2020 was probably one of the most challenging times, yet.

With bad events happening here and there, the previous year definitely took a toll on not just our personal lives, but also our professional one.

This 2021, you would most likely want to start the year on a high note and attract all the good luck you can. In the Philippines, many do this by following the principles of Feng Shui to attract good energy into their homes and lives, in general.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a relatively popular philosophy in the Asia-Pacific region, including the Philippines. Many Filipinos, especially those of Chinese descent, adopt the practice to guide them in their decisions in life. For instance, Filipinos often follow Feng Shui when building homes in order to ensure prosperity and safety.

The practice trickles down to non-traditional applications. According to National Geographic, Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance.

How to apply Feng Shui at home

While there are generally-applied Feng Shui staple tips, arrangements minor changes can be frequently applied in accordance to the shifts of supposed greater energies as determined by the year’s horoscope and other factors.

For example, last year (Year of the Rat) some prescribed minor additions to the home were including fire and earth elements in decor. For the Year of the Metal Ox, the prescriptions are different as the energies shift. For example, it is important to keep your home well lit to attract prosperity and money luck. Feng Shui experts also recommend using red, yellow, orange, and pink for your curtains.

For 2021, you can attract good energy - because you need it - with these Feng Shui tips you can follow in your condominium unit:

1. For your main door

It is important for your main door to be sturdy and good as new because this door is the pathway of all energies that come to your home.

Make sure to inspect your door to see if it’s good as new. Inside your condo, you may also consider placing houseplants potted in metal vessels near your doors to attract energy.

Adding accessories made of metal and other earth elements that can hang on your doorknobs can also be a minimalist alternative as opposed to potted plants. Whichever implement you choose to add to attract good luck in the Year of the Metal Ox.

2. Entry Hall

Feng Shui TipsPhoto courtesy of Filos Sazeides via Unsplash

Okay, maybe by the time you’re reading this, the entry hall of your condo unit may be filled with shoes or whatever trinkets, but that place should be clean (and empty) before the new year. Too much stuff in this area may disrupt the energy flow of your condo unit. Make sure to include this area in your weekly cleanup session. Avoid piling your coats, shoes, and packages in the area as well.

TIP: Consider painting the hall white and place flowers or a mirror for a clear effect.

3. Living Room

Feng Shui TipsPhoto courtesy of Sidekix Media via Unsplash

In Feng Shui, the living room symbolizes opportunities. This is one of the most active places in your house where visitors stay and you unwind at the end of a long day at work. Always remember to keep this place organized to allow new opportunities and energy flow to enter your space.

In terms of furniture arrangement, make sure that your sofa is not leaned against the wall, no furniture is blocking the doorway. To attract money energy into the condo unit, place a lamp at the corner of your living room - diagonally opposite to the door.

TIP: Purple is considered a spiritual shade and Feng Shui experts say it is a good color for the living room. You can also add a touch of red in the living room as it is the symbol of dynamism, prosperity, vitality, and passion.

4. Kitchen

Feng Shui TipsPhoto courtesy of Im3rd Media via Unsplash

In Feng Shui, the kitchen represents two very different symbols - fire and water - and is the “heart” of the house. In arranging your kitchen, make sure that the oven is not across the sink or the dishes - as this may lead to arguments between couples.

The recommended arrangement in the kitchen is a ‘kitchen triangle’ between the refrigerator, sink, and stove. In terms of color, it is crucial to avoid black and red in the kitchen as it causes conflict between water and fire. Instead, consider yellow as a kitchen color for a cheerful and dynamic atmosphere.

5. Dining Room

feng shui condo tipsPhoto courtesy of Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

For starters, the dining room should have a good share of sunlight and should be near the kitchen. The number of chairs should always be even and no one should have their back against the door or window as this attracts insecurity.

Always make sure that something is present on the dining table, whether it’s a basket of fruits or fresh flowers to improve the energy in this area.

6. Bedroom

Feng Shui TipsPhoto courtesy of Christopher Jolly via Unsplash

This is a place of serenity and rest. Most of you consider the bedroom as a place of escape after a rough day of facing the world and its challenges. Therefore, your bedroom should attract the energies that will help you achieve peace of mind.

Your bed’s headboard should lean to a solid wall and your bed should not be in line with the bedroom door. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, it should never be in front of the bed. Electronic devices should be limited as well as this disrupts a peaceful sleep.

For your bedroom colors, consider using light neutral ones to help you get a restful night. Consider using blue, one of the “zen” tones as it represents tranquility and serenity.

7. Bathroom

Another area of your condo that is considered a private space. According to Feng Shui, the bathroom door should always be closed, And since this room is where money doesn’t come in most of the time, keep live plants in the bathroom to hold the slow flow of money.

With these Feng Shui tips, you can now rearrange your condo unit in a way that’ll help you attract good energy into your home. Here are a few more things in mind:

  • When choosing furniture for your home, consider those with soft lines rather than sharp edges
  • The sizes of your furniture should always be proportionate to the size of the room or home.
  • Don’t use the space under your bed as a storage area
  • Have a lucky buddha in your home to attract abundance, happiness, success, and good health.

According to Feng Shui experts, the Year of the Metal Ox is not a year for romance, especially for those who are in a relationship. It is important to counter this bad omen by planning your things carefully.

While these tips can help you garner good luck, these are merely just guides into your life. At the end of the day, it is your hard work and determination that will bring you success. May this year be prosperous for you and your endeavors.