The real estate in the Philippines has truly grown with condos instantly growing in cities. And this is directly associated with city living, since condos are strategically located near schools, malls, and other commercial establishments it provides convenience that people need. However, some think that having a condo in the Philippines will make you settle for small spaces only, thus limiting your condo design options. This can be okay if you only have yourself or two of your friends who you’ll be sharing the same space with. But what if you have the entire family living together with you and your number exceeds five? How can you have your dream condo space while considering your large family living with you?

While doing some easy condo repairs might be your initial thought to maximize space, there are still other ways that you can do for your small space. No need to worry about this whether you buy or rent a condo. All you need are different small condo design ideas for large families that will help you save space which in turn will enable you to enjoy its numerous benefits. Here are 10 condo set up ideas for your large family.

1. Have Furnitures That Serve Dual Purposes

If you have a small space at hand for your large family, you don’t need to fill it up with fixtures that are just nice to look at. You need to choose furnitures that give maximum functionality in a limited space where it will be located. You can opt for a dining table that also serves as a hidden storage for your other stuff, or maybe a living room table with an added storage for your extra cushions. Doing so will also help your family to organize and value each fixture that you have inside your condo.

2. Foldable Furniture Is In

Large families will find of value foldable furnitures. These do not only save space, but it is also easy to put away these fixtures when not in use. You should also opt for those easy-to-carry ones so that you can easily transfer your foldable furnitures whenever you want to spend time with the kids in your condo garden. If broken, don’t forget to fix it at once as part of your condo repairs. Get a hold of a bed that can be folded easily into a sofa when your guests arrive.

3. Bookworms Can Go All The Way Up

Good books are meant to be kept to be passed on to your friends and family who love to read. But how do you store them with a limited space at hand? If you have a great number of books and your family loves to read all the time, why not have a bookshelf near the ceiling as part of your condo improvement? Aside from its added appeal, this can make your space feel bigger as the eyes are drawn upward to the bookshelf and the ceiling. Plus, your family will not worry having to find their favorite book as they can easily spot it from afar, thanks to its location near the ceiling.

4. Multiple Functions For A Single Space

Your family can get the most of a single space by giving it multiple functions that best suit your daily activities. For example, you can have a study room and a lounge in a shared space. You can even have different wall distinctions for each function to distinguish it much better. For example, position a space saving sofa near the window to elicit a relaxing feeling and position your laptop near your bookshelf to suggest the feeling of work or study.

5. Go For Whites

The color white makes any space brighter and airier according to an article by Better Homes & Gardens. And since it also gives you that clean and uncluttered look, choosing white for your small space will make your family appreciate the color even better. Have some furnitures or decors that will stand out against the color white but don’t overdo it. Make it subtle with accents of black or other colors. Your family will have that feeling that your small space can be made bigger with the color white.

6. Shared Bedspace Is Always Better

One might think that in order to fit your family in a small bedroom, they have to share a single bed. While this can be simply done, you can have other options in designing your shared bedroom for your family members. For siblings, why not have 2 beds that will fit your room and arrange it strategically to maximize space? Add large fonts for the names on the walls so that your siblings know which bed is for whom. This will not only make room for more bonding moments, but it will help each family member to enjoy the shared space that they have.

7. Combine Workstation With Your Closet

Your closet can do more than just store your clothes. It can also be your workstation as well. You can have this as your next condo renovation project. Having this can save you space, since you don’t have to allot or find a space for your workstation. You can easily combine it with your closet and use the original workstation space for other things that need space in your condo.

8. Go Vertical For Your Storage Needs

When looking at the available space that we have in our condo interior, we always tend to look at it as a floor plan. And we usually just look at the floor space given to us. But sometimes we overlook the space that extends from the floor to the ceiling. Take advantage of that available space by installing tall, vertical storage shelves that extends from the floor to your ceiling as part of your home improvement. You can be creative and have a sitting space in the middle for dual purpose. Trent of The Simple Dollar shares that if you stretch your storage space upwards, it gives you a feeling that you’re taking up just the available vertical space on the wall and not the floor space.

9. Less Wall Decor Is More

Since you have a small space, you are also faced with the fact that you have limited walls for your wall decors. Don’t be tempted to fill it with too much decors, as it can give an overcrowded look. Instead, fill it with just a few items that you love or are memorable to you. These can be your family pictures or items that are sentimental from your family trip. The said items are sure to bring joy to your family every time they see it.

10. Create More Space With Even-Toned Rooms

Choose colors that are soothing and can create a calm feeling for your family. Having even-toned rooms can make each member feel that the unit is spacious despite having small space. Avoid using contrasting colors.

Having a large family is not a problem. Let these tips guide you for a perfect condo set up. You can have your own DIY tricks to maximize space for your family, combined with other energy efficient home design to achieve the condo living that you’ve always dreamed of for your loved ones.