According to a famous saying, “trees without roots fall over.” Knowing and embracing our family heritage is more than sentimentality. Researchers at Emory University published a study suggesting that knowing family history can be beneficial to children. “Family stories provide a sense of identity through time, and help children understand who they are in the world,” the research noted.

Filipinos value their family with utmost importance. The tight-knit kinship goes deep in tradition and customs.  In fact, the present constitution explicitly stipulates that “the State recognizes the Filipino family as the foundation of the nation.”

Although technology has made communications easier, there’s nothing like face-to-face talks and personal meet-ups. Facebook chats, Viber messages or even phone calls will never replace personal connections and  seeing, hugging and sharing jokes with family members during get-togethers.

This year, gather your entire family for a reunion. Celebrate your oneness and the unique values that define you as a family. Here are 15 family reunion theme ideas for you.

Summer is almost here. While people are starting to plan their family reunions outside the city, you can enjoy a simple pool party within the DMCI Homes community. Organize an ice cream party at the Flair Towers’ Leisure Pool. You can set up an ice cream bar near the pool and let the entire family customize their cold delights with chocolates, sprinkles and hot fudge.

A very retro swimming party

Take advantage of the scenic leisure pool at the Viera Residences by having a retro-inspired pool party. Family members are obliged to be in their 1950s swimming wear for an epic pictorial. Don’t forget to serve refreshing glasses of lemonade.

Water sports fest

Water sports fest

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

As the world sizzles under the summer sun, your family can have a water sports fest. Book the interactive water play facilities at the Royal Palm Residences for an afternoon of water volleyball, jousting on inflatable rafts and other competitive games you can do in the pool.

Have a Hawaiian luau party

Bring Hawaii to your next family get-together. At Mirea Residences’ leisure pool, the luau vibe is in the air. You just need to dress up for the occasion. Have chilled pina coladas as you share stories and plans with the people closest to your heart.

Bring out the nachos and tacos!

Nachos and tacos

Photo Courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

Be your own event planner for your next family reunion. Instead of spending on out-of-town vacation rentals, you can use available facilities in your condo community. Have a Mexican fiesta party at the Picnic Grove in Flair Towers. Prepare nachos, burritos and various snacks that can go well with salsa. Play Mariachi music in the background and feel the Mexican vibe.

A colorful costume party

Colorful costume party

Photo Courtesy of cstekelenburg via Pixabay

Do your event planning with some reliable relatives. Two heads are ALWAYS better than one! Your team can plan for a 70s-themed family reunion, a Great Gatsby dinner or a Carnival-inspired get-together. The Viera Residences’ posh function hall is perfect for a costume party, chit-chats and family fun.

“Bring Your Specialty” Potluck

Bring Your Specialty

Photo Courtesy of condesign via Pixabay

A family reunion is easily equated with lots of foods and drinks. It’s an excuse to break diet rules. Have a potluck for your next get-together but make it a little more fun by obliging relatives to bring a favorite dish they cooked themselves. It’s a “no take-out” food party. DMCI Homes offers its homeowners and tenants amazing choices of event venue for rent. Book the classy clubhouse at the Vernwood Residences for your next potluck party.

Have a Picnic Get-Together

Picnic Get-Together

Photo Courtesy of kangheungbo via Pixabay

Picnics never go out of fashion. Organize a picnic reunion with the entire family. Bring blankets, pack the picnic baskets, and lounge under the summer sky. The open lawn / picnic grove at Asteria Residences is the perfect event space for you.

Some Flower Power music and 60s films

If you’re having a hard time choosing a theme, ask your relatives about their thoughts on fabulous themes for the next family reunion. The Baby Boomers, including your Dad, may want a Flower Power Party. Your younger cousins may suggest movie night. Both sides can also compromise: an evening party of The Beatles and Aretha Franklin, and films from the 1960s. Talk to the helpful people at DMCI Leasing for ideas on an event space for this exciting event.

Billiards, board games and lots of fun


Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

The family that plays together, stays together. Book the game area at the Stellar Place and organize a billiards competition. You can also bring your Cranium board game and have a friendly competition to decide who’s the the ultimate family geek.

Do the Footloose

Do the Footloose

Photo Courtesy of visionofgrace via Pixabay

The only time when we can really be ourselves is with our family. They know our strengths and shortcomings, as well as our hidden talents and inner wackiness. This year, have a 1980s dance party and unleash your inner Kevin Bacon. You don’t have to worry for an event space for rent. The clubhouse at the Acacia Estates Ivory Wood suits your party purpose well.

Family Trivia Night

Family Trivia Night

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

Do you recall the clumsy cousin who broke your grandparents’ valuable chinas? What about the uncle who has perfected Michael Jackson’s Thriller choreography? Have a trivia night during your next family reunion. Check out the gazebo / cabana at The Amaryllis or the Sky Park at Stellar Place for your venue.

Have a basketball and badminton tournament

Basketball and badminton tournament

Photo Courtesy of individu via Pixabay

Foster teamwork and competitiveness. This summer, organize a family  basketball and badminton tournament. Let each team come up with a creative name and their own cheering squad. The Rhapsody Residences’ top-rate basketball court / playcourt is perfect for any family sports event.

A Little Tea Party

Little Tea Party

Photo Courtesy of jill111 via Pixabay

Draw inspiration for your event organizing task from your condo community. Check out available facilities such as open spaces, event halls and entertainment rooms. Reserve the Sky Lounge at Tivoli Garden Residences for a Tea Party. Serve pastries and a variety of teas. For fun photo ops, every attendee must be in an Alice in Wonderland-inspired outfit.

An unforgettable red carpet event

Unforgettable red carpet event

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

This year  is perfect for a clan reunion. Trace your lineage and try to connect with as many relatives as you can (Hello, Facebook!). You can organize a Hollywood-inspired party at The Tent at the Acacia Estates. This massive venue at the heart of Taguig City can house as many as 1,000 people. All event attendees are required to come as their favorite celebrity. Don’t forget the red carpet and the photo booth!

Go All-Filipino All Night

Go All-Filipino All Night

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

There are so much summer events for your family to try out in Manila. You can have pool parties, picnics and disco-themed events. You can never run out of options! Whatever your family decides for your summer reunion, there’s a unique venue for it at DMCI Homes. Celebrate Filipino culture at the function hall at Illumina Residences Manila. Represent various provinces and serve delicacies from different places across the country. Don’t forget the lechon!

Family reunions should be a regular event in your calendar. Events like this is an opportunity to strengthen relations. After every get-together, elect a family that will spearhead the next reunion. This will keep the tradition going.