Living in a condo requires basic know-how on how to fix things. Some problems may not be big enough to merit in-house maintenance calls that you have to fix them independently. Try various landlord-friendly home renovations and these 7 quick fixes for a hassle-free condo living.

Zip-it and Melt Slow Drain

Drains will clog eventually after accumulating dirt and debris from your daily routine. The bathroom sink is often the most affected.

Check out if for collected debris and hair. About Home recommends using a zip-it tool because it is both convenient and affordable. It is thin enough without a pop but effective in catching hair and debris. Check the style of the sink and clean sink pop-up as well if there is any. Debris can also build up under it. Look for the pop-up not, detach, clean then reinstall.

Once you remove the collected debris, you can also try pouring some baking soda on the drain then pour a mixture of hot water and vinegar. This should remove remaining components in the drain.


Patch the Shared Wall

City living especially a small condo space means sharing the floor with other tenants even your wall. Shared walls may be an issue especially when cracks appear. They already come with shared sounds and cracks can amplify the noise. They can also let out smells and other unwarranted components from next door.

Check the size of the crack. Once you rule out any major Condo Architecture structural damage then you can "tape and bed the crack." How Stuff Works recommends placing a drywall mesh tape on top of the crack. Cover with drywall mud and spread over the tape. Let it try before sanding and painting the area.

Cover Up Dings and Damaged Furniture

Furniture wears off the more you use them. Eventually, they will bear signs of extensive use, which may not be too flattering for your condo interior. To cover up small dings, dents or scratches on the surface of your furniture, rub pecan, walnut or Brazil nut meat over the damaged area. The nut oil can darken the scratched surface blending it well enough with the wooden color.

If there are more than a few scratches, How Stuff Works prefer to apply hard paste wax. Preferably, the wax should be No. 0000 steel wool. Gently rub the wax on the grain of wood until the scratches are not as visible. Wipe with a soft cloth. If this does not work then go for lacquer or sound shellac finish. Bring back the furniture's finish with reamalgamation.

Deeper scratches can be fixed with furniture-patching. The sticks come in a variety of colors. Check with your grocery or hardware store first before retouching. Deeper damage requires staining the raw area so they can appear even.


Hush Slamming Doors with Rubber Bands

Rubber band can help lessen loud slamming doors. Mashable recommends wrapping the rubber band around the doorknob to soften the noise. Hook the bands on the opposite sides of the doorknob. Make sure it does not block the latch. This will create a cushion. Try a wider rubber band for better results.

Powder and Silence Squeaky Floors

Squeaky wood floors can be bothersome. For some relief, This Old House goes for talcum powder. Sprinkle some powder on the noisy area. Apply powder in the joints using a paintbrush. Powdered graphite is preferable if for tighter spots.

Check the depth of the squeak. If you can remove the tiles or wooden panels then you can put tape on rubbing components or underneath the panel or tile. This should help prevent friction and unnecessary noises when there is foot traffic.

Keep the Air Fresh

Combination of household components can create a pungent or unique smell intolerable when left long enough. Remove musty smells with a coal dehumidifier. Get a coffee can and fill with charcoal bits. Punch holes in the can and position near damp areas. You can change the can depending on how you want to design your condo living space. Replace the briquettes at least once a month. This will absorb humidity taking away the musty scent. You can also use crushed-up chalk in place of the charcoal.

Cut an orange in half. Take off the pulp and place in a jar or can. Fill with salt for a DIY air freshener. Who Knew Tips recommends spraying some of your unused perfume on light bulbs to diffuse scent throughout the condo. Old perfume bottles can also complement the condo’s interior design.

No More Showerhead Problem

Mix 50 parts water with 50 parts vinegar. Soak the showerhead. If you cannot take down the showerhead, This Old House recommends wrapping solution-filled plastic on the head. Secure with rubber band. The vinegar and water solution can also be used to clean other parts of the kitchen or bathroom. Pour some on sink aerators to avoid clogging and bacteria build up.

Knowing these quick fixes should spare you from calling maintenance. Especially, when you rent a condo, getting spared from spending extra money on professional repairs is a big help.