Are you itching to experience condo living for yourself? With the conveniences and luxuries they bring, condominiums are the most sought-after residential option for many city dwellers. And there isn’t a shortage of supply, with many developments sprouting up from just about every key location in the metro. Now how do you choose the best option for you? Here is a list of DMCI Homes condos to match just about every personality type. You’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you!

The best of both worlds for ambiverts

There’s the introvert who enjoys spending time alone, and there’s the extrovert who gets a kick out of being around people. But then there’s the ambivert who gets the best of both worlds.

Are you one of the rare people who belong to this category? Then the Rosewood Pointe in Taguig City is just the condo for you. The property has the largest amenities area at 8,000 sqm, offering both passive and active facilities to suit your multifaceted personality. You can meditate at the podium garden or get busy at the basketball court, among other things. This Neo-Asian architectural marvel is located just outside Taguig City’s central business district, making it easier to go hang out with your friends then slip out and head home for your alone time.

A haven for the old soul

Are you a social outsider who feels you don’t belong in this era? Here’s just the condo to make your old soul feel at home. Inspired by Spanish architecture, Maricielo Villas gives off a quaint vibe that sets it apart from ultra modern structures. You will also love how the place will make every day feel like a staycation, with its breezeways, water features, and atrium. It will have you thinking of the scenic Costa del Sol near Estepona in Spain. Located in a prime location in Las Piñas City, the property gives you easy access to four major roads: Quirino Avenue, Alabang Zapote Road, Manila-Cavite Coastal Road, C5. And don’t old souls just love making practical choices!

A cozy community for the family man/woman

Are you the type who puts his/her family first? Then the Riverfront Residences in Pasig is the perfect place for you. The property offers a cozy community with twelve mid-rise buildings located next to the sprawling Sunset View Park. Yes, this is the paseo garden that offers a picturesque view of the Marikina River.

With its spacious lawns, tree courts, pergolas, gazebos, and playgrounds, the Riverfront Residences lets you have treasured moments with your loved ones. There are even designated planting areas for fragrant flowers and herbs, and barbecue pits perfect for outdoor cookouts. The whole family will never run out of things to do — all perfect for bonding moments!

A modern development for born winners

Are you the type who likes to stay ahead of the race? Located in the city of Manila, Sorrel Residences lets you live it up with its unparalleled access to key areas in the metro, all while making you feel empowered with its commanding skyline views. You also get to enjoy a well-balanced life as you go home every day to relaxing resort-style amenities and expansive open spaces. Sorrel Residences will have you feeling like you’re on top of the world!

A concrete haven for the dreamers

Does your world revolve around your children? Do you live with kids who are both studying in top institutions and carving out their place in the corporate world? The Illumina Residences Manila makes for a great home base for it all. The property is strategically situated near educational and medical institutions, as well as commercial and corporate establishments. Located in Sta. Mesa and designed especially for families that wish to upgrade their living spaces, the Illumina Residences is a 32-storey, T-shaped structure made of glass and steel. It boasts cutting-edge amenities and master-planned spaces. It’s an optimal place for chasing after dreams.

A minimalist home for the pragmatic

If minimalist, uncluttered interiors make you feel more at peace, then the La Verti Residences is the perfect choice for you. The structure’s theme is contemporary and designed to meet your functional needs — from optimal ventilation to an abundance of natural light. Situated at a converging point of Pasay, Makati, and Manila, the property’s convenient location is just the pragmatic touch that will seal the deal for you.

A luxury mecca for people who want the finer things in life

Have you got a taste for the finer things in life? Some people aim for luxury and the first-class experience, and would never settle for less. If you are this type of person, then the Magnolia Place is the ideal home for you. The property is made up of five-storey residential buildings located on a three-hectare stretch of land. Quality takes primacy over quantity on this one. The property is also generous with its open spaces, with wide swathes of lands dedicated to amenities and landscapes. Magnolia Place’s pocket gardens, manicured landscaping and curvilinear tree-lined drive running through the complex will tug at your finicky heartstrings.

A restful escape for introverts

Are you the type who needs time away from the craziness of the city? Do you often find yourself seeking some alone time to recharge? Then the Accolade Place in Quezon City is your top choice. The property’s architecture and landscaping are designed to give residents a tranquil sanctuary. Its courtyard offers a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. Known to find peace with nature and expansive spaces, introverts will love the elevator that offers scenic views of the landscape and open corridors.

A modern oasis for laidback urbanites

Are you the type who prefers to a laidback vibe and would rather just be in the pursuit of happiness? Do you put more emphasis on living a well-balanced life than taking part in the vicious rat race? Do you wish to impart the same values to your family? The Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong is designed to provide urban families with a modern oasis. The property offers a complete resort experience with an abundance of recreational facilities not only on the ground level but on the leisure deck as well. It also features a Lumiventt design technology, so residents can enjoy natural wind and lights coursing through their homes.

First-class amenities for those who like to live the high life

If you settle for nothing but the best, The Amaryllis in New Manila, Quezon City should be your haven. Located in an upscale neighborhood, the property caters to city-dwellers who seek tasteful, refined living. It offers unmatched skyline views, resort-inspired amenities and condo unit cuts that are some of the biggest in the metro. Coupled with first-class amenities, lush tropical greenery, and prime property management services, this one-tower development will have you living the high life!

A wellness haven for the zen seekers

Are you all about the zen? Are you in the habit of practicing mindfulness? If you find solace in meditation and reflection, then the Rhapsody Residences in Muntinlupa is the ideal home for you. This medium-rise property boasts Neo-Asian architecture and a resort-inspired residential village. Coming home to Rhapsody Residences will feel like having a weekend getaway every single day. The property’s amenities are designed to promote wellness. It offers the perfect escape from the chaotic city life.

Vacation living for the nature-lover

If you thrive more on the countryside and want a complete escape from the metro, the Outlook Ridge Residences in Baguio may just be the option you’re looking for. Located in the summer capital of the Philippines, this residential property offers a reprieve from the sweltering heat of this tropical country no matter what time of the day or year it is. You get to stroll in scenic parks while breathing in fresh, cool breeze. And there are the condominium’s first-rate amenities to amp up the vacation-like experience even more.

Expansive spaces for the free spirit

Small spaces can feel constricting, even suffocating, for the free-spirited type. If you are an uninhibited person who enjoys the freedom of movement, the Mahogany Place III in Taguig is just the home for you. The property is designed to give residents all the space they need to move. Now you won’t have to deal with condos that are notorious for their almost claustrophobic spaces. Located in an exclusive village of expansive parks, the Mahogany Place III with its contemporary Asian theme is exactly where you belong.

A high-rise enclave for career-focused individuals

Are you the type who is determined to climb up the ladder? Do you have a single-minded pursuit to be the best in what you do? One Castilla Place in Quezon City offers a perfect place of abode for those who’d like to be able to focus more on what truly matters to them. The property features a low density, high-rise enclave with a modern minimalist theme. Even high ballers will love the uncluttered, private and serviced neighborhood.

A touch of the exotic for adventure-seekers

Do you have a taste for the exotic? You will feel right at home at the Raya Garden Condominiums in Parañaque. Its Balinese-inspired architecture features water fixtures and gardens that will feed your appetite for the unique and new. You will also love how its efficient space distribution and expansive views of the metro will lift your adventurous spirit up.

Whether you are seeking a room for rent or a place of your own, you are bound to find the perfect DMCI Homes condo to match your personality. Start exploring your options now!