Anyone who’s frequented family reunions would know just what a memory mill these events can be. We carry many of the memories to adulthood. You can start by choosing a family reunion theme. And then go beyond the usual parlor games and videoke. Create moments that do not only last a lifetime, but would also bring a smile to people’s faces every time they travel down memory lane.

Here are 9 out-of-the-box ideas for family reunion activities you can try.

Guess the baby

Family Reunion Guess the Baby

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This is one of the most charming and cutest activities you can do with the close family and relatives. You can have everyone send their baby photos before the reunion. You can either make large print out of these photos, or make digital copies which you can show on large screens or projectors. At the reunion, you can run a “Guess the Baby” game where you show photos, and have people run to the front to guess whose younger version it is. Not only will they have a blast rushing to make the first guess, they would also have a great time marveling at how cute and adorable everyone used to be. There is nothing like photos of babies to get people gushing and feeling all sorts of tender.

Guess who?

Family Reunion Guess Who

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Here’s yet another highly engaging game you can play with the clan. This time, divide everyone into groups to up the ante. The spirited teamwork will create a fun activity everyone will enjoy. Yet again, request for submissions before the day of your reunion. Ask everyone to send in personal trivia, preferably interesting quirks or anecdotes most people are not aware of. You can guide them by providing themes like “How I got into trouble as a teenager,” “Things I kept from my parents, ” “What we do when the kids are not around.” You can then mention these pieces of trivia at the reunion, and have the teams make a wild guess as to which family member holds the “dark secret.” More than just being a fun activity, this can easily turn into a warm get-to-know session for the whole family.

Message relay

Family Reunion Message Relay

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Use some of the submissions you got from the “Guess Who?” game for yet another fun storytelling game with a twist. You can divide the family members into teams. Have each team form a line. Pick a story, and share it with the first person on the line. This person should then whisper the story to the person behind him. The same process should be repeated until the story is relayed to every person on the line. The last person on the line then goes to the front and announces the story for everyone to hear, after which you tell the real version of the story. In a message relay, words often get twisted so that the last person on the line ends up with a distorted and often funny version. Everyone is bound to have a good laugh. This activity will also offer a valuable lesson: Do not believe everything that runs in the gossip mill. They are often distorted, and can unnecessarily ruin relationships.

Go spill!

Family Reunion Go Spill

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This time, have people spill the other family members’ “secrets,” preferably the funny and embarrassing ones. You can have the grandparents do the spilling. The “unfortunate” targets will be the parents, of course. Then you can put together a panel of judges made up of the younger members of the family. The best story wins. Kids love to listen to grandpa and grandma tell funny stories about their parents. This is one of the reasons grandparents and kids get along so well. They have a common “enemy.” Everyone is sure to have a good laugh, the parents included.

Auction out children’s artwork

Family Reunion Aucton Chilrens Art Work

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Here is yet another fun way you can get the kids involved. Bring in the really young ones, toddlers included! Dish out a huge canvas and a bunch of color pastels. Then ask the children to get creative and do art on the empty canvas! To make things even more interesting, you can auction out the children’s artwork. The adults will find this an amusing activity to do. This will also allow you to offset some of the reunion expenses you made, not to mention the fun memorabilia the highest bidder gets to take home.

Karaoke showdown

Family Reunion Karaoke Showdown

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Karaoke showdowns are always fun. Still, you have to go out of the ordinary and give it a fun twist! Instead of choosing the usual songfest frontrunners, have the notoriously bad family singers join the competition. To make it even more fun, make sure you choose the family clowns or those known for being the funny ones to join the panel of judges. Add a section of the game where you ask the judges to dish out comments. This game is sure to have people laughing off of their seats. Plus it’s always rewarding to show everyone that it is okay to laugh at yourself.

To make the event even more interesting (and hilarious!), make everything look legit. Secure an events venue, like the ones you will find at DMCI Properties, and have a decent sound system. It’s going to look like a crazy-fun America’s Got Talent parody.

Yummiest Dessert Contest

Yummiest Dessert Contest

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Family reunions are notorious for running out of deserts. You can remedy the problem in a fun and delectable way! Throw a dessert making contest. Make sure you add décor or attractiveness to the criteria for judging. Not only will you have an endless supply of deserts, you also get to have an attractive display of sweets. The clan is sure to love this!

Create a jigsaw puzzle

Family Reunion Jigsaw Puzzle

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You can divide the family members into teams, and have each team work on a huge jigsaw puzzle. Of course, you have to give the game a fun twist. Rummage through old photos and choose the funniest shots you can find. Have a huge print out of the photo, and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. The family members will have a huge laugh while working on the challenging task.

Video Scavenger Hunt

Family Reunion Video Scavenger

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It’s no wonder scavenger hunts have become increasingly popular. They are fun and highly engaging! You can make your own version even more exciting by turning it into a Video Scavenger Hunt. Each team should have a designated videographer. More than just completing the hunt, the teams should also be required to furnish a fun video of the adventure. They can just put together the fun highlights, with their song of choice as background. You can then have an entertaining video marathon after everyone’s settled down, or while enjoying your dinner. Make sure you choose a location that is not only conducive to holding a fun and safe scavenger hunt, but also to having aesthetically appealing videos as well. Locations like DMCI’s expansive properties with beautifully landscaped pathways and gardens would make the cut.

You can’t go wrong with the family reunion activities mentioned above. Go ahead and make these fun moments happen!