Everything about Taguig now is chic, fashionable, and cool. It is hard to imagine that the city used to be a thriving fishing community decades ago. Present-day Taguig is one of the most populous cities and one of the most important business and industrial centers in the country.

The rise of Taguig as an economic hub also saw the rapid growth of residential developments. Vertical or condo living is the most popular living arrangement among young professionals and couples who need to live near their workplace, mostly inside Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Condos for rent in Taguig are a big business, given the supreme location and ideal environment not just for professionals but also for modern, growing families.

At face value, Taguig may seem like a district of buildings and skyscrapers. But the truth is that the city is dynamic, fun, and vibrant. It is as perfect for families looking to have a fun weekend as it is for millennials looking to have an epic Friday night.

Here are family-friendly activities and must-visit places in Taguig worth exploring this weekend.

The Mind Museum

Your little Einsteins will surely enjoy a tour of the Mind Museum. This world-class, two-floor museum dedicated to appreciating science is divided into five galleries: atom, life, earth, universe, and technology. It features designs of Filipino artists and features over 250 interactive exhibits. The Mind Museum also has a traveling exhibition called the Science Circus, wherein the exhibits are presented in a fun circus atmosphere. How about a carousel that converts energy into electricity? Or an illusion that makes things disappear and reappear? Sounds like a sci-fi movie kids and even adults will enjoy.

Walking Sculpture Tour

For parents who would very much like to see their kids ditch their gadgets, a sculpture tour around BGC on a really good day is a refreshing treat. There are at least six sculptures around BGC which will certainly leave the whole family in awe. They are also thematic, mostly articulating the rich culture and history of Filipinos. The walk will take an hour, in which you can stop for ice cream and selfies.

Street Art

One of the perks of condo renting in Taguig is being surrounded by amazing street art and murals. What makes BGC even more walkable and fun to explore are the larger than life street art you will see just about anywhere. Talk about a perfect selfie spot. The murals are developed by the Bonifacio Arts Foundation that holds a festival each year to commission artworks. If you don’t know where to start, you can avail of guided tours.

Terra 28th

Do you ever wish your kids can play the games you played as a child? Patintero, piko, and luksong baka are not likely to interest kids today especially when they can play online games and watch videos instead. Well, not until they give it a try.

Terra 28th, a playground on the 28th street, features some traditional Filipino games. Just east of Bonifacio High Street, this playground of nostalgia will allow parents to show their kids how it was like to grow up in a different time. Parents are sure to be nostalgic while they show their kids a piece of their childhood. And who knows, maybe the kids will even enjoy it.

Track 30th

Track 30th is perfect for families who want to explore their athletic side and be healthier. It has a jogging path surrounded by lush greens and landscaped pocket gardens. There are also interesting installations that will make the run a lot more interesting.

Weekend markets

Weekend markets are some of the most family-friendly destinations in the city. And of course, Taguig has its own. Parents who raise kids in condo communities might have the impression that supermarkets are the best and most convenient option they have. But most condo developments such as several DMCI properties in Taguig are strategically located near such areas of interest.

AANI weekend market is located right at the entrance of FTI, one of the most accessible locations in Taguig. There are over 200 stalls here offering fresh farm products, organic products, and specialty items. It also has a food court where you can take a break from shopping. Plus, parking is free.

Santa Ana Church

The Shrine of St. Anne or Santa Ana Church was built during the Spanish occupation in the 1500s. It has stood the test of time and is now one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. After paying a visit to the shrine, the whole family can also go on a side trip to the Museo de Sta. Ana. It is a museum showcasing the religious artifacts and the history of Taguig.

Miracle in Art

3D museums are a big hit among kids these days. Taguig is home to the Miracle Art Happyworld Museum. For an entrance fee of Php80, the whole family can enjoy selfies in front of big artworks such as movie characters, animals, and natural disasters. Not only will the kids have fun, their ability to think and visualize is also developed.


Kidzania Manila is probably one of hottest kiddie destinations in the country today.This indoor family entertainment center in BGC is like a small city but with children operators. It has over 70 role-play activities where kids get to decide who they want to be: fireman, doctor, banker, chef, etc. Kidzania is a must-visit place in Taguig because it helps kids be more confident in themselves and who they want to be.

Lots of restaurant options

Ask travelers how best one can know a country, and they will likely say: eat their food. No need to hop on a plane because BGC offers a wide array of food options. Condo dwellers in DMCI Properties can choose to go Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Korean, Continental, Thai, Persian, etc. as well as fusion cuisines for families and modern nomads alike.

There’s more to Taguig than buildings, condos, and malls. Whatever it is that the family wants to do, Taguig is sure to deliver.