Now that summer time is here, it’s time to show off the body you’ve been working on for months and hold a fun party at your condo’s pool facility. A condo pool party is a great way to have fun in the sun without having to go outside your building. You are allowed to use and hold parties at the pool but since it’s public domain, you have to take note of pool party etiquette along with basic swimming pool and other amenities rules that must be in place in order to have fun without the hassles.

It’s understood that the pool is the place where you can let your hair down and let loose, but it doesn’t mean you can get carried away and disregard courtesy to your fellow residents and guests. Here are some rules to keep in mind in observing pool party etiquette in your condo to make your summer fun as enjoyable as possible.

1. Don’t invite the entire neighborhood

Even if the condo building allows outsiders to the premises, it’s still not a license to go crazy and invite your whole family and all your friends to the party. There are two factors to consider here. First, the more guests you have, the noisier the place will be, which can bother other residents. Second, other people may want to use the other part of the pool and they can’t do so if the place is filled with your guests. Unless you reserved the pool exclusively for you and your guests’ use in the duration of the condo party, this should be a concern.

2. Make sure that your guests respect community rules

You are liable for whatever your guests will do while inside your resort-inspired condo, so it’s best to educate them on the community rules in order to avoid trouble. When inviting people over, make it clear that they have to respect building regulations. As much as possible, don’t let them inside the facility without you.

3. Get clearance for the pets and kids

The building may not be okay with animals and children bathing in the pool due to safety and sanitation reasons. If you happen to have pets and kids among your guests, you can try to ask for special permission with the building administrator but if they still say no, then don’t push it. Keep the animals and children off the water. After all, being a condo owner or renter means that you have to abide by both written and unwritten rules as you keep your pet in its best shape right at your condo.

If the building is okay with pets and kids at the pool, you should assume full responsibility for them. Pay attention to what the kids and the animals are doing in and out of the pool. Make sure the kids don’t do anything dangerous, like jumping into the deeper part of the pool. As for the pets, make sure they don’t destroy anything or hurt anybody.

4. Keep reasonable noise levels

It’s a party, so it’s expected that there will be loud music the entire time. This is okay, as long as it doesn’t get to the point that it will disturb the other residents. Avoid using huge speakers that will scatter bass all over the place. This is perhaps one of the most basic yet forgotten pool party rule amongst others.

5. Get dry before stepping on the elevator

Some people think it’s okay to ride the elevator in their wet clothes and let water drip all over the floor. It’s not. It’s rude to expect the janitor to clean up after your wet trail all the way to your elevator and your condo unit. Also, other residents may slip and fell because there are wet spots all over the place.

6. Use plastic cups instead of glass

A pool party involves beer and cocktails so serving beverage on glasses is expected. However, you should stick to using plastic cups in place of glass ones. The floor is wet and glass can break. The combination of bare feet and broken glass on the floor is something you want to avoid.

7. Clean up after yourself and encourage your guests to do the same

Not all pool facilities have maintenance people that will clean up during and after the party. If there is somebody who can clean up, it’s still not wise to let the garbage pile up. The pool area should be kept free of garbage, so you should pick up leftover food, containers, soda and beer cans and throw them in a designated trash bag. Make sure to bring big trash bags to the facility before the party starts. During the party, remind guests to be mindful of their trash and dispose them properly.

8. Watch out for drunken guest

No matter how careful you are with the booze, there’s always the chance of having a guest who will have one drink too many. Getting tipsy is not really an issue especially when among friends, but since you are in a pool facility in a building filled with other residents, this is something you have to watch out for. A drunken person can drown himself accidentally or slip to the floor. He can also get rambunctious and disturb other people.

9. Be OC with hygiene

You and your guests must take a shower before plunging into the pool. If you need to relieve yourself, do it in the bathroom and don’t just pee in the pool. No explanation is needed here.

10. Bring down everything you need before the party

This is especially helpful if you’re living on a unit that is not on the first floor. Imagine the inconvenience and hassle of having to ride the elevator all the way up to the higher floors because you forgot to bring the towels and sunscreen. Before the party, list down everything you will need, from personal stuff to things you need for food and drinks. You may have to carry a lot of stuff down but at least you’ll only get to do it once so you can relax and enjoy the party more.

Observing condo party etiquette for the pool party may sound like a drag at first but as you go along, you will be thankful that you did so for the safety and convenience that it will bring you. Whether you’re throwing a pool party to keep your energy bill down while getting the most out of summer or simply because you’d want to spend more time with the family or friends, proceed without ruining the peace between you and the other residents in the condo.