Are you a bachelor looking to start anew? Aside from getting a good, stable job, you might want to consider buying a bachelor’s condo as its relatively low payment scheme and small floor area makes it easy to maintain. If this interests you, we listed down eight condo locations perfect for each type of bachelor.

The Gameboy

Be it on their smartphone, PC, or gaming console – these types of bachelors tend to spend most of their time at home playing video games. Most often than not, they quickly freshen up, eat, then prepare themselves for a long night of gaming.

In their bachelor studio, you’ll see tons of game cartridges neatly stacked in one area, game collectibles, a comfy gaming chair, and several monitors to cater to their social life and gaming at the same time. The main lights are often turned off in favor of LED accent lights.

The best bachelor’s pad location for Gameboys would be at Raya Garden Condominiums in Parañaque City. The area is known to have a slow-paced lifestyle compared to those who live in Makati, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and Quezon City. It’s about 15 minutes from the Makati Central Business District (CBD), depending on the traffic, making it an excellent location for work to home bachelors.

Raya Garden features several amenities such as a clubhouse, infinity pool, and basketball court in case Gameboys want to break their usual routine. It’s also surrounded by commercial establishments and has a laundry shop nearby, so there’s easy access to everyday essentials.

The Collector

The Collector should not be confused with the Gameboy. This bachelor collects the rarest and/or most collectible toy there is in the brand new or secondhand market today. He’s the type of guy that you see in malls lining up to buy the latest toy in the hobby shop.

A sign that you’re in a Collector’s pad is when these toys are displayed in its original box with not even a speck of dust on it and that it has never been opened. Be careful. Always ask permission before you touch his toys and prepare for a lecture about how valuable that is.

The Collector would usually want to be within striking distance of the nearest hobby shop. That’s why it would be best for them to live in Dansalan Gardens, Mandaluyong City. It’s one MRT station away from SM Megamall, Shangri-La Plaza, and St. Francis Square, all of which are known to have established hobby stores.

These bachelors are very protective of their toys, so it won’t be a surprise if they get a 1-bedroom unit for their prized possessions.

The Real MVP

This bachelor can be defined as the guy who loves sports. He’s usually the guy in the barkada who carries the whole team to win. He’s got the latest pair of shoes, jersey, and probably even has a Fitbit on his wrist.

The Real MVP is also the guy the barkada goes to when it’s time to watch the NBA Finals, FIFA World Cup, FIBA Basketball Championship, and other major sporting events. If he’s not at home, this bachelor can usually be found on the basketball court, gym, or the nearest sports stadium supporting his favorite team.

That’s why the best condo for him would be La Verti Residences in Pasay City. It’s just a stone’s throw away from two sports stadiums that host collegiate and professional sports. It’s also near the Mall of Asia complex where marathons are held. La Verti Residences, like most DMCI Homes condos, has a lap pool, basketball court, and fitness gym perfect for the Real MVP.

The Iron Chef

This is the guy that everybody wants to be with. He’s the type of dude who loves to cook and serve it to his friends and family. His pad will usually smell of fresh aromas of various ingredients, making the neighbors hungry as well.

His DMCI Homes condo will have a clean, minimalist look that can give you the impression that you’re in a restaurant’s kitchen. You’ll see mason jars filled with herbs and condiments, while the kitchen wall displays his weapon (cooking knife) of choice.

This bachelor will also look to be in a place that has plenty of restaurants and food stalls for his taste buds to explore. That would be in Zinnia Towers located in Quezon City. This area up north of the city’s capital is famous for the many restaurants and weekend markets filled with budding food stalls. This condo unit is one of the few that has an outdoor grill to cook food and a gazebo to host a group of friends or family.

The Lover Boy

He’s the guy who’s always ready to go on an intimate date with his special someone at home. After all, a bachelor can be defined as simple as a guy who isn’t married.

His flat has a comfy bed, a reclining sofa, a table for two with candle lights, and a beautiful kitchen to woo his date with home-cooked meals (not to be confused with The Iron Chef). The Lover Boy also needs to be in a location with plenty of places to go on dates. As such, this bachelor can get a studio apartment for rent at Illumina Residences in Manila.

The Lover Boy and his special someone can take a leisurely walk along Manila Bay, find holes in the walls of Intramuros, as well as explore Escolta and the Old Chinatown. If they opt to stay in his DMCI Homes condo, The Lover Boy can spend time at Timpla Café Skylounge and watch the sunset.

Mr. All Business, No Play

This type of guy spends long hours at the office. He’s so busy with work and preparing for his future that even when he gets home, he’s still working. His condo unit is so clean because he’s barely there or stays in one place, staring in front of his laptop, well, working.

Mr. All Business, No Play would be best suited in a condo unit that’s near every CBD, like Cypress Towers in Taguig. With his luxury car, Makati or Ortigas is just a few minutes away. But if traffic is too heavy or if the weather is unbearable, then he can simply head down to the function hall to hold meetings or conference calls. There’s also a jogging path and a gym if he wants to beat stress.

The Family Guy

There’s always that bachelor who loves to be with his family. As such, his choices are always geared towards catering to his family than himself alone. In his pad, you’ll see several cups and plates, as well as a family-sized table in preparation for his family’s visit.

That’s why Ohana Place in Las Piñas City is the perfect bachelor’s pad for him. Just take a look at its name Ohana, which means family in Hawaiian.

It’s one of DMCI Homes’ condominiums that’s specifically made to cater to families. It has an entertainment room, fitness gym, dance area, adult and kiddie pool, playground, and more. With that said, this makes Ohana Place an excellent condo to start his own family when he gets married.

The Jetsetter

According to, tourism, whether local or international, is a booming industry thanks to people like the Jetsetter. This guy loves to travel. That’s why this bachelor needs to be close to the airport or bus terminal.

We would have chosen Raya Garden for this guy, but the limited route options going to the airport would make Siena Park Residences a better choice for him.

Right outside Siena Park Residences is the ramp going to Skyway and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), which leads to even more options for him to get to his destination faster. And because it sits near a mall, getting a taxi shouldn’t be that hard.

When you think about decorating your bachelor’s pad, hosting small parties, and even having that much-needed alone time, condo living in the Philippines can be enticing — well, assuming that you’ve rented or bought your condo in the right spot.