Thank God it’s Friday! Are you thinking of creative Friday night activities? Lay off the excessive partying for now, and try a more relaxing weekend in your condo. Overlooking the scenic Marikina River, the Riverfront Residences offers more than just the usual condo living lifestyle. Generously appointed with amenities and activity areas, this DMCI Homes property offers possibilities for both indoor and outdoor relaxation. Recharge your body and experience serenity at Riverfront Residences with these 9 relaxing Friday night activities.

1. A pajama party

a pajama party

Lounge, Riverfront Residences
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Changing into comfortable loungewear in your apartment for rent is great for relaxing Friday nights. You could do an oversized shirt, sweatshirt or your comfy pajamas. You’ve been working all week in uptight work clothes, so take a break with attires that don’t make you feel constricted. If you’re concerned about style, the good news is that loungewear trend finally took off. There are plenty of really fashionable options and stylish combinations you can even wear outside. For fabric, cotton is fantastic for TGIF wear. It’s a breathable and lightweight, and its soft material is great for cold and warm temperatures.

2. Set up a cozy relaxation nook

Begin your weekend journey on a tranquil Friday night by setting up a cozy relaxation nook. It could be a corner inside your condo for rent or at your balcony. Balconies are sometimes used as storage or just simply ignored. But it has so much design potential! There are so many relaxing balcony ideas to create a relaxing ambiance. First, your ideal balcony nook should be free from clutter. Put up dimmers or light up some scented candles. Proper lighting gives your relaxation area a nice and warm ambience. You can also place lamps in your balcony to make it cozy and chic.

3. Have a relaxing evening swim

relaxing evening swimming

Pool, Riverfront Residences
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Make good use of the resort-like amenities of Riverfront Residences such as the pool. An evening swim is great to relax your muscles. The sudden immersion in the water can make your body feel light and buoyant. Because you weigh much less in water than on land, you feel pampered and relaxed. Swimming at night is a great cardio exercise that actually doesn’t feel like a workout. It’s low impact and doesn’t require as much effort as when you do a land-based exercise. So when you find yourself asking where to go on a Friday night, consider your condo pool for a relaxing evening swim.

4. Mediate and do yoga

meditate and do yoga

Photo courtesy of jeviniya via Pixabay

Meditating and doing yoga are great ways to relax on a Friday night without leaving your home. While great for indoors, feel free to maximize the landscaped outdoor areas of your DMCI community. While meditating, concentrate on your breathing and inhale positive energy. Exhale all the anxiety built up during the week. Slow, deep breaths can be effective in relaxing your heart rate and in decreasing some of the stress. For yoga, do some moves and stretches that allow you to align your body. Try the pranayama breathing technique while doing yoga poses like the Kirani pose. Close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale only with your left nostril. You should immediately feel calm and at ease.

5. Prepare a light and healthy meal

light and healthy meal

Condo kitchen at DMCI Homes
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Ready to order a big takeout of processed food on a Friday night? Hold on there! Fast food may sound like a convenient and satisfying meal, but it can leave you feeling bloated and heavy. While it’s a great idea to have a nice and healthy meal in restaurants near your condo for rent in Manila, consider preparing something light, delicious and easy-to-prepare food at the condo. Stir-fried mixed vegetables is nourishing and easy to prepare. Drizzle with a citrusy vinaigrette for a delicious kick. The preparation and cooking process can also make you feel relaxed. To end your meal, drink a cup of green tea with organic honey. Having a healthy dinner on a Friday night can soothe your body, making you enjoy the evening and you’ll wake up refreshed the next day.

6. Have a glass of your favorite wine and look at the outdoor view

your favorite wine

Photo courtesy of JeffersonLiu via Pixabay

Drinking wine helps you relax on a Friday night at your condo. Considered to be the nectar of the gods, wine is one of the oldest and most relaxing drinks known to mankind. After a tough week, nothing can be better than enjoying your favorite wine as you look at the inviting outdoor view. Wine helps relax your body and widen your blood vessels. It’s known to be filled with the antioxidant resveratrol, which can reduce bad cholesterol while you sit back and unwind. It can help you pause your busy life and reconnect with yourself while having a restful Friday evening.

7. Throw away stress by writing on a journal

Writing on a journal on a Friday night allows you to de-stress. Think of it as throwing away all the pent up frustrations of the work week. When you write down your thoughts and feelings on a journal, you can better move on to improving your state of mind. While online blogging can be a good idea, pen-and-paper journaling can feel more intimate and relaxing. Apart from helping you unwind, journaling can also help organize your thoughts and spark creative ideas. It promotes self-knowledge, and dispel negative thoughts and troubling situations because you’ve done an effective form of release.

8. Watch the sunset at Sunset View Park

Enjoy the sunset alone or with your partner at the sunset view park of Riverfront Residences. We know that sunsets are romantic, inspiring and Instagram-worthy. However, many only make time for sunsets when they’re on vacation. Feel like you’re on vacation on a Friday in the comfort of your own condo property at Riverfront Residences. The sunset view park offers a breathtaking view of the sunset, allowing you to witness and enjoy the awe-inspiring view. It can also feel like your perception of time has slowed down. You take all the beauty in, making you forget all the stress and worries. Make sunset-viewing a Friday habit. Take the time to marvel at the vast, color-soaked sky and feel empowered by the magnificence of natural light.

9. Avoid TV, computers and mobile devices

compter and mobile devices

Function room, Riverfront Residences
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

It’s tempting to spend your Friday night with your TV, computer and mobile devices. Losing yourself to the small screen may relieve you of stress, but you’re also opening yourself to the possibility of stress. With all the sad news and hate going around, opening your social media accounts on a Friday night may stress you further. Seeing people fighting online and offline, fictional or not, can distract you from having a peaceful, worry-free Friday night. For a relaxing Friday evening, try to unplug from all the visual and electronic noise.

Ready for a relaxing Friday evening? Enjoy serene nights when you rent at Riverfront Residences today and see how relaxed and inspired you can be.