maintenance of the fitness amenities at Tivoli Garden Residences.

2. You can take the time off without essentially leaving home.

Aside from better physical health, the recreational facilities in Tivoli Garden Residences promote mental wellness. Being able to take a break to relax and recharge is essential to work-life balance. It prevents burnout and gives you renewed passion for what you do.

Some of the relaxation amenities in Tivoli Garden Residences are the swimming pools, pool deck, roof deck, esplanade, and sky lounge. Visit these spaces for some peace and quiet at the end of your work shift. Cityscape photographers, who find relaxation in landscape photography, consider this condominium in Mandaluyong City an excellent shooting spot.

Roof deck at Tivoli Garden ResidencesRoof deck at Tivoli Garden Residences

Have a vacation-like adventure in this high-rise condominium all year long. The high-quality DMCI Leasing services ensure that these amenities are functional and safe for residents’ enjoyment.

3. You can relax and unwind while surrounded by greenery.

It’s not just the amenities in Tivoli Garden Residences offering relaxation to professionals who need respite. The environment itself is filled with greenery. Science says being surrounded by greenery can lower stress levels, encourage an active lifestyle, facilitate creativity, and provide rest for eyes that have long been glued to the screen. All these can help in achieving work-life balance.

The Esplanade at Tivoli Garden ResidencesThe Esplanade at Tivoli Garden Residences

The architectural theme of Tivoli Garden Residences is modern tropical. The community teems with trees and different kinds of plants. Whether you’re working from your balcony or jogging around the neighborhood, you’ll see greenery everywhere.

4. You can find like-minded individuals within the community.

Because of the amenities present in Tivoli Garden Residences, there are various opportunities not only to pursue recreation, but also meet neighbors and friends for life. As you know, maintaining social bonds is crucial to work-life balance. Positive relationships can help overcome work pressures. It can also provide the emotional support you need.

Game room at Tivoli Garden ResidencesGame room at Tivoli Garden Residences

Some of the social spaces you’ll find in Tivoli Garden Residences are the entertainment room, music room, game room, gazebo and cabana, open lawn and picnic grove. You may also hold social events at the function hall. This condo community hosts a number of great venues for different kinds of social activities, namely the Iris Observatory and Heliconia Function Room. A home suitable for work-life balance is one that makes socialization easy and enjoyable.

5. You can find life-long friendship in your condo neighbors.

Beyond the abundance of social spaces in Tivoli Garden Residences, what builds the community culture is the warm affection of residents for each other. This contributes to happy, peaceful living, which supports work-life balance.

A Group Toasting Their GlassesPhoto courtesy of cottonbro via Pexels

Condo resident Richard Dumlao, for one, treasured the friendships he found in Tivoli Garden Residences. He described the community as “fellowship,” feeling a sense of belongingness to the people he met in the fitness classes held at the high-rise condominium’s roof deck. A warm, welcoming community is the home ideal for work-life balance.

6. You can do errands without a sweat.

A strategic home location is especially important for those seeking work-life balance. When you want to focus on work and personal hobbies, you can’t afford to waste time and resources stuck on road traffic.

Landscape Photography of CarsPhoto courtesy of Life Of Pix via Pexels

At Tivoli Garden Residences, you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the road because essential establishments are simply nearby. In fact, there are some right within the community, like a laundry station and a convenience store.

Meanwhile, the strategic location of the actual condo community in Mandaluyong City puts it close to modern conveniences. You’ll find major shopping malls nearby, namely Powerplant Mall and Century City Mall, which are both within a six-minute drive. Hospitals like Centuria Medical Hospital and Makati Medical Center are only a five-minute and a 15-minute drive, respectively.

With such a location, you can essentially finish errands in between your virtual meetings. There’s no time wasted. Rather, you get to spend more of your precious time on work and leisure.

7. You’re able to reach the office with no hassle.

A home suitable for work-life balance is near not only to modern conveniences, but also to actual places of work. On days you need to report to the office, you can be there without the hassle, and again with no wasted time. Since Tivoli Garden Residences is located in Mandaluyong City, the heart of the capital region, the biggest central business districts are easily reachable.

Low Angle View of Office Building Against SkyPhoto courtesy of Expect Best via Pexels

For example, you can get to Ayala Center in Makati in less than 10 minutes. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll be at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Ortigas Center in Pasig is only 13 minutes away from the vertical residence. A condo for rent in Mandaluyong is definitely a good choice for a highly accessible home.

8. You can have your very own office at home.

The units in Tivoli Garden Residences measure up to 133 square meters. This gives residents lots of space for work and leisure activities. You can turn one bedroom into a home office. An area dedicated solely for work will help eliminate distractions and temptations to slack off. For one, you can easily avoid the urge to turn the television on and go on a movie marathon. In the long run, this improves productivity.

Black Study Lamp on Black TablePhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Aside from removing distractions, a home office in your Tivoli Garden Residences for rent-condo can concretely delineate work and personal life. When you go inside this room, you know it’s time to roll up the sleeves, and then the moment you step out, you know you should unplug and drop all the work stuff. In other words, a home office can help you set boundaries, which is the most practical way to achieve work-life balance.

9. You can make room for your hobbies.

With the large floor area available in Tivoli Garden Residences, you can also make room for play activities, not just work. For example, you can convert another bedroom into a hobby room. If you’re into painting, this can be an art studio. It can be a video game room if you’re into gaming or a library if you’re the type who likes to bury themselves in books during the weekends. In this condo for rent in Mandaluyong, you can incorporate your hobbies in the home design and dedicate a specific space for the things you’re passionate about.

A Painter Holding a Brush and Color PalettePhoto courtesy of Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

With a room allotted for your hobbies, you’ll be encouraged to do something meaningful and enjoyable in your free time. It can reduce screen time and the endless scrolling through social media.

10. You won’t have to worry about internet connection.

Internet connection is considered an essential these days, much like electricity and water. But on the subject of work-life balance, it’s everything. Without it, it’s impossible to finish tasks and collaborate with other remote team members. It would be difficult to keep in touch with loved ones and friends who you can’t meet physically everyday.

macbook air displaying woman in white shirtPhoto courtesy of Compare Fibre via Unsplash

At Tivoli Garden Residences, all the condo units have provisions for internet connection. You can always virtually connect whenever you want.

Key takeaways

Achieving work-life balance may be a challenging feat, but with the right home, it shouldn’t be difficult. To make sure your next residence will help you thrive professionally and personally, follow these tips:

  • Go for communities with out-of-the-box amenities. The amenities will largely influence the hobbies you can pursue. If you want to embrace leisure to the fullest, go for a community that offers lots of recreational spaces. It’s a huge plus when the condo offers not just the basic amenities of swimming pools, clubhouse, and function hall.
  • Calculate the time it takes for you to go to the office and essential establishments. Go for a condo located near places you frequent. Remember, your commute can significantly affect work-life balance. Find a condo near business districts, malls, and hospitals.
  • Find a condo unit that has a flexible layout. You should be able to use the interior spaces for the exact purpose you want. It must accommodate work and hobbies. With a flexible layout in the condo, you can easily arrange your interiors according to your lifestyle.


A healthy work-life balance is possible at Tivoli Garden Residences. Get in touch with us today to know your unit options. With the consideration of your lifestyle needs, our team will help you choose the best condo.

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