It’s that time of the year again--- rainy season. Like most condo dwellers in the Philippines, you may find yourself stuck at home as the storm rages on. What do you do when you can barely go to the store to buy some food and other supplies?

Lifehacks for condo living are your best bets for surviving another day at this time of the year.

Step out of the norm and make indoor living easier. Come up with the best lifehacks for rainy season to retain the quality of condo lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Tough Jars Belong with Duct Tape

When a storm hinders you from going to town to buy some food, you may resort to canned and bottled goods to fill your stomach. Start life hacking by doing the unthinkable. Ever thought of opening your tight jar of pickles using a duct tape? A duct tape will stick hard on your jar’s lid. Simply stick a sizable piece of duct tape on the jar’s lid. Then, pull the roll of tape in your right hand hard, while holding it. Hear the jar open with a loud pop!

Drive Away Musty Rain Odor

Your air-conditioner can use some lifehacks during the rainy season, too. A certain part of your A/C unit is probably exposed outdoors. Because of this, the musty odor from the rain may easily penetrate your entire A/C. When you’re dealing with a harsh weather condition, of course, getting hold of an A/C technician will nearly be impossible to do. Avoid dealing with an ugly smell in your condo bedroom. Tape a dryer sheet over your A/C unit before turning it on to drive away the musty odor.

Recycle an Old Lotion Bottle

Leaks around your condo become your best friend during the rainy season. Practical condo storage hacks for small spaces are the solutions in combating those leaks. Recycle an old lotion bottle from your previous summer trip. Store your cell phone in it. Avoid getting leaks from the rainwater on your cell phone. This lifehack will make life easier for you --- and it’s for free. Spending a fortune to buy a new cell phone is probably the last thing you have in mind.

Light Up Trouble-Free

Light up a candle in your condo if you lose power after it rains real hard. Don’t worry about lighting those hard-to-reach candles. Avoid burning your fingers by using a stick of spaghetti to light the candle wick.

Clip Long Wires

Take good care of your wires. They definitely come in handy when you use your IPad, IPhone or laptop. Avoid damage on your wires if you’ve got rain leaks in your condo. Use a hair clip to hold your wires together. This is a smart way to avoid damage on your stuff without using numerous resources.

Champorado in Lieu of Hot Chocolate

A rainy night will probably make you crave for hot chocolate. Settle for something similar to chocolate, with a twist, to have a fuller stomach on a cold night. Cook champorado the way you like it; either with or without milk. All you need to do is check for leftover rice, sugar and cocoa powder(an actual chocolate block would work as well). Savor champorado in your condo, like a cup of hot chocolate. It’s the easiest and perfect way to satiate your hunger on a rainy day.

Toothpaste Clears Haze

You will notice the windows in your condo bedroom get hazy, when the A/C is on while it’s raining. Rub a small amount of toothpaste on the windows to get rid of the haze. See through your windows clearly when you’re done. Take time to savor the beautiful scenery from your condo windows on a rainy day.

Don’t overlook the unique, but smart ways to live life to the fullest indoors. Never settle for less when aiming for a simple, but productive lifestyle. These helpful lifehacks for easy condo living will let you maximize enjoyment and convenience, even during the rainy season.