Living in the city can drain your energy and affect your mood. Imagine spending long hours in traffic and getting exposed to air and noise pollution on a daily basis. Condo leasing offers a reprieve from the toxicity of urban life. DMCI Homes’ Flair Towers in Mandaluyong City is strategically located near business districts and commercial establishments, cutting the time and expenses of commuting. Its building facilities and lifestyle amenities help homeowners and tenants clear their minds and relax after a long day at work.

Here are nine reasons why Flair Towers is the best condo to rent in Mandaluyong City.

Green technology for your health and budget

your health and budget

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If you’re looking for a condo to rent in close proximity to Makati CBD, Pioneer, Mandaluyong, and Ortigas Center, Flair Towers is your best option. Not only does it offer a safe and secure environment, it also uses state-of-the-art technologies that reduce energy consumption. DMCI Homes’ Lumiventt Technology allows the natural flow of light and air around the buildings, corridors, common areas and residential units. The natural light and ventilation are good for your health and your pocket as these can help save energy usage.

Pockets of green spaces all around you

green spaces all around

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Green spaces are hot trends in home living today. A recent study confirmed a link between the quantity of green spaces and better mental health and lower mortality. This encourages property developers and urban planners to incorporate parks, open spaces and vegetation into their architectural designs. Most condo features and amenities of Flair Towers have a touch of nature. In fact, DMCI Homes’ communities are inspired by laidback resort living. There are indoor landscaped atriums, a palm promenade, a jogging and biking path, and landscaped gardens.

A selection of swimming pools for you

swimming pools for you

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A trip to a beach resort can cost a lot, not to mention the time spent getting there. The availability of a well-maintained swimming pool is one reason why more people choose condo living. Flair Towers has a leisure pool, a lap pool, a kiddie pool and a pool deck. No need to spend for occasional out-of-town vacations. You can also ditch your costly gym membership as you can do water exercises as much as you want.

Safe play area for kids

safe play area

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For young families scouting for a Mandaluyong condo for rent, one of the considerations is a safe play area for their kids. The city, unfortunately, has few provisions for public parks and playgrounds. Flair Towers has this covered for you! Your little ones can have fun under the sun in the kiddie pool and children’s playground. On weekends, you can spend quality time with your family in the picnic grove.

Hold parties in your condo community

your condo community

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If you’re fond of throwing parties, either simple dinners or extravagant birthday celebrations, you can save a lot by reserving the event venue at Flair Towers. The function hall is handsomely designed to accommodate various types of events—from family reunions to Christmas parties. No need to spend thousands of pesos for a restaurant or hotel venue. Just bring your caterers and music playlist and Flair Towers will ensure you and your guests are safe and secure.

Get fit without the extra costs of gym memberships

without extra cost

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According to Harvard University, aerobic exercise can help reduce stress and promote mental fitness. Stress, as common as it is, manifest in both our physical and mental being. When we’re experiencing constant pressure, our body and mind “can amplify each other’s distress signals, creating a vicious cycle of tension and anxiety.” One of the most important condo features you should look for is a fitness gym. In Flair Towers, homeowners and tenants are free to use gym equipment and do aerobic exercises in the indoor gym. You can save more when you don’t have gym membership fees to worry about.

Relax in beautiful open spaces

Relax in beautiful places

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Experts recommend breathing exercises and other meditative activities to reduce stress. “Slow, deep, regular breathing is a common response to stress,” according to a research from Harvard University. You can do simple yoga poses or simply relax at Flair Towers’ view deck, gazebo/cabana or landscaped gardens. Even five minutes of meditation under Metro Manila’s beautiful skies can do wonders to your well-being.

Stay productive during the gloomy rainy season

gloomy rainy season

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Every city dweller in the capital region knows the challenge of surviving the rainy season. Traffic, floods and closed shops are usual sightings in the months approaching December. While there’s nothing much we can do about the weather, there’s something we can do to make life a little less frustrating during the wet season. Living in a condo in Mandaluyong means that you can spare yourself from getting stuck in the flood. Flair Towers has a business center equipped with Wi-Fi connection, work areas and a fax machine to ensure the bad weather doesn’t hamper your productivity. There’s backup power for common areas as well as for all security features. If things get stressful, relax at the sky lounge or entertainment room.

Organize fun after-office activities

fun after-office activities

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The congestion in the city shouldn’t discourage you from engaging in after-office activities. Invite your co-workers for a basketball or tennis game in Flair Towers. You can also have a relaxing swim in the leisure pool. If you simply need time to breathe and recharge, bring a good book at the view deck or sky park and immerse into an alternate universe. All these and more are possible in your Flair Towers community.

Social media is full of complaints and frustrations by city dwellers about the diminishing quality of life in urban areas. The congestion increases residents’ exposure to pollution, traffic and crimes. There’s also worsening social isolation that affects adults’, and even children’s, mental health. People are substituting socialization with digital hangouts and Facebook comments. Fortunately, city life is not a hopeless case. You can consider living in a resort-style condo community with lifestyle amenities that can help you reduce your stress levels. Explore Flair Towers and make the most of condo living in the city.