Add this tropical country’s climate and the summer fast approaching and you get the picture of electricity and water usage spiking faster than you can say “hot.” It is not at all surprising since people will have to refresh more often to tone down the broiling heat.

However, government and environmental groups such as the Department of Energy and EcoWaste Coalition urge people to conserve energy and water in light of the surging demand and looming shortage this summer.

Do your share in the efficient use of natural resources and in the process, save money by lowering your utility bills. Enjoy comfortable condo living in the Philippines without putting strains on the environment and on your budget. Beat the heat with these energy and water-saving tips packed with condo maintenance hacks.


Pick Energy-efficient Appliances And Ase Them Wisely

Appliances eat a lion’s share of your condo living expenses, but they are essential in daily activities. The best way to go is to reduce energy cost in your condominium. Choose energy-efficient appliances by looking for the energy label. Maintain them regularly for peak performance and do not use more than what you need.

Instead of cranking up your air conditioner, set it at the highest comfortable temperature, around 24 degrees Celsius, as Meralco suggests. Since the aircon is your likeliest best friend this summer, keep it running well by regularly cleaning the filter and condenser. Also, alternate your AC with a ceiling fan.

Track Energy Use

Nowadays, there is an app out there for every need and want, so why not be energy-savvy with the Meralco Appliance Calculator (MAC)? Free from their website, this application comes in two options: My Appliance Calculator and My Bill Manager.

My Appliance Calculator is handy in buying new appliances as you can calculate and compare electricity consumption just by entering the appliance and the number of hours you will use it in a day, week, and month.

As for your current appliances, My Bill Manager tracks down the consumption of each appliance. Not only you you be able to pinpoint the appliance eating up the most energy, you will also get to have an estimate of your electricity bill. Also, the nifty feature Energy Efficiency Adviser has energy-saving tips based on your appliance usage.

Utilize Natural Light And Air

Make the most out of nature especially if you live in a condo with an eco-friendly design that allows the free circulation of natural sunlight and air within the building. Set aside curtains and let the light in. If the rays become too bright, put on light fabrics to lessen the glare. Freshen up in your condo’s leisure areas. Save on energy bills and meet your friendly neighbors while at it.

Suggest Solar Panels To The Management

This Rappler article recommends that you pitch the idea of harnessing solar technology if your condo does not have it yet. While solar panels, the devices that convert sunlight into electricity, are upfront expensive, developers — and condo residents — will reap long-term cost-efficient benefits. Add to that the fact that less expensive solar panels will be massively sold soon and the future could not be any brighter.

Make The Most Out of Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to hit the beach (or your condo’s pool), explore hiking sites, go on food trips right in your own city, and check off items on your adventure bucket list — why spend it all locked up in your condo?

However, should you want to catch up on your favorite series, do not leave your television on standby mode as this uses 10 to 60 percent of the normal electricity consumption. Study your computer’s power-saving modes or better yet, turn it off when not in use — a reminder that applies to all of your electrical devices.

Take Short Showers

While it feels so good to shower given the sweltering heat, you cannot stay the whole day in your bathroom. What you can do instead is to maximize your showers. Not getting enough amount or water pressure? It could be the mineral deposits, which naturally come with water and accumulate in the shower head. Remove the clog by putting around a plastic bag of water and vinegar and soaking the shower in the mixture. This hack is just one of the many simple DIY condo repairs that make life easier.

Fix The Leaks

Did you know that getting to the bottom of even a slow drip can save you as much as 4,000 gallons per month? Lesson: Never undermine the small things so get to that leaking faucet, pipes, and toilets as soon as you can.

Be Mindful of How You Use Water

You may have heard time and again how important it is to turn off the faucet when not in use, but you probably still forget, especially when in a hurry. Keep this practice in mind until it becomes a habit. Use a glass when brushing your teeth and a basin when washing fruits and vegetables. Reuse the water for your plants or cleaning. Treat each drop of water as a valuable resource and you will be helping nature in your own small way.

Never Flush Trash

Throw away tissues and other small scraps in the garbage bin where it belongs, not in your toilet. As convenient as flushing your tiny trashes may be, the toilet will have to use more water. Also, reduce the water consumption of your toilet for every flush by putting a bottle filled with stones or water in the tank.

Maximize Your Dishwasher And Washing Machine Loads

More frequent washings translate to more usage of water and electricity. Slash off your water and energy bills by avoiding partial loads. Wait until everyone in your family has finished eating. Schedule doing the laundry. However, take care not to overload as it will only counteract what you are trying to do. Also, use just the right water and cleaning substances for the load to avoid rinsing more.

These are just some of the bill-saving tips for your condo that are worth following not just this summer, but also any day of the year. Take a careful look at your condo living, make the necessary adjustments, and think outside of the box. You will not only contribute to the green cause, but you will also enjoy more savings for you and your family.